Broken Walls

Sometimes we surround walls to keep ourselves safe especially when we are afraid of getting hurt. But sometimes all we need is just for someone to break those walls and save us.


4. Chapter Four

Two Years Later...

Kayla P.O.V

I sit on the sofa. My little baby Jayden on my lap. He is now three. I can't believe he's three now. It felt like just a week ago he was one. Jayden is getting more and more like Damien. The same brown curly hair, the same mossy green colour eyes that stare at him. Alex sits beside me, his left arm wrapped around me.

"My little sweet cute  baby Jayden, and my gorgeous protective husband Alex. Can a girl have a perfect life more then that." I exclaim.

"Says my beautiful, kind and caring wife." Alex replies.

"Daddy. Tell mommy not to call me a baby. I am three!" Jayden exclaims.

"My beautiful, stunning wife Kay-Kay. Please do not call our three year old baby Jayden a baby." Alex tells me.

"Hey!" Jayden exclaims, looking at me then at Alex.

“But you are our beautiful baby Jayden aren’t you?” I tell Jayden.

“Well I am beautiful, and mainly I am a baby. But don’t tell my friends that.” Jayden tells me.

“We won’t. We love you very much our beautiful son.” Alex tells me, hugging me tightly.

"We are such a perfect family. Aren't we. I have got the most beautiful mummy and daddy." Jayden exclaims.

"Not to mention your new baby sisters, that will be born soon. Twins. Two beautiful babies just like you" Alex replies.

"Mummy, what are you going to call them?" Jayden asks.

"I don't know. What do you think guys?" I ask.

"I don't mind. The day they are born we are going to be such a big happy family, and I'll be happier then ever." Alex exclaims.

"What about more babies? Are we going to have more brothers and sisters?" Jayden asks.

"I don't know. Ask mummy. But more babies do sound nice." Alex mumbles.

"Please say yes mummy. I will be a good big brother to my new sisters, and I shall call them cheese and onion." Jayden replies.

"Cheese and Onion!" Alex laughs, hugging Jayden with affection.

"Maybe something different." I reply, trying not to laugh, but still laugh anyway.


Alex P.O.V

I  put my hand over Kayla bump. My babies. Mine and Kayla babies. That we created together. I look at Jayden, on Kayla lap. We will be such a happy baby. I can imagine holding them tightly, and watching them look at me. I will be a great father. I know I will.

"Cheese and onion!" I laugh.

Jayden really did have a funny sense of humour, and food names. Just what I liked most, after my family. I look at Damien. Who sits on the sofa quietly, tears brimming in his eyes. Tears are in his eyes. He just sits there, by himself. We have looked for Jess for two whole years now, and we still haven't found her. But we won't give up. I am sure Jess is still alive, and we will soon find her.


Damien P.O.V

I sit on the sofa. Watching Kayla and Alex with Jayden, discussing having more babies and babies’ name. I wonder if me and Jess will ever have kids. I can't live without her. She is the only girl that I love, and ever will. It's been two years now. Two years without Jess. I miss her so much. When will I find her? It's been two years now. Everyone else I know misses her. But they are all continuing there life. But I can't. My life is empty without Jess. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't wait anymore for the police to find her. I have to find her now.


Jess P.O.V

It's so dark now. I'm tied to a chair. It's so cold. So cold and dark. Sometimes I wish I could die. I don't want to be here. Trapped and alone. Without anybody. Without all my loved ones. I sometimes wish that when I go to bed. I will never wake up. If I die. At least I would be peaceful then. Even death is more peaceful then this. Why gods do you punish me so much? When will you kill me god? I don't want to live anymore. Actually I do. I can't think that. I have to be alive for Damien. To marry Damien and have kids with him. I have to be alive to tell Damien how much I love him. Damien. Damien. I love you so much. I'm afraid. In case the kidnapper kills me. I only know he has no face. I'm so afraid. Not of death. But how much my death will affect Damien. He would die. No. Damien should not die. I had to live for Damien. My every last breath was for Damien.

