You don't have to go, you know?

Book on how this guys moves into a girls life. He saves her from suicide, but then when they graduate he decides to move away. Sequel will be out soon!


1. Intro to Arabella's life

Hi, I'm Arabella. You don't have to read this you know. Most people don't pay much attention to me anyways. I get ignored and pushed around. The only person I even talk to during the day is Kylie. Kylie is my best friend and she is absolutely beautiful. I wish I looked like Kylie, then maybe people would like me. Kylie had long black hair and bright blue eyes. She has a small figure, but it fits her well. She isn't tan, but she definitely is pale. She has a smile that draws people in. Meanwhile, I have medium red, wavy hair and green eyes. I like my eyes, but they don't bring me much attention. I am pale and don't smile much.

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