Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


13. Pages 61-65

“Robin, I don’t know to be honest. I just wish that Megara hadn’t chosen our daughter to pass on her powers.”

“Megan Sophiana, I should have picked a different name.”

“Yeah that’s too close from the name Megara Sophia Anna.”

“Her christening is in a few days, can’t we change her name.”

“No, she’s already received her powers. Names hold power Robin you should know that by now. Like Regina means queen and I am queen.”

         I kept pushing Megan’s carriage and when we reached the door I took her out and took Bexana out of hers. Robin took their carriages back to their nursery while I took them to the throne room. A crowd had gathered to meet all the council leaders and I smiled to see that Emerald Rose was sitting on her own little throne and people were kissing her hand. I was happy that I had decided to make that motion. I hoped that she would be queen after me and maybe empress after that but I could only dream. I mean I could have a child between her 21 birthdays and I was deeply saddened.

“Presenting Her Royal Majesty Queen Regina the Second, Her Royal Highness Princess Megan Sophiana and Her Royal Highness Princess Bexana Laurie.”

         Zelena was sitting on her throne and holding Sarah Michelle on her lap. Sarah’s jet-black hair was frizzy and her red tulle dress was in disarray. It was obvious that Zelena had just woken up her daughter from a long nap. I held both my daughters in my arms as I walked to my throne and gave Megan to Mother before I sat down. Mother never really bonded with her grandchildren, she was a reserved empress who only cared about her empire and never really showed love to her children and she wasn’t going to start with her grandchildren. I sat on my throne and bounced Bex up and down, she was my little princess and I would have to learn to love both my daughter’s equally. I shouldn’t be too hard for me. They were my darlings.

         Fast forward a couple days and I’m kneeling in front of the entire empire. All three kingdoms had gathered together to see the coronation of their new empress and the stepping down of their emperor. Father stands beside me as I kneel before the empire. A priest takes the crown from Father’s head and holds it above my own. I smile and listen to Bex and Megan coo in Robin’s arms.

“Do you Queen Regina Emile the Second of Enchantria promise to uphold and obey the laws and keep the promises as Empress Gustavo of Enova, Enchantria and Sherwood?”

“I promise to keep my empire in just as good order as I kept my country.”

         “I hereby crown you Her Imperial Majesty Empress Regina Gustavo of Enova, Enchantria and Sherwood.”

         I stand up and feel the heavy crown on my head, I was just crowned empress and I find it odd that with one placing of a crown a person can go from being the queen of a single kingdom to the empress of an empire. Wearing my father’s crown and seeing the faces of my children watching their mother take such a big step of power, it makes me wish that I could start all over again and that I could bear a child and actually spend every waking minute with them. The twins were a month old and I regretted how I had named them, I regretted the way I’ve been raising them and I wished that I could start all over again. I don’t wish ill upon my twins and I don’t want them dead, I just wish I could raise them correctly and not have to worry about an empire.

         I step down and go stand next to my husband. He would be given the title of emperor consort in a private ceremony. I watch my sister walk up to the throne and kneel. She is about to take on the role as queen; she’ll be queen until I produce an heir worthy of taking the throne. I watch her serene face and watch her graceful movements. I hold Megan in my arms and continue watching from my new throne.

“Do you Princess Zelena promise to be a kind and noble queen?”
“I promise to rule as a true royal.”

         I watch as my old crown is set on my sister’s head and she rises as the new queen. For a moment I feel as if she just took a higher power than me but I am the empress after all. I have a higher power than her and I always will. Megan squirms in my arms and I hold her closer. Bexana squirms in Robin’s arms so he holds her tighter as Zelena rises as queen. Sarah Michelle and Emerald Rose watch their mother rise as queen with looks of pure adoration.

“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena!”

         Zelena makes her way down the aisle and then over to us, I take her hand and we go sit on our new thrones. I sit in Father’s old throne and Zelena sits in my old throne. I still hold my month old daughter in my arms and wish that I could do it all over again. People come and greet their new queen and empress. Even Mother comes to kneel before us. When I became empress Mother 

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