I can't wait for the day to be free. I don't even know how long it's been now. I get fed, very little, and it's so uncomfortable. I miss Kayla, and the rest of the guys. But most of all. I miss Damien. I wonder if he's married now. If he has any kids now. I miss Damien so much. I know the police is looking for me. I can't wait for the day to be free, and jump into Damien's arms. Damien. Damien. I love you so much. If I hadn't been kidnapped. We would have been happy together now, and married with kids. We would be just like Kayla's life. Why did the kidnapper kidnap me? What did I do? When will they let me out? When will I ever be free? And if I would be alive to witness the day to be free. I don't know how many days it has been now. It could have been a hundred million thousand years and I still wouldn't care, and never would. I cry for Damien, how much he must be missing me. He is the thing that keeps me breathing. I have now given hope, given hope for survival. Given hope of ever getting out. Given up of ever being free. I am still in the shirt that I wore that day before I got kidnapped. Should I just give up? Should I just give up of ever getting out?

Of ever being free, of ever being happy ever again. Should I just get my fate that I will remain here forever until I rot away? No! I can't give up. I can't just let him win, no never. I can't give up hope. I can't give up my faith that the boys will come and save me. But for now, I need to plan away, a plan to get out of here. I can't just rely on the boys to get me out of here, and remain capture. I have to get out of here, one way or the other. I struggle with the ropes, trying to get out. I finally manage to get both my hands out. I let out a gasp of air. Then slowly open my eyes. My brown eyes adjust to the dark room. I slowly stand up, my dull brown eyes darting around everywhere. I brush a lock of my brown hair. Maybe finally I would be able to get out of here. I stand up, my bones paining from the constant time of lying on the floor. I walk curiously towards a door looking object, then freeze with fear when I hear the sound of footsteps. I press my ear towards the door, and nearly scream when I hear the footsteps are approaching me. What to do? What to do?

My heart pounds rapidly, sweat trickles down my face. I take a deep breath and look around me, fidgeting with my fingers tightly. Do something Kayla, I tell myself. If I was a normal girl, I would have been crying right now. I would have just begun crying, and curl up in a ball and let them capture me again. But I had to be strong. For Damien. For everyone. For our future. I close my eyes, it’s been weeks. Maybe a year. But my love for Damien does not get weaker. It gets stronger. Oh Damien! When will be the next time I can be with you, and we can be together. We were like Kayla and Alex. Soul Mates. I loved Damien so much. I’m only breathing everyday for you Damien. If it weren’t for you. I would have died, weeks ago. Oh Damien. Will I ever escape? My heart yearns for you my beloved Damien. I had always loved you. Even as a crazy mad Brighten Up obsessed fan. But now I really love you. Not for your popularity or that your famous but because of your cheekiness, and the way you make me feel. Loved. I had never felt like this before. I was in love, and truly madly in love. I love you Damien. I miss you so much. Will we ever be together? It’s been years. I feel so old. So worthless, without my beloved soul mate Damien. Who I love so much. I wonder how he is. He would be missing me so much, that he would blame himself for not protecting me. What he doesn’t know is that this is not his fault. Maybe I was supposed to be kidnapped. But this was definitely not Damien’s fault. This was not anybody fault except the kidnapper.

I saw a pair of black shoes, appear near me. I look at the shoes, and then at the person who they belong to. I know they are my kidnapper. They wear black clothes, and a black mask which blocks anything which could give away there identity. I know that if I could see them. They would be staring at me with cruel hatred, and smirking a cruel smile.

“Why me? What did I do to you?” I beg, tears trickling down my cheek.

“Oh. Would you want it to be your beloved Damien?” the kidnapper asks in a deep scary voice.

“No. But what did I do to you?” I ask pleading to escape.

“Nothing.” The kidnapper tells me.

“But.” I begin to say.

“Nothing. I don’t need to answer why I kidnapped you, or who I am. Just think of me as death.” The kidnapper tells me, frightening me, sending shivers up my neck.

