Kingdom Come

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


19. Pages 91-95

but my husband was angry with me. He was afraid I would lose my life. He wanted me to deliver with magic but I refused. I was in labor and I would deliver a son. My sister was also dealing with her husband in her labor process.

“Regina you can’t do this.  I order you to not do this.”

“This is my kingdom, I give the orders. May kingdom come when I deliver your son.”

         I was in pain and I pushed for hours. Robin squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. I could feel my death drawing near, I didn’t want to put Robin through the pain of losing me but I had to fulfill one final promise.  I pushed with all my strength and pushed until I heard two distinct cries.

“Your majesty has given birth to twins. They are sons.”

“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena would like to announce the birth of her son Merlin.”

“Robin what are we going to name them?”

“Roland Arthur and Hunter James.”

“That’s perfect.”

         I took a deep breath and beckoned for them to give me my sons. I held each one of them and counted their fingers and their toes. I kissed each one of them and cried as the sweat poured down. The nurses tried to stop all the blood but it wouldn’t stop. I held my boys and sung a lullaby.

“ Constant as the stars above

Always know that you are loved.

And my love shining in you

Will help you make your dreams come true

Will help your dreams come true. “

         I held my sons and kissed their heads. They were spitting images of their father. I cried. I laughed and at last my time drew near. I was running out of blood and my heart was slowing.

“I love you Hunter and Roland, and I bid you never forget.”

         I passed the twins to their nurses and welcomed my three girls into my arms.

“Oh Meg, goodness Bex and my Hope. I love you; I love you so much you don’t even know. I love you and remember I will always be in your hearts.

The lamb lies down to rest its head

On its Mother’s downy bed

Dolphin plays in the moonlight

As butterfly dreams of a violet rose

Dreams of a violet rose.”

         I let the girls sit beside me as I hold the twins. Robin sits on the edge of the bed and holds a couple of our five children. Zelena comes in holding her son Merlin and Emerald sits on the bed. They didn’t know that in a matter of seconds they would lose me to die. Maybe the soothsayer was lying and was just trying to get me to become closer to my family. I didn’t know and I don’t want to find out.

“I’ll cradle you in my arms tonight

As sun embraces the moonlight

The clouds will carry me home tonight

Your dreams will run deep like the sea

Your dreams will run deep like the sea.

Constant as the stars above

Always know that you are loved.

And my love shining in you will help you make

Your dreams come true

Will help your dreams come true.

Oh never forget that I love you.”

“I love you Mommy.”

“I love you too Meg.”

“Love you too Mama.”

“I love you Bex.”

“Mommy, I love you.”

“I love you Hope. You are a ray of light in the storm. You are hope that things will get better. You are a hero, a flashlight and a fighter. You are the queen of Enchantria and Empress of your empire.”

“I love you Regina.”

“I love you Zelena.”

“I love you Auntie Regina.”

“Emerald Rose, you are so perfect. Never forget that you have a great talent.”

“I know I know what’s going to happen to you. I’ve just learned to keep my mouth shut.”

“It’s okay. Emerald it’s okay.”

“I love you Auntie Gina.”

“I love you Sarah and I love Merlin. I love my husband and my five children. You guys are going to be okay. Zelena remember five years ago you promised something. I want you to keep that promise no matter what.”

         Then it dawned upon the faces of everyone. Hope cried, everyone cried. Even I cried. They all knew I was going to die. 

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