[11th Doctor] More Than a Bow Tie

What if there was more behind the Doctor's choice of clothing? What if the bow tie was like Clara's leaf? Or what if it was the opposite?


2. Chapter 1 - Clara

She didn't make sense.

She was an enigma in a labyrinth. She was a mystery worth solving. Something even the Doctor didn't understand. He had theories, of course he did, but all of them seemed to convenient and ridiculous for him to actually start believing them.

Quickly, he pushed the thoughts aside as he ran forward. Clara was about to get shot by a dalek and he was thinking about her impossibilities. He hauled her out of the way and into the TARDIS.
"You, me, TARDIS, now!" he shouted, staggering in after her.
"That was close," was all Clara said. He nodded in agreement after rubbing his eyes, then started pressing buttons on the TARDIS.
"Never again. That was so stupid, Clara. You almost died. And then what? I would have stopped this... this travelling. I'm not losing another." He pulled a lever as Clara wrapped an arm around him.
"You're so sentimental sometimes," she said softly, patting his shoulder.
"I have a right to be sentimental." She didn't say anything to that. She didn't have to. He opened the TARDIS doors and squinted at the sudden light.
"Oh, wow, it's sunny for once," Clara muttered, looking out the TARDIS doors to see her house.
"See you next Wednesday?" he asked.
"Okay, but first tell me why you chose a bow tie."
"Because bow ties are cool."
"Mhm," she nodded, rolling her eyes. "And your real reason?"
"Clara, I'm sorry, but some things are better off staying unknown. Too much intelligence can be dangerous."
"I'll find out in the library, then."
"I'll remove the books," he retorted. She waited to see if he had anything to add, maybe some extra information or a reason why he wouldn't tell her, but when he didn't say anything she nodded awkwardly and walked out the TARDIS without another word.

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