Broken Walls

Sometimes we surround walls to keep ourselves safe especially when we are afraid of getting hurt. But sometimes all we need is just for someone to break those walls and save us.


3. Chapter Three

Kayla P.O.V

I sit there curled on Richard’s lap, he holds me tightly, brushing my hair tightly. I miss my family so much. I miss Jayden my beautiful baby boy, how he would miss his mother so much. I miss the rest of the boys, Jess. I even miss Alex. I try and forget all about him. But I can’t. I miss the way his blonde hair feels when I brush my hand along it. I miss his beautiful blue eyes looking at me with love. I miss Alex holding me in his arms. I loved Alex, and only Alex. I look at Richard, as he watched the TV. He was cold. I thought I loved Richard. But now I realize it was never Richard Charles. It was always Alex. My sweet and loving Alex. Alex, who I loved so much. Who meant the world to me? I cry for Alex, how much he must be missing me. My son, my sweet baby boy, he would be toddling around everywhere, missing his mother. I know the boys will love my son and take care of my Alex for me, but still I want to be with them. I just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. I want to close my eyes and never wake up. I cry miserably, tears brimming in my eyes. I miss Alex so much, I wonder how he is. If he is okay, if he is safe. I know that he is probably worried sick about me, My Alex. I just want to tell him that I am okay, that I love him. Then Jayden, how is my beautiful baby boy, has he eaten, are the boys looking after him really well. What am I kidding, I know they are looking after him really well; they would love him and take care of him. What is going on with Zachary, all I remember is that he got stabbed. I hope he is okay. I love Alex, and only him. Not even a stupid Richard Charles can take my love from Alex. No one could. Never! I look at Richard. I thought I loved him. But now I realize I don’t. I close my eyes, thinking about Alex, and only him.

"What about Kimberly” I ask.

"I never loved her, I loved you, I only pretended to love her, to try and forget you, but I can't" Alex exclaims looking at me with love.

"I love you" I mumble to Alex, holding his hand tightly, clenched in mine. It fitted perfectly, hand to hand.

"I need some time" I interrupts, thinking it thoroughly I wanted to go back to Alex, and live with him again, after all I loved him more than anything, and I would do anything to go back with him. But this was not just about me now. I had to think clearly. This was about Jayden, and how this would affect him. This would be how this would affect the boys with a child around the house. But most of all how would it affect Alex to see mine and Damien’s son around the house. The person he most loved and the person he most trusted. How could this affect him, and the boy’s fans and life as being a superstar? I did not want to ruin their popularity, or what Jayden in the lime light already. I did not want to be a problem to them, even though I knew they would never think of me as a problem, of how it would be for Jayden to have two father figures, and not knowing who to call daddy. The last thing I wanted was anybody to get hurt because of me, even if it was Damien, Jayden my son the boys. But most of all Alex. I would never want Alex to get hurt because of me. I already have caused so much pain to him. I caused him so much agony already. I did not want to add more to the pile, and make him more upset or agony. I loved Alex so much truly; he was my beautiful beloved soul mate, who I loved with my heart. But this could take some time. This could take some time to get used to it, and be okay. I had to think clearly, and throughout. Of how each incident and each problem which could occur because of me.

"What" Alex shouts quietly with surprise?

She says she loves me, but she needs more time.

"I need some time, please Alex" I beg, pleading him with a lot of desperation. What he said mattered to me. If he said no that he could not wait, I would understand. Of course I would be really heartbroken, and grief stricken but I would understand that. I would have to understand, and I would never get angry with my beautiful beloved soul mate Alex because I loved him so much, and he meant the whole world to me. So of course I would never get angry with him. I would cry, but would have to deal with it. But if he said yes, my world will be changed. It will just prove how much more he loves me, and really prove of our affection. It would bring us a hope and faith for us to be together, and will show us how much we trusted each other, with our whole heart and soul.

"Sure, I'll wait forever for you" Alex replies, giving me a smile that radiates like the sunshine, and then he holds me hand tightly, and plants a beautiful kiss on it, causing me to blush like a little girl, and then kiss his cheek back.


