a new girl moves and find two best friend she was not even looking for.


1. Chapter 1

Welcome to Corn High School the banner said when ever the new girl walked into the building.

“What do I do?” the new girl asked? “Here I am in a new school not knowing anyone and I am already lost. Help me!”

            “Hello, my name is Clay. I noticed that you look lost may I help you? What is your name?”

            “Yes, please do. My name is Cat and I am new to this school. I could really use the help.”

            “ This is a very great school. Corn has helped me become the person I am today. You will love it here. Everyone here is so nice and kind to new people, but I am warning you there are some people here; however, that are not so nice. Do not worry I will show you around and get you ready for your new school.” Clay told her while they were walking down the hall.

            “ If it is such a nice school why has no one stopped to help me till you did? You are to kind to help a new student like me, Clay”

“ I’m just trying to be nice. Let me see your schedule and I will show you to your first class of the day. Hold up what bus will you ride?”

            “ UHH…I guess bus number 9? Why do you ask?”

“ I was just wondering if we was going to ride the same bus. We do so this is going to really exciting.”

Little did either one of them know that there was a monster who was trying to hurt her. Clay had a very creepy feeling, like someone or something was watching them. He peered over his shoulder but saw nothing. He pulled Cat over to the side and asked.” Did you just have a creepy feeling as well?”

“No, why?”

“ Because I just felt like someone or something was watching us.”

“Don’t be silly, Clay. Who would be watching us?”

“ I don’t know but I just have an uneasy feeling that’s all.” Clay then walked Cat to her second period class. “See you later than Cat.”

“Ok, Clay. See you later.” She said to Clay.” Ok let’s see this is theatre so maybe it will be a good class. Hopefully it will be a lot different from my old school.” Then all of a sudden a girl came up to Cat.

“Hi, I’m Kayla. Who are you? Are you new? Who am I kidding of course you are new that explains why I have never seen you before.”

“Oh hi Kayla. My name is Cat and yes I am new. This is my first day here.” she replied. Then she thought to herself this girl sure is a talker. I wonder if she is nice?

“ Where did you move from Cat?” requested Kayla.

“Oh, just a little town north of here. In TN I think.” Cat replied. Then she looked across the room and saw a guy who was just drop dead gorgeous. His name was George. Right from the beginning she knew that he would be a cool, funny guy to get to know. He had reddish brown hair and beautiful eyes.

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