To the Moon


1. To the Moon

Upon the sunlight, yonder breaks from its seemingly endless abyss of night.

To the sun the moon shrieks, "Have mercy, ye scoundrel!"

To the moon, the sun scoffed, for he knew that the people of his earth were to frolic in his playful sunlight, and shun the moons benevolent nighttime.

He shook in the sky, overcome by his hollow laughter.

The moon frowned as he sunk, knowing that he was to be sent to the other end of the earth, only for his moonlight to be disregarded yet again.

"Avast, ye!" The moon shouted, his thunderous voice sounding across the land, shaking the earth on which the cowering humans stood. "Avast ye, humans, you shalt not shun my presence any longer! You shall frolic in my moonlight, and you shall know my beauty!"

The people trembled, they were unsure of what to do. However, with weary eyes, and fatigued bodies, they went about their business, much to the moons pleasure.

He felt himself begin to shake, he felt his surface heave and great gasps of air escaping his mouth. He was...laughing.

He shook and he shook, until he felt himself begin to slip from the grasp of the stars. They gave him warning glances, their faces all aglow with both magnificence and worry.

For they knew that if he were to fall, they were to come with him.

But it was not his laughter that caused him and the stars to fall into the great sea, ''twas the hubris of the moon that had truly doomed them all. As he was pushed to the surface of the dark sea, he saw a light emerge from below him.

The sun had returned.

"''Tis not your time, you fool!" The moon shrieked, wriggling about in his quickly-disappearing darkness.

"''Tis not your time either, my friend." The sun said, his voice smooth and heavenly as the rays that he cast upon the earth.

The moon began to struggle but soon subsided, for he knew that, forevermore, the people of his earth were to frolic in the suns playful sunlight, and shun the moons benevolent nighttime.

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