Alex said he would wait for me forever, and here I am leaving him. I realize what the big mistake I had made of losing Alex. I miss Alex, so much. It hurts a lot. Oh Alex, I miss you so much. I should have never left you. I love you Alex. I wonder how he is. He would be grief stricken, he would stop eating, and I knew how much food meant to him. While I was here pretending to cosy up to Richard and starting to love him. Alex would be looking everywhere for me, he would assume I was missing, not that I left him. That would hurt him too much. I have to leave Richard. I could not pretend I was in love with him. I felt pity for Richard because he experiences the same horrific death of his parents. But I at least had my brother Alex. Richard had no one. But I did not love Richard. I stare at Richard. He looks at me curiously, catching me staring at him.

“What are you looking at my sweet princess?” Richard asked me.

“Nothing Richard.” I lie; I can’t tell him I missed Alex.

If I did. Richard would get angry, and hurt my Alex, and that was one thing I could not stand. If Alex died. I would die. I yawn pretending to look tired.

“Are you tired honey bear?” Richard questioned to me, looking at me curiously.

“Yeah, I think I’ll have an early night.” I say, standing up.

“Do you want me to come too? I will come to bed with you, and we can sleep together.” Richard asked, smiling happily.

“No. I mean that’s fine. You can come after you watch the film. I’m just a little tired, let me sleep and I will be fine.” I lie to Richard.

I had to pack up. I had to move away. I had to run away back to my beloved Alex, who I loved very much, and meant the world to me. I did not realize how much I missed Alex. But I did. So much. Alex was my world, he was my sunshine, and I loved him so much. I had to return to Alex. I had to be with my soul mate. I had to. Alex, I am coming for you.

“Ok sweetheart. I will come to bed in about two hours. Good night sweetheart, take a good rest. Love you loads.” Richard tells me, pressing his cold lips to my forehead.

“Good night Richard. I love you too.” I lie, hugging Richard tightly, and then walking upstairs in a hurry.

I had two hours.  Just two hours. No more no less. But would two hours be enough. For my mighty great plan, which just had to work. Of course my plan would work. It just had to. Two hours must be enough. I had to be quick and efficient, but this would be a really important and efficient two hours in my life, which could change my life forever. For the better or the worse. Hopefully for the better I was hoping. The plan had to work; it really meant so much to me. So of course it had to work, and I was counting on it to work.


Two hours to get my suitcase packed, and leave. I was going to run away. I took one suitcase and a backpack, and hurriedly packed clothes in them. Putting only my valuables, leaving almost everything that Richard had bought for me. I did not want to take that with me. I was going to make a fresh start. Now. I looked at the time, another hour left before Richard would come upstairs. I opened the window, and looked. It wasn’t too far. I dropped my bag outside, and then jumped. I landed on the floor with a bump. But wasn’t in any serious pain. I looked at the house where Richard had kidnapped me, and I had been with him for two weeks. I started running. I had to go look for my beloved Alex, who I loved more than the whole world. I am coming Alex. I love you. Your soul mate is coming for you. I ran as the wind violently whipped my brown hair, and sent shivers. I was not going to let anything stop me reaching from my beloved Alex. I had to see Alex. I had to meet him. Alex, I am coming for you.


