Broken Walls

Sometimes we surround walls to keep ourselves safe especially when we are afraid of getting hurt. But sometimes all we need is just for someone to break those walls and save us.


6. Chapter Six

Kayla P.O.V


I find my beautiful son Jayden, jumping up and down, his little red coat on. His beautiful brown curly hair bobbed up and down, and his adorable green fern eyes met mine. Whenever I looked at Jayden, he reminded me so much of Damien, and then I would remember Damien’s disappearance, and it would hurt. I had cried silently, not wanting anyone else to know how much Damien’s disappearance hurt me. To all the problems already there. I did not want to add it.

“Mummy. Mummy!” Jayden exclaimed at me, running to me.

“What is it my sweet beautiful boy?” I ask Jayden curiously, smiling warmly at him.

“Let us go to the park mummy.” Jayden told me, smiling at me.

“Ok, let us go sweet heart. Only for a little while though, as it is a little cold.” I tell Jayden, holding his hand.

We open the door, and walk outside, stepping into the ferocious menacing, breeze of wind that shook my long brown hair. I tuck my long brown hair, and hold Jayden hand protectively. We walk towards the park, as the winds dance creepily, its twisted gnarly branches cowering over me. As soon as we enter the park, Jayden runs to the swings. I take deep breaths, and walk heaving my pregnant body. I walk up to Jayden, and watch him sitting on the bright red swing. I sit in the park, swinging my little baby up and down, he loves the park, he smiles when we come to the park, and all the ladies around us come to see him, and they envy his cuteness. After all, Jayden was very cute and pretty, and so adorable, and girls loved him loads just like they loved Damien, who looked like him similarly.

“You should not have ran, you know mummy can’t run as far, with mummy going to have your sisters.” I told Jayden, patting my baby bump protectively.

“I am sorry mummy, could you please push me.” Jayden asked me, smiling at me, his hands clenched on the swing ropes.

I push Jayden lightly, watching him swing lightly, his mouth grinning wide opened, as he chuckled quietly, his eyes looking at the sky, and at around the park. I could see another woman who was called Helen, walk towards me. Her one year old daughter Alex on the push chair and her five year old son Luc run alongside his mother. Helen waved at me, I waved back at her. Suddenly I heard someone call my name. I turn around, my eyes looking around, but no one was there. Suddenly, I looked back at my son, and he was not there. I started panicking, my eyes looking everywhere.

“Jayden. Jayden. Jayden where are you?” I called out loudly, looking around for my son.

Where could my son Jayden be? He was only three years old, where could he have gone? Maybe somebody had kidnapped him. I look around the park, feeling really upset and hated. Tears brimmed in my eyes, as I clenched my hands tightly, repeatedly calling my son’s name. I felt like I could not breathe, like time had stayed still. I had to stay strong. I had to have hope. But hope was leaving. Many people talked to me, told me to stay strong and they helped look for him. After about an hour of looking. I noticed Jayden on the grass. I scooped him up, and picked him up and held him tightly, sobbing hard on his shoulder. It was like I could breathe normally again. I took a deep breath. I felt so happy and relieved. I wipe the grass of Jayden hair.

“Where were you my sweet heart, Jayden? I was so worried.” I told Jayden.

A stranger picked me up, and said they were kidnapping me, because my daddy hurt them, and daddy was going to pay. But then they heard you crying, and then they left me. Saying it was not your fault or mine. What did daddy do?” Jayden asked curiously, wiping away the tears that had trickled down my cheek.

“I do not know sweetie. But you are safe now, and that is all that matters.” I tell Jayden, hugging him tightly.

Questions came up in my head. Who had Alex hurt? And why would they kidnap my sweet baby? And hurt me and Jayden instead? What did we do? Just what was going on, I had to ask Alex.




