Kingdom Come

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


6. Pages 26-30

she see’s her favorite aunt come out with her new cousins. Robin and I position ourselves and we both look like the true rulers we are. The royal announcer announces everything before giving me the attention of the crowd.

“Please attention! Presenting His and Her Imperial Majesties Emperor and Empress Cora Mills and Henry Gustavo.”

The crowd cheers when they see their Imperial monarchs. Mother and Father wave, Father nearly falls so he is escorted back inside to sit and just listen to what else is said.

“Presenting His and Her Royal Majesties King Robin and Queen Regina the Second and also the Heir to the Imperial throne.”

The crowd is happy to see me up and about. Most of them are shocked that last night I wasn’t pregnant and the next day I give birth to two heirs on my birthday. Magic is a strange thing.

“Presenting His and Her Royal Duchy, Princess Zelena and her daughter Princess Emerald Rose with Duke and his godliness Hades, Prince of the Underworld.”

Every time I hear Hades’ title I can’t help but giggle. Mother always got on to me for that and Hades doesn’t really enjoy my company. My mother takes to the stand and speaks with ease

“Thank you! I’m sure all of you are wondering why you have gathered here today and the details will be given shortly but today we are here to celebrate the birth of three important people.”

I step up with Megan in my arms and Robin behind me with Bexana. I smile and wave to the crowd.

“I would like to introduce two new royal additions and my birthday sharers. Please Welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Bexana Laurie into the royal family. Born at 2:23pm just a few hours ago. Please welcome my daughter!”

Robin hold’s Bex up and the crowd cheers. Then I hold Megan up.

“Please Welcome Princess Megan Sophiana and heir to the Imperial throne and Monarch throne. She was born an hour before her sister and she is heir. Princess Megan Sophiana and your new queen!”

I stand with Megan in my arms and have a sense of power surround me. Must have been just the same when Mother announced my birth and my name to the kingdom 25 years ago. I felt overwhelmed with power and something inside me snapped. I felt like I had just lost my humanity. Robin and I held our daughter’s as we went back to the throne room. People who hadn’t attended my birthday ball would be coming around from all over the three kingdoms to give me birthday presents. Instead of thank-you notes they would be receiving invitations to Megan and Bexana’s christening.  I hoped that them being under a growth spell wouldn’t make them grow any faster outside of my body. If they did it would be a bad thing.

When Megan and I arrived to the throne room, Daddy had assembled two silver cradles for the twins. Each cradle held pink sheets with silver feathers, a feather pillow, a teddy bear and monogrammed blankets. Bexana’s had BLH and Megan’s bore the initials MSH and I was so happy to see that the kingdom already loved their little wonders. Father and Mother were sitting on their imperial thrones, Zelena and Hades on their thrones of the duchy and Robin sitting on his royal throne. Emerald Rose’s chair was not their because the cradles took her old seat. When I saw her standing to the side I wanted to drop Megan and run to her. Instead I gave Megan to her new lady-in-waiting and I took Bex out of her cradle and gave her to her new lady-in-waiting. I stood in front of my family and said.

“Where is Emerald’s chair?”

“It has been removed because an heir to the duchy get’s no chair. Soon Zelena and Hades will be stripped of their Duchy’s as they fall further down the line.”

“No when a new family member is born, a chair will be added and no person will be removed from their title when my child is born. We will not go by rank; we shall go by birth order. Emerald Rose will still be queen.”

“Regina my dear daughter, are you mad?”

“No Mother, I’m just tired of my family loosing titles because I gave birth. Emerald Rose has been heir to the queen’s throne and heir to the imperial throne since her birth. Zelena has been heir to the queen’s throne since she was married. Just because I give birth, doesn’t mean you can strip away their titles. My daughters might be princesses but they will have to wait their turn.”

“I can do whatever I want Regina. I am the Empress after all.”

“In a few years you won’t be the Empress, do you understand that?”

“Regina’s right Cora, actually Regina you will be Empress sooner than you think. Cora, I am stepping down from my throne.”

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