Alex P.O.V


I lay on the hospital bed, very tired and weary, from laying on the battered bed for long hard hours. Black lines out line my eye. I rub nervously at my eye, trying not to sleep. Even though I had the whole time to sleep. I couldn't. When Ebony had told me that she is my soul mates and that she loves me, and that she would not never in a million thousand years let me be with my love Kayla. That scared me, a lot. A question replays over and over in my mind, again and again. Did Ebony really mean that she loved me? How could she be my soul mate? She just couldn't. Could she? Of course not. Ebony never would in a million hundred years be my soul mate. It was not like Ebony was not pretty, because she was. She was really pretty, kind, sweet. But not the one for me. I had a soul mate, and a amazing one too, and her name was Kayla West-soon to be Hayes, and I loved her really much. Could Ebony ever try and replace my beloved Kayla, to try and mask my true feeling for Kayla. I really just missed Kayla so much and still do. Everywhere I looked I saw her, her beautiful perfect face, her gorgeous brown glossy hair, her warm brown eyes that twinkle when they looks at me, her sweet heart warming smile. Everything. I missed seeing Kayla, miss talking to her, and miss holding her in my arms, like we were the only ones in the world. Like she was mine, and mine only. I miss Kayla, she was the one who taught me to love, the one that made me feel loved, the one who loved me for being Alex, not Alex Hayes teen pop sensation, the guy from Brighten Up. She loved me for being me, being hungry, being funny. But most of all being me. I look through the window from the hospital. It is night time now. I can see the small silver stars dazzling and sparkling brightly among the dark scary sky. I close my eyes and make a wish:

To reunite with Kayla. To make sure that Kayla was happy and safe and sound. That me and Kayla would remain forever together as the perfect couple we are. We are the couple everyone wants to be, lovable, sweet, never fighting, always together. Always snuggled up and being happy.

I remember a moment, a month ago or so. I remember it so clearly. We had decided to go to the fun fair. Just me, Kayla and Jayden, and we had the most amazing time. We went on loads of roller coasters, and family rides too, like climbing on the elephant. I remember Kayla and Jayden on the pink elephant and me on the blue elephant, me snapping pictures at them, as the posed and smiled for the character. All of us eating some delicious pink candy floss, and special star sweets that star busted in your tongue. Us watching a movie, us watching a sweet calm family movie. It was "Finding Nemo". I remember the bit where at the beginning, Marlin had watched his wife getting killed right in front of his eyes, and he had remained powerless. When Marlin was searching amongst his damaged eggs, eggs that wouldn't become fishes. There was that one egg, which was not broken or damaged and that become Nemo. I remembered Kayla snuffling into me, tears splashing down her face. When I had asked her if she was crying, she lied and said who cries for Nemo. But I secretly knew that she did.

I suddenly hear a pair of loud footsteps approaching my room. I was the only one in the room, and then decided whoever had come. They had come for me. I open my eyes and looks around the dark room. Who could it be? I thought, that question floated around my mind. My eyes dart around the room, looking carefully around the room.

"Hello, whoever it is outside my room. Please come out. Show yourself be brave like a man. Don't be a chicken. I am not afraid of you" I exclaim loudly, in a loud tone, my voice echoing around.

I tried my best to remain brave and confident. I stare wide open as the door creaks open. I see a lumbering shadow looming outside. A scary unsettled feeling creeps through me, running through my veins. I wipe a sweat that trickles down my face. I shake the horrible cold feeling away, trying to be brave. For Kayla. How would everyone think if I got scared because of something from the dark? That would be horrible. I grip tightly on to the duvet, my fingers clenching tightly. I take a deep breath trying to calm down myself. Suddenly the shadow steps out of the darkness, and then out steps. Ebony. Her coal long black hair flying in the wind, still straight and glossy. Her almond like eyes looks at me intensely, like she trying to glare into my soul. She walks toward me, her thin arms snaking around my shoulder like a poisonous snake. She tucks a strand of her coal black hair, then smiles mischievously at me. Or some reason I don't think Ebony should be here right now, a cold thrilling presence fills me. Who could it be? Oh Kayla, I miss you so much. I know you miss me so much, and I miss you so much too. Kayla you are the only one for me, and the only one I love. My heart beats for you Kayla. When will me and you reunite once more? My heart is yearning for you my sweet Kayla. You are what keep me breathing every day. If it weren’t for you. I would have died weeks ago. I try and remember what Ebony had told me. If I did not marry her. She was going to kill Kayla, and Jayden our son. I could not let that happen. But I could not marry Ebony. I did not love Ebony, and never will. My heart could only belong to the one person. Who I loved. Kayla. She was my heart, my soul. My missing piece, and without her I was no one. I love Kayla, more than anything. She was what made me. Me, and I loved her to bits and pieces. Kayla. I miss you so much. One day, we will be together once more, and hopefully that day was very soon.