Mysterious Stranger P.O.V


I had watched them every day, and every night, hunting them like a predator and its prey. I had watched that very beautiful woman walk to the park every day; a young boy who I assume was her son.  I could see the woman was very fragile and delicate, and loveable and I could see she was pregnant, and so would not be anything tough to me. I was going to kidnap her son; the little boy could not be more than three years of age, with beautiful brown curly hair, and fern green eyes. I had followed them, and watched them enter a mansion. I know who the woman was. Kayla Hayes. Married to my enemy Alex Hayes. Alex Hayes who had hurt me so much, who had destroyed her life. Who had killed her? And he was going to pay for what he did, and I knew that if I kidnapped his son, he would suffer as much as I had suffered all these years. All the pain and agony he caused me still left a scar in my heart. When I had called Kayla, and watched her. I had swiftly and quietly kidnapped Jayden, as was going to run away with him. When I noticed that it was not Jayden fault, it was not his mother’s fault either, and then why was I causing them pain? If I wanted to hurt someone, it was Alex, and I would hurt Alex, and only him. I then left the kid, and ran. I knew how much losing a child would hurt, and knew I should not have attempted to kidnap the child. It was horrible, and I could see it in Kayla eyes how much she had missed her child, and that she was painfully worried, and when she say her child face, it was like she had life again, and could breathe properly. I knew that especially in Kayla pregnancy state, it was not good to hurt her. I never really wanted to hurt Kayla. I remember my mother; she would be so over protective over me, she would be in so much pain, if I got hurt, more then me. I understood Kayla feelings; she was just trying to protect her child, just like my mother.

"What do you mean?, do you think kidnapping Jayden is a joke, do you think hurting him is a joke, do you think scaring Kayla is a joke, did you see how Kayla felt, she was so scared, thinking her baby will be away from her, how could you?" I tell myself, feeling very angry with myself.

I knew Kayla would be really upset and angry, and extremely worried. I knew that mothers were always over protective over there children. So I understood Kayla fond and adornments, and the way she wants to protect her child. After all, it was her first child, and her child. Who she would love and adore, and extremely care for. A child meant so much to me, your entire world was your child, and you always loved it no matter what. If your child was not there, no matter what. You would panic and worry, your whole life would have stopped and you would be terror stricken, shivers running down your spine. It would hurt so much if your child was not there, and I understood how much pain and agony Kayla must have been, not to matter scaring that poor child. Who had done nothing to me?


Why had I tried to hurt them? They had done nothing to me, I should have hurt the person who hurt me Alex, and I was coming for him. I would hurt him, like he hurt me. I am sure he is living happily now, forgetting all the pain and misery he had caused me, and continuing his life happily. But I would not forget, and never had. It still hurt every day. I wanted to go and apologize to Kayla and Jayden. But knew if I done that, Kayla would shout, scream, yell at me, and probably phone the police immediately, and get me in to lots of trouble. I would never hurt them again. I was after Alex, and only him. My whole life was about planning to hurt Alex. Every day, I had plotted to hurt Alex, and that was my goal. I would hurt Alex, and cause him so much pain and agony, and hurt him. I would watch him scream, and cry in pain. I only lived to see Alex in pain and cry. I was looking forward to Alex lose everything like I had, and I wanted to watch him shriek and scream in pain. I was going to hurt him. So much, just like he had hurt me. All the days, I had screamed and been in endless agony of all the pain Alex had caused me. It was years ago, but the memory stuck. He would forget, of course he would. How much Alex had hurt me, he did not know?

How could he forget how he made me cry, how he made me lose my mind, how he made me want to hurt myself? He destroyed my life that day, he destroyed all the happiness in my life, and now he would pay. He could live with his life, without acknowledging all the pain he had caused me. How dare he? Continue his life without realizing, without knowing, without feeling the guilt and living with all the pain he had caused me. I was going to hurt Alex, soon. The day was coming. The day I would hurt Alex, just like he had hurt me a lot. He had scarred me for life. He had ruined my life, destroyed it into tiny little pieces, and it will remain in my life forever. He had ruined all the light and hope which had remained in my life. He had caused all my loved ones and family, and my friends to leave me broken. Everyone had left me. He had caused me to become so lonely, that it hurt. Now, I was alone.


Everyone who I had known, everyone I had trusted had left me. All the people I loved gone, leaving me all alone. With no one to go to, and no one to love, and no one to be there for me. It hurt. A lot and it was all Alex’s fault. His fault, because while I was all alone, and had no one with me. He had everyone. He had his parents, his family, and his band mates who he loved as a brother, his friends, his wife, and his children. Everything, I should have had. All because of that horrible, twisted, cruel, mean Alex, my whole life had turned upside down. He had taken away all my loved ones, he had made me feel all alone, and that is what I was now. All alone, with nowhere to go. He had destroyed all hope, faith, light in my life. He had taken away my happiness. Never again had I smiled. It has been so long since I smiled. Years and Years.

