Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


14. Pages 66-70

lost her title as empress and now have to bow before me whenever peasants are present. When peasants aren’t present she’s just my mother and she would soon bear the title as the Empress’s Mother.

“Your Imperial Majesty and Your Royal Majesty.”

“The Royal Mother Lady Cora.”

“Your majesties, it is an honor to come before you today.”

         Zelena and I try to hold back snickers, our mother is bowing before us. Our mother is kissing our feet and begging for our mercy. I never would have thought in a thousand years. When we were younger we were the ones kissing her feet and begging for her mercy. Now she was kissing our feet and begging for the mercy of her daughters. I look at Mother and wish I could say something. I didn’t like the fact that my mommy was on the ground and kissing my feet. I looked over at Zelena and she didn’t like the idea either.

“Momma, you can stand. You are my mother and you don’t deserve to have to be kissing my feet. Stand Momma and you don’t need to ask me permission for anything.”

“Are you sure Regina? I am just a lowly noble now, no titles and I deserve to be kissing your feet.”

“Momma, you deserve to sit on your throne. Your back must hurt terribly. Take Emerald’s old throne and sit.”

“No Regina, I can’t. It’s against the rules. I’m just a lowly peasant now. The only title I bear is the Royal Mother.”

         Mother took Emerald’s throne and then I realized we forgot something. I turn to my sister and say.

“We forgot to crown Emerald as duchess.”

“I know we did. I feel so bad.”

         I stand and place Megan in her cradle. I take Bex from Robin and put her in the cradle with her sister. The girls hold hands and fall asleep together. They look so cute they’re my babies. I walk back to my new throne and speak out to the crowd.

“Please rise and watch the coronation of your new duchess.”

         Zelena and I both stand. Emerald comes down the aisle at the arm of her father, the new king. Hades has never been king since his older brother is king of the gods. Emerald looks so beautiful walking down that aisle. I cry as I watch Zelena take her old crown and hand it to me.  I take the crown and my niece bows before me.

“Do you Emerald Rose promise to take care of this kingdom as Duchess and queen after your cousin takes the role of Empress.”

“Yes Empress Regina, I take the throne as duchess of Enchantria.”

“Then rise Duchess Emerald and greet your kingdom.”

         I placed the crown on my niece’s head and smiled as the kingdom clapped. Emerald stood and curtseyed to the kingdom. She then took a seat in her mother’s old throne. I watched as my mother sat in Emerald old throne. This was the way the circle worked. You started at the bottom, climbed to the top and ended up back at the bottom. I stared at the kingdom and they stared back at their queen. I stood up and addressed my new empire/

“As your new Empress, my first order of business is to make a proclamation.”

         Robin brought me Megan and I held her in my arms. She was so perfect, I couldn’t bear tell the kingdom that she was no longer their heir. Robin came and held Bexana while I turned and faced the kingdom. They kneeled to their heiress but I had to tell them.
“Stand, this is not your heir anymore. Megan holds the powers of Megara. When she turns five her powers will be stripped. Bexana isn’t your heir either. Your heir will be the third daughter I bear. From this day forward one twin can no longer hold the throne.”

         The kingdom rose and began milling about. They were frantic, they didn’t have an heir and they didn’t know what to do. Finally one of the peasants arose and said something that the council gasped at. It was Lord Dracu; he had always wanted Zelena to be on the throne. He stood up and addressed me.

“No disrespect your Imperial Majesty but on behalf of the entire empire I have a message for you; Empress Regina, if you don’t have an heir in two years, your sister will become empress in your place. Megan and Bexana will lose any claim to the throne.”

“I accept your terms Dracu. Two years you say?”

“Yes two years.”

“I agree to the terms. Court dismissed.”

         I handed Megan to her nurse and left the courtroom. Robin came running after me. He touched a hand to my shoulder and stared at me. He smiled and then kissed me, when he was done he asked.

“Why did you agree to those terms? It took us years to have the twins. They’re only a month old as well.”

“Robin we’ll get through this. We always do.”

Two years later…

         Bexana and Megan played in the gardens with their cousin Sarah Michelle. Last year Lord Dracu died and the empire gladly 

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