"I just don't understand this." I whispered, looking at the paper in my hands. My eyes scanned the small paper closely again. "They are almost gone." Meet Julie, a young secretive girl who has an extraordinary past. One day, her friends receive small pieces of paper of hints they must follow. One problem is, they don't know who E. A. Morgan is. They set off on a journey to find out the truth behinds each and everyone of their pasts, and who the infamous E. A. Morgan really is.


1. Chapter One

"I don't understand this," I whispered, looking at the paper in my hands. My eyes scanned the small paper again. "They are almost gone." My eyes kept scanning over and over, finally giving up on the small piece. "I wonder if anyone else has these." I sighed, dragging my bag over my shoulders, walking to the school.

"Hey, Julie!" I heard someone shout, then laugh.

I turned to see one of my friends, Gavin running towards me.

"Hey," I replied, smiling. He ran next to me, examining the paper in my hands.

"You have one too?" He questioned, quite surprised. I looked at him, "You have one also?" I also questioned. He nodded his head, pulling out another small paper from his pocket.

I grasped it from him, reading it. "Many are special." I read out loud. Gavin kept his eyes on me. "What does yours say?" He asked. I handed it to him. "They are almost gone." He now read out loud. Gavin looked at me again.

"Do you know who sent these or even wrote them?" I shook my head. "No, but the person's name as it says is, E. A. Morgan."

He looked at me. "E. A. Morgan? Mine didn't say that. Just the first letter of my name." I looked back, now confused. "Mine said that same thing. But it had the person's name on it." Gavin shrugged his shoulders.

"Eh, let's not worry about it," He smiled, bumping shoulders with mine. I laughed. "Well at least let's see what the others know or if they even have an idea." Gavin smiled. "Alright!" We kept walking until we saw the school in view.

Stewart and Neva were standing in the distance, waving like idiots and jumping all around. Gavin laughed and started to run up to them both. I sighed, walking behind.

"Come on!" Neva yelled, waving at me now. Finally, I start to run towards them.

"There she is!" Neva laughed. "Yes, here I am," I replied, walking past her. She frowned, walking beside me. "Hey, did you get some weird thing this morning?" My eyes widen.

"Like a small piece paper?" She nodded her head.

"Yeah! A piece of paper with writing on it." She took it out of her pocket. "But only one." She read. I looked at it questioningly, pulling out Gavin's I still had.

"Many are special." I read it to her. Neva's face showed pure confusion. "Stewart!" I called out. He came running towards me. "Yeah?" He replied. "Paper." I held my hand out. I knew he had one. "Oh here." I took it, reading it out loud. "Is different from you."

I thought for a moment. "What are you thinking?" Gavin walked closer to me. "Let me see yours, Neva." She nodded, handing it to me.

I took it, crouching to the ground and putting each paper on the concrete. I lined them up so it would make more sense. I now read the new sentence out loud.

"Many people are different, but only one, is different from you, they are almost gone."

I looked at everyone. "It's like a clue or something?"

I stood back up, grabbing each piece. "But for what?" Stewart questioned. I stayed silent for a moment. "Julie?" Stewart asked again.

Looking at him, I sighed, "I'm not sure, but I'll find out. I'll keep these with me and put them in my journal." I started to walk away from my small, weird group of friends.

I could feel them staring at me.

I start to run away from them. I could hear footsteps running after me. I turned left, then right, through the empty hallways. "Julie!" My friends called out.

I ran faster, turning the corner and running up the flights of stairs. I go to the library, pulling out a book. The wall opened, stepping in. It closed. I stayed silent as the voices from my friends entered the room. After some minutes, they diminished. Inhaling deeply, I blow all the air out. Walking to the stone staircase.

"Ms. Meyer?" I whispered.

The older women had short, thin gray hair and deep brown eyes turned to me. "Ah, Julie." She smiled. "What brings you here this early? You never come until after school."

I smiled back. "I had to get away from them for a while," I replied, looking around. She smiled again to me. "From your friends? Oh, what's the problem?" Ms. Meyer walked closer to me, while I took a step back.

"When will they find out about what they are?" I questioned.

Her eyes turned cold slightly. "Soon dear." Ms. Meyer turned around. "You must be going now. I have many things to work on and so do you." She gripped my shoulders, pushing me to the stairs. "But I still have twenty minutes left." I pouted.

She chuckled. "Yes, but I am working. You'll know after school."

I turned. watching as the bookcase closing again. Suddenly someone gripped my shoulders. I stomp on their foot, elbowing them in the face. I grabbed one arm and flipped them over my shoulder, their back hitting the ground. I turn, kneeling them in the stomach and still gripping their arm.

"Hey, watch it!" A familiar voice snarled. I glared at the person in front of me.

"What are you doing here?" I kept glaring. "Coming to see the crew and my darling other half." He smirked. "When did you come out?" I turned, walking out the door.

He walked by my side. "When you were talking to the old woman. You that stupid?" He smirked. I glared once more. "Spencer... You know that only I can see you." He kept his eyes on me.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I know that?" He snarled.

"Because I'm not the stupid one here," I replied under my breath.

Heading to the classroom, Spencer stops me midway. "Aye! Where are you going?" He trailed after me. "To class?" It came out more as a question than an answer.

"I'll come with." He smirked now walking next to me.

Shrugging my shoulders, I continued to walk a little faster. We entered the small room, seeing my group. Stewart, Neva, and Gavin.

"Julie!" Neva yelled, running to me. I stepped aside, her missing me completely. "I can't get one hug?" She stomped her feet and whined. "No, you can't," I replied, sitting down with Spencer next to me.

"This is going to be a long day," I whispered, looking at the window.

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