The kidnapper takes the black mask off his face to reveal a pale face, with no eyes, nose, or mouth. I gasp in shock and try and not to scream. I inch backwards in fear. Terror flooding into me.

“I am death, and you are my prisoner.” The kidnapper speaks, without a mouth, scaring me to death.

“What are you?” I ask curiously in fear.

How could someone have no face, but talk? How could that even exist? It was not possible, and really freaky, and why me? What did I do to this creepy, weird monster who calls himself death? I done nothing to him, yet he kidnaps me, and he scares me a lot. I wished for the boys to come and rescue me.

“The boys won’t come to rescue you, no one will come and rescue you Jess.” The mysterious but creepy kidnapper tells me, in a creepy but mysterious loud voice.

How could he know what I was thinking? I close my eyes, and beg to be home. I was terrified. I was afraid. I was afraid he was going to kill me, and no one would know what happened to me. If I died, Damien would kill himself, and that was the one thing I did not want him to do.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. If I wanted to, I would have done it months ago.” Death my mysterious but creepy kidnapper tells me.

“How long has it been, since you kidnapped me?” I ask, in fear and shock.

“Two years.” Death my mysterious and scary kidnapper told me.

Two years. Two years. It has felt much longer than that. Two years since I have been with Damien. Two years of Damien worrying over me, and crying. Two years of me, yearning for Damien.

“Why?” I whisper quietly in fear.

“I told you not to ask questions Jess, or I will hurt you.” Death, my creepy and weird kidnapper told me.

I nodded quietly, in fear. I wanted to ask many questions. Why me? Will he ever let me go? How was Damien? What was his plan? Did I know him? But knew that if I asked any of these, he would not give me an answer, but instead just hurt me, or even worse hurt my beloved Damien. I lay on the cold rock hard  floor, my wrists tied tightly like it would break with a old tattered rope, bound to a annoying wooden rocking chair, that rocked whenever I moved my wrist, sending me back and forth. My wrists hurt in pain, and redden with struggle. Pain! So much pain. I sometimes thought they were bleeding in pain, and still think they are, maybe there is blood right his moment. Maybe red crimson blood trickling down my wrist and splashing gently on the floor. As I tried moving my wrist, trying to get out of here, pain every time I moved. Tears trickle down my face, splashing gently on to the floor. Sweat trickles down my face. Why me? Why did that mysterious but creepy kidnapper Death. Kidnap me, of all the people in the world. I was not any special. I was just an ordinary girl, who had people who loved her, who took care of her, who would miss her.


Damien. I wanted to see his beautiful perfect divine face, his russet of cute curly brown hair, his beautiful eyes that twinkle with happiness every time he saw me. I wanted to hear his beautiful musical voice, wanted him to call me his, to call me his amazing perfect beautiful soul mate Jess, his one and only true love.  We were like one, two broken jigsaw pieces together we completed as one. I wanted to hold him in my arms, and cry in his shoulder, feel his warmth shining into me, feel him, love him, be with him. I wanted to kiss him, and feel safe in his arms. I knew he was the only one who made her feel safe. The only one who understood me? For who I was. My parents didn’t understand me. Damien was the only one who understood me. He understood me like nobody else, and I understood him like nobody else. By our self, we were nothing but together we were special, we were divine, we were soul mates. Oh Damien, I love you so much. It has been two years, and I know you have not given up hope yet. I yearn for the day I can meet you Damien. The day we can be together, be happy. Be in love together. Be soul mates together. I yearn for that day Damien. I only love you, and only you. I wish for the day we can be together.


