Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


12. Pages 56-60

“She’s a month old, and nobody will touch my daughter.”

“She could learn to control her powers. She could be taught how to use them for good.”

“She’s basically Megara. I suggest we strip them.”

“Okay, STOP! My daughter is a month old and say Aye if you think her powers should be taken away.”

         All hands in the council were raised including my own. I couldn’t believe that we would do such a thing to my little girl. She was only a month old and yet her fate and her destiny were already decided. I decided not to dwell on the decision of the council because by now I had learned that what the council decides is what goes. The council and I had another decision to make during our sacred council time and time was slipping away. I waited until everyone had quieted down and resumed their seats.

“I have also gathered you here today for an important decision our lands face. When the twins were born my niece lost her place at the high table. I don’t think she should be stripped of her titles because I gave birth to an heir. I make a movement that when a new child is born a throne is added, not removed. I also make a movement that twins are equal. One twin can’t be heir and the other be left in the dark.”

“I agree with Queen Regina, I second her motion.”



“Yes, I agree.”

“This decision is made.”

“I agree on behalf of my niece.”

“My daughter will be titled.”

“Yes, I agree with Daniel.”

“The decision has been made.”

“It is done and has been passed by the council of the three kingdoms. When you become empress your sister will be queen until you produce a single heir.  Your niece Emerald Rose currently holds the throne and the empire until Queen Regina bears a worthy heir.”

“The council has decided. Princess Megan will be stripped of her powers, Regina is allowed another daughter and one twin can no longer be put on the throne.”

“Council is dismissed until another problem arises and the three kingdoms have to join forces once again.”

“Will you please stay for the three christenings and the coronation of my daughter?”

“Emperor Henry we would love to stay.”

“Yes Uncle we’ll stay.”

“I’m already here Father.”

         The council leaders all exited through their assigned doors but I decided to go out Zelena’s door so I could see my little niece. Sarah Michelle had Zelena’s eyes and Hades straight black hair; to be honest I was glad that Sarah didn’t look anything like Emerald Rose. Then I decided to take my normal exit so I left and appeared back in my bedroom. I changed into a red velvet dress that had gold trimmings. I wore my hair down, to the side and in curls. I put on my black heels and went to go get my daughters. Tonight was the night of a major feast and to be honest I really didn’t want to attend.

         When I entered the nursery Bexana was lying on her stomach and looking around at the world. Megan was lying on her back and waving her arms. She was shaking her rattle and smiling at the world. I was sad that eventually I would have to be one of the one’s to take away her powers but it was for the best and I also had the council’s permission to give birth to another daughter. When and if I became pregnant again I wanted to speed up the pregnancy. I loved the idea of becoming a mother. If I could skip straight to the baby being in my arms I would. I watched Megan moved her arms and shake her rattle. I went over and picked her up. They were so small and both of their skin was loosing its red color.

“Hi Megan! Do you and Mommy want to go on a little walk?”

“Should I take Bexana?”

         I turned around and Robin was standing at the door. He came in and picked Bexana out of her bed. I knew that he would come in.  Whenever our daughters were involved we always were in the same room. Robin and I never had personal family time alone to us anymore. After a long day in the throne room and a long day taking care of the twins we never had us time. At night in bed we were too tired to move and make love. I put Megan into her carriage and Robin put Bexana in hers. We began our lovely walk down in the apple orchid.

“How have you been since council?”

“I regret the council’s decision and I know I can’t go against their will. Even when I am Empress but I will get back at them.”

“You seem antsy.”

“I get antsy when I don’t know who to be mad at.”

“Are you mad at the council or yourself?”

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