Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


18. Pages 86-90

The chamber doors opened and I found Mother standing there. She stared at me and said.

“Look at her, look at you. Look at Zelena. My grandchildren. I have five grandchildren under the same roof and all I’ve cared about is the death of Henry. I have a family, I love you all so much.”

         Zelena helped Mother to a chair and Mother plopped down. She was looking a little shabby and a little pale. She was looking quite dead.

         A few weeks later we buried Mother and I held Hope while Robin held the hands of Meg and Bex. Zelena held Sarah as the nine- year-old Emerald held onto her father. Athena and Perseus had been taken to Olympus to be raised on Olympus the day Hope was born. They didn’t stay long. I knew Hades missed his children but they were gods and belonged were they belonged.

“ We gather here today to lay the former Empress Cora to rest. The wife of the late Emperor Gustavo and the mother of Empress Regina and Queen Zelena, Cora loved us in ways we didn’t know was possible. Her daughters, Regina and Zelena, her sons-in-laws, Robin and Hades, her grandchildren Emerald, Megan, Bexana, Sarah and Hope, remember Cora, and are here today to celebrate her life.  Repeat after me,”

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

“Empress Regina, any last words”

“Thy Kingdom Come. That’s the last thing Mother said to both of us. Thy Kingdom Come, I shall see thy kingdom come.”

         Five years later…

       Emerald Rose was fourteen, the twins were seven, Sarah was seven and the beautiful Hope was five. Zelena and I felt accomplished as we sat on blankets underneath the huge oak tree in the castle gardens. We watch our children go about playing with their fathers. Robin sneaks up behind Emerald and picks her up from behind. He tickles her and she screams, ‘Stop Uncle Robin!’.  Hope runs around chasing Sarah, Meg and Bex. I turn to my sister and promptly state.

“I don’t think it can get anymore better than this.”

“It can’t can it? There’s just one thing I do regret.”

“What’s that?”

“Not giving Hades a son like I promised.”

“I promised Robin a son. We were going to name him Roland.”

“Hades wanted a son and we decided to name him Merlin but it won’t ever happen.”

“ You have your two daughters. I think you did good, Hades is happy with his little princesses.”

“ You have three children, I only have two. It’s a queen’s pride to bear her husband a son.”

“In this kingdom only a daughter can become queen or empress. You know that. My father made that law years ago. Father made that law the day I was born.”

         By that time I had stood up and begun to yell at my sister. She was being so ungrateful. I was going through the exact same thing she was and she was being spiteful. I grabbed my things and climbed upon my horse. The castle was in the distance and I rode towards it. I kept reciting the same words over and over again in my head. ‘This is my kingdom and you can’t do anything about it so bow down.’

         I finally got back to the palace and walked into the throne room. I ordered servants to open up Imperial Court. I sat on my throne and waited for the first culprit to come through the door. A woman entered, she wore a hood and long white robes. I couldn’t see her face. She kneeled to me and I spoke.

“Who are you and what is your business?”

“I cannot reveal my name but I do have a prophecy for you. When you 25 you carried five children in your womb. Seven years ago only two of those five were born. You are destined to have five children my queen. Be careful were you treading because your sons come like thieves in the night. “

“I’m to bear sons when I can no longer bear children on account of my death?”

“You will die soon but your sons will be delivered. Be careful where you spend your time. The clocks slows down and the spell unwinds, your soul is unbinding and your time draws near. Two sons will be born within a year. Hope will be empress in your place; your husband will remarry but will never forget your face. “

         I sat on the edge of my seat and I was going to die. I had to tell someone but the soothsayer prohibited it. I suddenly had a question for her.

“My sister was carrying triplets. Will she have a son as well?”
“Yes. I bid you a wonderful remaining life your majesty.”

         The months turned into weeks, the weeks turned into days and the days turned into hours. The hours turned into minutes and the minutes turned into seconds. The palace was abuzz with joy 

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