Kingdom Come

This story will be written differently than my others. It will be written by page and will contain no chapters.
Kingdom come is a story about a queen who has five children and after her last twins are born something happens. She becomes empress, her father dies and her brother-in-law is Hades. This story is a mixture of Greek Mythology and Once Upon A Time Alternate Storyline Fanfiction.


1. Pages 1-5

I stood in front of the long silver mirror and admired my reflection. After days of refusing to attend my annual birthday ball, my sister finally persuaded me to attend.  She always had that talent and that aura to make a person do anything against their will. Well, she could only persuade me but I guess that was because I am vulnerable to everything right now. I stand at my mirror and watch my sister’s delicate hands weave my mahogany braids in between her fingers and into a very detailed hair do. I could never get how she was able to do such complicated things in a matter of a few moments.

I smooth out my cherry red dress and finger my silver locket on my neck. My dear husband gave me the locket on the eve of our wedding three years ago. Robin was downstairs now waiting for me to enter into my birthday party. My sister Zelena finished doing my hair and kissed my cheek. Her red locks and her emerald green dress made her stand out in the land. I could hear my niece Emerald Rose crying from her bedroom. Emerald Rose didn’t like wearing fancy dresses and shoes that hurt her feet. In fact, Emerald preferred running around with her daddy. Hades was a good man and he was a good father. I only hoped that one day Robin would be a good father to our future children.

Zelena kisses my cheek and leaves the room. I watch as she sashays to the door, opens it and sashays down the hallway to Emerald’s whines. I turn back to the mirror and place my sapphire tiara into the elegant hairdo that Zelena just finished doing. I could hear Hades and Zelena arguing about what Emerald should wear since she clearly didn’t like what Hades had picked out for her. I was glad that Robin and I didn’t argue over what our children should wear to my birthday ball and then again we didn’t have any children. Music floated up to my room from the ball down below and I could hear the murmur of the announcer announcing Mother and Father’s arrival. Then Zelena and Hades entered. Then Emerald Rose and her nurse entered. I couldn’t believe she was already seven. Robin entered lastly and I knew that it was my time to go down to my birthday ball.

I really didn’t want to join in on the celebration but as Queen, it was my duty to attend every royal engagement. I was allowed two absences a year and Zelena convinced me not to waste one on my birthday ball. I was allowed four absences in the case that I to become with child and then I still wouldn’t have wasted one on not attending my party. I heard the music and heard the clinking of glasses before I finally left my vanity. Why did they need their queen to attend when they had their king? The people had their emperor and empress, they also had their Duke and Duchess do they really need their queen?

“Regina are you in there?”

“Yes, Father I am.”

“Do you really want to waste an absence for your party?”

“No, I don’t but I really don’t want to attend.”

“You have one hour before your mother counts it as an excused absence. A queen should never be absent from a celebration in your honor.”

“They have my dear husband King Robin and they have their imperial rulers. They have their ducal royals as well. Do they need both their majesties? They even have an heir in attendance.”

“Regina, you’ll be late. I have come to escort you since Robin has other engagements. He’s dancing with an unmarried lady.”

“A Queen is never late, everyone else is simply early.”

“It’s your big 25. You need to come down or you’ll be late.”

“A Queen is never late, she arrives precisely when she means too.”

I got out of my chair, sprayed on some perfume and opened my bedroom door. Daddy was standing there leaning on a cane and he wore the best smile in the land. I would always be his little princess and he had climbed up the steps to escort me to my birthday party. I took his arm and kissed his cheek. I could hear his heart beating slowly and out of order. I could hear the deep sigh in his voice and smell the smell of death. My daddy was dying and when he died I would be empress and Zelena would be queen unless I produced an heir.

“Smile Regina, you’re never fully dressed…” He took a deep breath.

“Without a smile.” I finished for him before we descended the stairs.

As we approached the double doors I felt a pain in my abdomen and almost fainted. I shook it off and placed a pain spell over my body. The pains increased with every step I took and I didn’t want to even imagine what the cause was. The two guards dressed in silver armor opened the oak doors and as soon as I was spotted on the arm of my father the announcer took to do the announcing. I was glad everyone in the kingdom wasn’t watching or they would have seen the pain in my eyes and my hand over my swollen abdomen.

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