But if I die, or if we never reunite. I would want you to love somebody else, marry someone. Be happy. I love you Damien. But if we can’t be together. I would at least want you to be happy. You mean the whole world to me. I can’t live without you Damien. You mean the whole world to me, and I know I mean the whole world to you. Not a day has gone that I have not missed you, and I know for you a day hasn’t gone that you are not looking for me, or missed me. I love you so much Damien. More than I can say and I know that no matter what I will love you, and you will love me, and our love is stronger than us not being together. I know that one day I will find you because of my love, and that day we can be together forever, and be happy. I am only waiting for that day my beloved soul mate Damien, and I love you so much. I hope we reunite soon Damien, because I love you so much. More than words can say. I love you Damien, and I hope that one day we can be as happy as Alex and Kayla are together. That one day, we will be together forever, and we will have a family for our own. Until that day, all I can do is miss you, and yearn for your love. I love you Damien, and I hope that one day we can be reunited and be together. I love you Damien and you are the only one my heart will ever love, and I love you more than words can say. Even though I have been kidnapped, our love has not gotten weaker but stronger, and I can’t wait till we are together again my beloved soul mate Damien. Hope that day comes quicker than sooner. Every day, I wish I woke up to see your beautiful face.


 I wish I could wipe all the tears I have caused you, and return to you my beloved. But I can’t. I am so sorry Damien, for all the pain. I have caused you. I miss you so much Damien. I wish you could go on with your life. Nevertheless, I know you can’t. I know you won’t move on from me, but become all sad, and upset, always looking for me. I know that Damien. But I just want you to be happy, even without me. I want you to keep smiling your beautiful smile which lights up my world and your cute dimples when you smile. I want to cry in your shoulder Damien, and listen to you telling me it was okay. Oh Damien! I miss you so much, my heart yearns for you every day. Will we ever find each other Damien? Even if it was not in this life, or the next. One day, I will find you Damien, and we will be together forever, and nothing. I mean nothing could break us apart, we would be like those couples that always kissed, and held hands, and were always love struck, and in a love mood. Oh Damien! I miss you so much. Will we ever be together my soul mate? I really do hope so my beloved soul mates Damien. I love you so much, oh so much. I had never felt like this in love. Normally the guy I was dating was the one heads over heels in love with me, which I thought was kind of funny. But this time, it was the other way around. I was the one heads over heels in love with Damien, and I knew that unlike my past boyfriends who were just a fling. Damien was my actual soul mate. Who I loved more than anything in the whole wild world, and that I would do anything in the world for him. I would even risk my whole life for him. It was because I loved Damien, and he loved me, and this time. It was true love, and we were soul mates. Together forever. Me and Damien would be together forever I just knew it.


But I was afraid. I was afraid that this cruel, scary, and frightening kidnapper with the no face would hurt me, and I was scared. What if he killed me? What if he hurt me? What if even worse he hurt Damien? Even though my kidnapper told me, he would not hurt me. I could not shut down the fear that he could hurt me. He had power to hurt me. He could kill me, and then dump my body somewhere, and then nobody would find me, or recognise me, and no one could identify a scary man with no face. Could they? I mean a person with no face was just a scary nightmare that sometimes kids had, or just in stories. I mean no one would believe me that I saw a no face person. But then I would not have either. If I had not met him myself. That was like I did not expect myself to be kidnapped. I mean yes I was dating heart throb Brighten Up hot pop star Damien Black, and that sometimes that did get girls angry, not saying that they did not or wanting to kill me, or sending me death threats. But they would not kidnap me, telling me if they kidnapped me they would hurt their beloved Damien and that was not what they wanted.


But I had been kidnapped. I the wild, crazy, talkative Jess. I was not the kind of person to be kidnapped. In the television, or newspaper. You would hear that a young boy or girl was kidnapped by somebody, and sometimes they were never found. I understood that anybody could get kidnapped. But even though you hear it. You would never expect it to be you. You would of course never expect yourself to be the one kidnapped. Well I did not. Oh Damien! I miss him so much. I did not want to die for Damien, because then he would hurt himself, blaming himself if I died. One day we will be together again Damien. It might be weeks, months or years but I was a fighter, and I would fight for survival because I could not die for my beautiful beloved soul mate Damien. I love you Damien so much. I love you so much, and one day we will be together again forever.

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