Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


8. Pages 36-40

told the guards to take my father up to his room he didn’t need the excitement.

“Take your Emperor to his room. His heart doesn’t need this shock I’m about to tell. Tell Nannie to bring Megan in as well.”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“Hades, Mother, Zelena and Robin. I think I know Megan’s power.”

Nannie brought Megan in and I held the innocent newborn in my arms. I instructed Mother and Zelena to coat her with their magic and then I coated her with my magic. I had also just figured out why all three of my sons died and were miscarried. Megan absorbed the energy and she fell peacefully asleep. Hades and Robin didn’t understand what the problem was.

“Megan is an energy sucker like my ancestor Megara. Megara took Snow’s energy before Snow was born and Megan is doing it to Zelena’s baby. People like Megan kill male children of our family and eat their innocence. Megara died two years before I was born and I think I gave birth to her. “

“Regina is your daughter sucking the life out of my baby?”

“Yes, my little Megan is a demon and Bexana is the good twin. Mom, I guess all your stories were true.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Robin and Hades, when I was younger Mother used to tell me stories about the twins in our family. One twin is good and the other is bad. Megan is the bad twin and she’s the next Dark One. Normally you can’t tell the first day. Bexana’s powers haven’t been revealed.”

Zelena doubled over in pain and blood stained her dress that was her first miscarriage. I tried to decide whom we could take care off first. My sister or my daughter I could strip Megan’s powers and her titles. If you didn’t have magic you couldn’t be queen or Empress.

“Mother, do we help Zelena or take care of Megan?”

“Regina, take care of your daughter.”

“Robin do I have your permission to cuff our daughter and later maybe strip her powers with the shears of destiny.”

“Yes, Regina you have my permission and you can also strip her titles.”

“Mother doesn’t this mean I can bear one more daughter?”

“Yes, if one daughter proves to be null and void the curse lets up and you bear another daughter.”

I kiss Robin goodnight and Hades kisses Zelena. I hold Megan in my arms, she was so sweet and innocent but she had the qualities of a Dark One. As Mother, Zelena, Megan and I were just about to walk to the vaults, Daddy’s messenger comes up to me and hands me a stack of letters. The letters are addressed to the rulers of the three kingdoms and written nearly perfectly.

“Yes you have my permission to deliver them and inform the ruler’s that we have a Megara problem.”

“Yes, your majesties and your highness.”

The messenger ran off and we started to finish what we started. As Mother and I searched for a cuff Zelena suffered another miscarriage and I began searching harder. After ten minutes passed I still didn’t find the cuff.

“Mother, should we make one?”

“I think that’ll be the best option.”

A few minutes later I held up the finished project and placed it on Megan’s tiny little arm. Then we started the real work, Zelena. I took the ingredient list and began throwing things together in a pot that Mother so lovingly used when cooking up magic spells. I went into the kitchen grabbed Zelena some chocolate cake. Mother sprinkled the magic on the cake and Zelena ate only a small piece. When she was done eating she fell into a deep slumber and I got two guards to carry her upstairs. When the hard part was finished, I kissed Mother goodnight, took my daughter to her room and fell asleep in the rocking chair.

I wake up the next morning to Megan and Bexana’s cries; I am also sleeping in an uncomfortable position in a rocking chair. I look around the room and don’t see either one of the girls’ maids and I see the time. It was nearly one in the afternoon. A princess never slept to one in the afternoon and a queen never slept in a rocking chair in her child’s nursery. I quickly change into my blue everyday dress and place my emerald tiara in my hair. I slip on my black ballet flats and change the girls. I see Megan’s cuff and I feel her pain but my daughter possesses abilities that are dark beyond the magic of the Dark One. I hold Megan’s frail little body against mine as I change Bex by magic. I hold my twins and feed them with a little magical help. Just as I get the girls into matching blue dresses and put them to sleep in their carriage; Emerald Rose arrives to the nursery. She wears a blue frock with a white apron over it.

“Emerald why are you wearing an apron?”

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