Violet || Volume 1 || L.G

"ya, so you never got what you wanted. But you had what you needed. You had love. Some of us don't get that luxury Lip." || In which Philip Gallagher meets a not so sympathetic, troubled girl named Violet Grey.


1. || CH.1 (Prologue)


I think it started when my mom got diagnosed with leukemia. I was 10 years old. 

My father locked himself in his room for 2 weeks after my mom had been admitted to the hospital.

So the weeks he mourned her sickness, I spent in an uncomfortable waiting chair, watching this horrible disease I knew nothing about, kill my mother slowly, and painfully.

After those 2 weeks, my mom had passed away. And my dad finally came out of that room. 

Whether it was the fact that my mom was no longer alive, or the thought that he hadn't told her he loved her when he had the chance, or maybe it was both. It broke him.

He turned to alcohol and drugs as an escape from the guilt and pain.

By the age of 15 I was able to successfully help my dad run several meth labs, as well as drug cartels across the states. 

By 17 I was arrested 6 times on the account of drug possession and had OD'ed on cocaine 4 times. 

Finally at the age of 19 child services had enough evidence on my father to permanently take me away from him.

So this is where my story truly begins,

and I guess it begins with me being shipped off to Chicago to live with some agoraphobic nut job named Sheila Jackson. 








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