I can’t really remember when the last time I had smiled was. Whenever it was, it had been ages ago, so long, many years had passed since then. The last time I had smiled, I had everything that I wanted. My family, my friends, my loved ones all there. I had been celebrating my birthday, and it had been the most terrific birthday indeed, spectacular and totally amazing. I had enjoyed it very much, with going to Lego land, and having a MacDonald’s birthday party, it was absolutely amazing. Also, I had a creamy light blue cake, in the shape of a racing car, it was delicious. But most of all, that day my parents did not argue. Normally, every day they argued. Day in and day out, every single day with the same thing every day, going to school, doing my school homework, playing with my friends, eating, parents arguing, me crying because my parents argued, me running upset to my room, and crying my heart out. My parents screaming and yelling at each other, making me cry harder, and my ears hurt. My parents had always argued with each other, and normally hated each other. But I really did not understand why my parents did get married and not just divorce. I mean they were two completely different people. My mother was beautiful. She was very delicate, and pretty with a perfect body, and curves, with lovely blonde hair that curled down her back, and also pearly sapphire dark blue eyes, that glimmered with light and hope. My mother also had perfect fashion sense, and wore whatever she knew was the current fashion, and what she knew would make her look more amazing than usual, designer clothes.


My mother was sparkling, like a bright and beautiful diamond that glimmered, and sparkled like a diamond. Every one said my mother could be a model; she had the perfection that models had. Everyone loved my mother, they always said she was extremely beautiful like the most prettiest thing you could ever see in your life, and also she had an amazing personality. She was bubbly, kind, caring, sweet, kind hearted, loving, and extremely lovable, and everyone loved being around her. My mother had a unique personality, and was really special. My mother had irresistible charms, and everyone loved her, and no one could resist her irresistible charms. My mother parents had only my person so she was extremely well loved, and quite spoilt, and extremely rich. So of cause their daughter was their parents only light and they loved my mother loads. So when at the age of sixteen, my mother got married to my father, and became pregnant with me. They were upset and distressed, they were really worried and knew my parents would not be the perfect couple, and they hated it. They tried to tell their daughter, and I mean my mother to not go and live with my father. But when would my mother listen? She shouted with her parents, and argued with them telling them, that she was going to live with my father, and live with him happily.

My grandparents were upset, and angry, pain had filled them, and terror had ran through their veins as they tried to keep their daughter safe away from my father, and tried to talk sense in to their only beloved daughter. But it was too late, my mother’s mind was set as hard as stone, and no one could change her mind, and off my mother left. With my father, who she believed to be her prince. But after marrying him, she found out how UN prince like he really was, she found out who he really was, and how harsh and mean he could be. He hit her, when she was pregnant, he scarred her. But still my mother lived with him because of the baby in her stomach. Me. Even after I was born, my mother stayed because she believed me her only child would need his father. But I did not. I hated my father. Almost as much as I hated Alex. I never understood why my mother married my father. My father was alright looking before. Maybe when my mother had met my father I could understand what she saw. He had brown hair, and brown eyes, and wore normal clothes, and was a lawyer. That was what had caught my mother’s eye.


But then it all changed. My father started always drinking, and hitting my mother. Then he tried to rape one of his lawyer patients, and had gone to prison for three years. After he came out, he had been fired from his job, and immediately lost his job. This made my father angrier, and extremely mad. He started getting drunk, every day he drank and drank, until he got so pissed that he would lay on the floor drunk, and then some poor old soul would take him in their car and leave him at our house. My mother tried to live with my father for my sake. She told him that drinking would not solve any of his problems, but it was too late. My father had gotten past the point where getting drunk was not the worst thing he could do. My father would abuse, and hurt my mother every day. Physically and emotionally. Until all my mother life was scarred and ruined, all the light that had ever been in her life was gone. My mother had been broken. Luckily, my mother had left my father a couple of years later, taking me with her. I was happy, finally away from my father’s grasp that had hurt me as well as my mother. Then luckily my mother got married to another man named Derek. Derek was nice; he had brown hair with one blue eye and the other silver. I knew Derek was perfect for my mother. Derek was a famous model; he healed five years of scars that my father had caused on my mother. I watched my mother change, her heart healed; all the scars were covered up with love for Derek. Derek turned my mother in to a model, and now my mother had everything that she has always wanted. The perfect life. My mother started to glow with happiness, and the light that used to be in her eyes re appeared. I watched my mother life become so happy, and I was glad. Glad that my mother found her soul mate. Glad that my mother was happy, and that was all that mattered to me. But that was all before he entered in to my life.