I expect Ebony to walk through the door, and hold my breath, and clench my fingers. But I only breathe properly when I realize it is another nurse. Lucy I think her name was. Lucy was very pretty, with blonde wavy hair down her back, and curves which emphasized her figure. Lucy was really shy nurse, but she was really kind. I smile when I see Lucy, who walks in.

“Hi Alex!” Lucy says to me.

“Hi Lucy, how are you?” I ask her kindly.

Lucy was one of my favourite nurses. She was really kind to me, and very caring. She was very polite, and taught me how to knit. Which I found was really useful. Lucy was in her mid twenties probably about twenty four. I knew Lucy had always wanted to be a nurse, coming from parents that were a doctor and a nurse, and she had a younger sister called Miranda and a twin sister called Macy who was a famous model. Of course Lucy had model potential too. But Lucy had always wanted to be a nurse, and here she was. A nurse. She was always a happy person, with a happy smiling face. She was very fond of me, as I remembered her of her younger brother Jack who had died in a war at the age of twenty two. So young. But today Lucy was not looking really happy. She had forced a smile on her face, but there was something wrong. Lucy kept fidgeting with her fingers, and sweat trickled down her face.

What was wrong? Was one of the boys hurt who I thought of them as my brother? Was my son Jayden hurt? Was Jess found? Or had something happened to my beloved Kayla who was my soul mate? I try and breathe normally. What had happened? Jess had been missing for a month now, and I knew Damien was really worried, and I understand. When your beloved was missing, of course you would feel hopeless and miss them so much that it hurt. Maybe something had happened to Damien. No. I try and think normally. Calm down Alex. Maybe nothing was wrong with them. Stop thinking such horrific thoughts, or they could really be true.

“What is it?” I ask curiously, clenching my wrist.

“It is nurse Ebony; she died in a car accident.” Lucy answered, tears brimming in her eye.

I took a deep breath of relief. Thank god, it was not one of the boys or Jayden, or Jess or Kayla. It was just Ebony. I smiled thankfully, and then noticed Lucy watching me seeing my reactions. I look a little bit sad. I feel sad for Ebony parents and younger brother. But I can’t say the relief that floods into me, when I notice it’s not somebody I love.

“Oh. When was this?” I ask curiously.

Now I did not have to marry Ebony. Now I was free from her evil crunches, and could go back home to my family, and Kayla. I wondered why Kayla had not visited me in a month. But the boys had told me. Kayla had when I was sleeping, and that she could not bear to see me in pain. Also, that she had to look after Jayden, and I understood that.

“Two days ago. On the motor way. Ebony was drunk late night, and a truck.” Lucy sobs, tears trickling down her cheek.

I had her a tissue and watch as she wiped it, her mascara running down her face.

“Thank you, it was so sudden, and so surprising. Poor Ebony and her family.” Lucy tells me.

“Yeah poor Ebony, and her parents and her brother. They would be so dreaded, and upset.

“I know. Well I got to go. Take care Alex.” Lucy told me, walking off, dabbing away with the tissue.


“You too Lucy. You too.” I told her, as she walked off silently.


I could not help the smile that forced upon my face. I could go home now. I could go back to my family with the boys, Jayden, and Kayla.

I watched Lake walk in; he looked at me and smiled.

“I heard about that nurse. Poor her, and she seemed so nice.” Lake told me.

Lake did not know, that Ebony was cold and evil, and that she had threatened me if I did not marry her, that she was going to hurt the boys, Kayla, and Jayden. But it was not a problem now, and it was bad. Bad mouthing her when she was dead was not nice. If Lake thought she was Alex, let him think that way.

“Yeah poor her. Let’s go home now!” I exclaimed happily, standing up.

I was going to see my beloved Kayla. Once more.

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