Gods of Man

For the Strange The Dreamer Competition

When the Gods' War takes a turn for the worst Mateus Cedan becomes a boy touched by Death. What will become of the boy the Gods ignored?

[Author's note: I may just be able to squeeze a few more pages in if I'm lucky, otherwise I'd love to continue this story after the competition has closed.]


1. Gods of Man

From darkness came Time, and her name was Isolde.
From Time came Fate, and Krea was born.
From Fate came Earth, Water and Air, and three brothers, Rowan,  Cassius and Lief.  
Together they built a world.
From the world came Fire and he came as Hadrian.
From Fire came Light and he came as Destrian.
From Light came Electricity and she came as Catrain.
And then Krea created Man and the eight became Gods.
But Isolde foresaw chaos and cursed Man with mortality.
From Life came Death, her name was Cedany.
And she came with the wrath of Man.
So the Gods created Evvis for the mortals and Adris for the immortal.
Then came the half-world Urel, home of the dead.
They gave Cedany rule over Urel and told her to punish the faithless.
So Cedany created Hyl for the damned.
From Hyl came the Ourer, a creature of smoke and ash.
Commanded by Cedany to torture souls.
From torture came the Vyfreit, a creature of ice and glass.
They guard the gates of Hyl and keep souls from escaping Urel.
From the Gods and the Mortals came the half gods, the Urmyn, the half men.
And they came with the flaws of Man and the condition of Gods.
...Wars had started over lesser things.
           ~ An Old Evvirian Poem translated by Robert Dirksen ~

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