 All before that horrible, menacing twisted Alex entered in to my life. I had never expected that day. The day that Alex Hayes had entered my life. The day he arrived had caused so many burns, and scars to appear. He had twisted my heart in to millions of pieces; he had scarred me so much. He had made me hurt myself. He had made me want to kill myself. Many times I had taken pills, or tried to get run over by a car. But unfortunately,  I escaped all those times with little pain. That was when I knew God did not want me to die. I should not die. I knew God had protected me all those times ago, and I understood why. God wanted me to live longer. God wanted me to live long enough to cause pain, agony and misery in to the same Alex Hayes, and I would do that. I would hurt Alex beyond pain and misery. I would make sure that he felt all the pain of scars, and agony that I had felt, and still felt. I had always felt so much pain, and agony that it hurt all the time. It still hurt. All that pain he had caused me those years ago. It still remained fresh in my mind. All the pain and misery he had caused me kept flooding in to me. All those grief struck in to me.

All those words he had said to me, kept replaying in to me. He had destroyed all the hope that had remained to me. He had dimmed all the light that had been in my life. He had taken away everything I had in my life. He had destroyed me; he took everything from me in a single glance. In a single day, he had destroyed all the hope, and life in me. He had taken away all the happiness that had been in my life, and taken it from me. I did not ask him to enter my life. Did I? I did not do anything to him before. But he had hurt me, when I had done anything. He had destroyed everything in my life. He had hurt me.

He had taken everything good in my life, and now he was going to pay for all that. I was going to take all his happiness, all the light and hope in his life, just like he had taken from me, and then I was going to watch him cry, in pain and agony. I was going to watch him suffer, just like I had suffered. I was going to take everyone away from him, just like he had taken everyone from me. I was going to make him alone, just like I was alone. He would feel all the pain, he had caused me, and he would suffer. I would make him suffer, if it was the last thing I would do, and then I swore my life to hurt him, and destroy him just like he had destroyed me. He had made me want to curl up in a tight ball, and cry. But I could not do that. I had to be strong. I had to be brave. I could not be a little baby, and cry. I wanted to run up in a tight ball, and cry up to my parents. But I could not do this. My parents had left me. They had all abandoned me. Everybody had left me. They had all left me. They had not wanted me. How could they leave me? How could they leave me to fend alone? They had abandoned me. They had not wanted me.


Nobody wanted me, and nobody ever will. They thought of me as a nuisance. A waste. An unwanted person. A loner. A mistake.  Monster, and maybe that is what I will always be an unwanted, nuisance monster made from a mistake. It hurt me, so much. To know that was what my parents thought of me. That was actually what everybody thought of me, and it hurt me to know that. Nobody cared for me. If I died, would anybody care? Probably not, I would have to say. No one would probably even come to my funeral. It would just be a deathly quiet funeral, and that was even if anybody even wanted to carve my name on a head stone, or if anybody would actually notice me. Nobody would probably in fact notice if I was dead. I would just be one of those homeless people. That no one would notice, and nobody would mine, or care if they were missing. Except, those homeless people’s family, would miss them, and they would have somebody to love them. Except I do not. Nobody cared for me, and nobody loved me. I was all alone, and that was all I would ever be. It made me feel. Alone. Angry. Afraid. Sad. In pain and agony, all the time, and it hurt a lot. I was angry with everybody; my parents who had abandoned me, the world for not caring for me, and not even noticing me, God for making everybody not care, love, or even notice me. But most of all, I was angry at Alex. I was furious, and mad, anger cursed through my veins, and terror cursed through me. It was Alex fault.


All Alex’s, not mine. Not mine. Alex’s fault that everybody hated me, Alex fault that nobody cared for me. Alex’s fault that nobody loved me. Alex’s fault that I was all alone. Everybody hated me now. Nobody even cared about me. Nobody loves me, nobody cares, and nobody even notices me. They see a dark mysterious stranger, on the streets which everybody look at with pity, but just ignore me because they believe I have fleas and diseases, or if I might be a killer. Little kids walk hand in hand with their parents, and I watch them with desire and envy as they walk with the parents, wishing mine even cared about me. When little kids acted like brats, and were horrible to their parents, saying they wished they were dead or leave them alone. I want to slap them, they do not know the worth of their parents. Only somebody whose parents had loved them before, and cared before, value them greatly when they are left. They all left me behind, all cold and alone.

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