Who To Love?

The new kid moved to your school and he's so cool and cute. On the other hand your best friend is in love with you! They both tried to win your heart. But what if your heart doesn't know who to love? Then one day you notice that your in love! But with who?? Both of them? [© 2017 All rights reserved by Book Maker and cover reserved by NamesFromGraves ]


1. ONE

     "Kids, were having a new student" Said Mrs. Wilson. We all were just in our iPad, not caring about anything at all! Including me, I did not even listen to Mrs. Wilson. 


      All I heard from Mrs. Wilson is "Blah, Blah and Blah!" I thought to my self. "Cool!" Said a nerd guy by the name of Mike. "I know right!" Said Mrs. Wilson "Hey Mike, maybe he should sit right next to you" 


    Mike really did not know what to say. "I don't know, Mrs. Wilson" Milk told. "I'll have to think where to let this student sit. "She told us. Mike than nodded and pull out his homework paper to recheck his answers. 


     I then walk to Mike to check my homework with him, because we got the same math teacher. "Hey Mike! Help here again" I told him. And yeah, i always ask Mike for help. I never asked  teachers for help at all. 


     "You know I'll always help you" He told me. I nodded "Thank you, Mike" I said. Mike then blush and faced my work.


     Mike POV

     I'll always love Haley! No matter what happen I'll always love her. I told her two days ago, I think? But it kinda goes wrong and good at the same time.


Flashback (Mike POV)

     We were at the park, sitting in the bench talking about random stuff. "Who do you like Mike?" Haley asked me. I turned and looked at her. "Why do you want to know? I asked. She didn't say anything. 


     "Well, I can tell you" I told her. "For real!" She replies. "Yes, if you tell me yours first?" I told her. "But I asked you first?" She said. Oh right, she did ask me first! Oh wait I know what to say to that!


     "Ladies first" I said looking at her. "L-O-L fine!" She said. Is she really telling me? Does she feel the same way for me like I do too? "No one" she told me. 


     "Don't talk Mike" she told me. I didn't talk because I will always follow her. "I wanted a boyfriend, who will love me like you begin my friend... Mike I wish you were my boyfriend!


     I looked so happy "FOR REAL!" I thought to myself. "But to bad were just friend" she told me. My heart was... all broken.

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