Jayla Danning loves her life. She's pretty, popular, happy...what more could she ask for? The one thing Jayla's missing in her life is a little romance, and that's what she's looking for. There's only one problem though, Jayla and her friends don't have the cleanest reputations, and she can't seem to find a guy interested in more than just drugs, alcohol, and sex. Even worse all the guys expect her to be vulnerable and live up to her stereotype, a 'whore.' Then she meets Blaze, a mysterious outsider who sees more in Jayla. With his help, Jayla's determined to break her mold and change for the better.


1. Chapter 1

So to start off, this is kind of one of those basic stories where the loser girl gets taken into the popular group and they make her pretty and turn her into a bitch and the loser-turned-popular girl betrays all her loser friends and then finds out the popular girls are bitches and regrets turning popular then hates her life. I am that loser-turned-popular girl. However, I don't regret anything, me and my friends aren't bitches, and I didn't abandon my loser friends, I'm still very close with them in fact. Now I know, I know, you've probably got in your head an image of a tall, model looking, Regina George type popular girl as me, but I'm not like that at all, and neither are my friends. We're all actually pretty nice. Let me just explain;

So I transferred to public school my sophomore year of high school when I finally got fed up my small private school. I was a complete nobody with a baby-face and a flat chest. I spent most of sophomore year meeting new people and failing a lot of my grades, not because I'm dumb, but because I'm lazy. I'll get back to that later, though. Anyways, I then got friendly with Mariah Welker, a popular girl with a great sense of humor and style, she introduced me to her friends, who introduced me to makeup and actual bras other than sports bras and then there you go, I'm pretty, social, and somehow managed to get boobs. Now here we are at the beginning of senior year, Mariah is my best friend and we've got a year to look forward too before college.

"So I'm thinking," Mariah says, linking my arm through hers as we walk down the hallway. "I'm pretty sure Derek isn't looking for a legit relationship, I think he just wants to bang."

"Isn't that how they all are," I replied, rolling my eyes. "You should go for it though, he's pretty hot."

"Maybe I will."

We smile at each other, Mariah showing off her perfect, straight white teeth and flipping her long,straight brown hair. Mariah's gorgeous, she always has been with her perfectly clear skin and bright, wide brown eyes with a hint of green. I'm pretty too I guess, just not as much as Mariah. My head is pretty big, and I my eyes are a bit small, my skin is clear for the most part, but other than that I'm good-looking. High cheekbones and a perfect nose, I'm happy with how I look. We stop at the entrance to the cafeteria;

"First senior lunch," Mariah declares.

"The first of many," I say back and we head to a circular table with our friends. I sit beside Tally, who I've been friends with as long as I've been friends with Mariah. Tally's super sweet, with freckles, green eyes, and curly red hair; your typical ginger. Mariah takes a seat on the other side of me, beside her are Sarah and Carrie, who me and Mariah used to be best friends with, things went down between us all last year and broke that apart, though. We're still all "friends" if that counts. Next to those two is Erin, she THINKS we're friends with her. Here's the deal, Erin used to be Mariah's best friend, then they split apart, I came along and initially replaced Erin. That didn't cause any conflict, however, Erin is THE MOST annoying, rude, and loudest person you will ever meet. I'm not actually helping my claim that I'm nice, but trust me, Erin's horrible. Next to Erin are Jill, Emma and Olivia, who are just people I know and I'm not really friends with. My actual close friends are all in different  main friend groups, but every weekend Mariah and I hangout with them. But I'll introduce them later, right now Erin is arguing with Sarah again about Erin's ex who she's been "in love with" for he past couple months since they dated for a month and broke up.

"All I'm saying," Erin started with her usually snobby, matter-of-fact tone. "I just think Dane wants to get back together with me, I can just tell."

"You say that all the time, Erin, he's been ignoring you since you broke up." Sarah replied, a quizzical look on her face.

"Only because he's afraid of opening up because when we were dating, he always told me, 'Erin, I can never hide anything from you.'" She quoted him with a dopey look on her face. A lot of her sentences involving Dane normally started with 'when we were dating...." I just don't understand how a lot of things she says can even fit into one month of dating.

"Hm, yeah, I'm sure he did say that," Sarah rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink.

"You know what?" Erin shot back, sounding paranoid.

"Here we go," I sighed.

"Shut up, Jayla! Sarah you're just jealous because I actually have guys pining after me while you've only been dating the same guy for eight months because no one else will have you!" Erin was standing now, slamming her fists on the table.

"Oh my God Erin will you just give it a rest?" I said, weary. "Sarah's happy with her long term relationship, at least she can keep one, the real reason Dane broke up with you is because you're clingy and annoying, now chill out." Erin looked livid,

"Whore!" She shouted and stormed away. Mariah started laughing.

"This is going to be a great year," she said through laughs, clapping.

"It sure is," I replied, tipping my chocolate milk against hers as a toast.

"Jay," Tally said, getting my attention, "look, it's your boy." I looked over to see Ace Johnson, a senior I got familiar with this summer...getting familiar as in hanging out and making out, but that's besides the point. I fluffed to wavy blonde hair and turn around and met his eye across the cafeteria. I gave him a small wave, and he flashed perfectly white teeth at me and started to head over to my table.

"Jayla!" He exclaimed, coming over and putting his hand on my shoulder. "How was your summer?"

"You know how my summer was, Ace," I said, my voice low and winked at him.

"Well, you've got that right, but you know...I can't really tell people-"

"Ace! Babe!" A high pitched voice cut though the cafeteria and Ace's girlfriend, Caroline Kelly came over, putting his arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his cheek. He smiled wearily and turned to her. So yeah, a guy cheated on his girlfriend with me, but it's fine, I get the better part anyways. No heartbreak, no commitment, and no worries. Caroline was now pulling Ace away and frowning at me.
"I don't want you being friends with her, Ace, she's a whore." She said to him, loud enough for me to hear.​

She did not just say that!" Mariah said, starting to stand up.

"It's fine," I rolled my eyes. "People have their opinions, it's not like what she says matters to me."





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