Broken Walls

Sometimes we surround walls to keep ourselves safe especially when we are afraid of getting hurt. But sometimes all we need is just for someone to break those walls and save us.


8. Chapter Eight

Kayla Hayes Point of View (P.O.V)



Alex, had to tell me. He had to tell me what he did. What did he do before? Who had he hurt? What had really happened? I carried a sleeping cute baby Jayden, and watched him sleep. He was quietly sleeping, and I knew he would now wake for hours. His beautiful brown curly hair and his beautiful fern green eyes would soon twinkle with joy, when he saw me. Jayden looked especially adorable, in his cute baby blue pyjamas. He was everything to me. My joy, my happiness. My little cute precious angel. My little baby boy. My everything. He meant the world to me. I could not believe Jayden was three. That my little cute angelic baby was actually not that baby any more, but actually three years old, three years of age. That he was growing up, that soon he would not be a baby any more. But to me, his loving caring mother, who loved him more than any thing, and cared for him more than anything. Jayden would always be my baby. He would always be my little baby, who I loved more than anything. But it was especially for Jayden’s sake. That I had to know. Know who had tried to kidnap my beautiful angelic baby boy, who had Alex hurt. What had Alex done? And why would they try and hurt my son, just because they were angry with Alex? Was Alex in danger? I had to talk to Alex know. I saw Alex standing there, quietly, tears brimmed in his eyes, and slowly gently trickled down his cheek. I wanted to ask him what was going on, as he held a photo of something. But knew he needed time alone. That he needed some alone time. Away from anything, and alone. I would wait, to ask Alex. I wanted to hold Alex in my arms, and ask him what was going on, and why was he crying? But I knew know was not the best time to ask.


Suddenly an flash back comes to me. When Richard had kidnapped me? When I had tried to forget Alex? Tried to live without him and Jayden. Alex and Jayden were my life, and I could never live without them.



"Wake up sleepy head" a voice exclaims loudly.

I try and move my wrists, which are bound by rusty ropes. I don't know how many days it has been, nearly a week I assume.

"Wake up" a voice repeats.

I open my eyes, to be blinded by a white light. I look around into the darkness. I struggle with my wrists and scream as the ropes cuts into my wrists.

"Arrgh" I shout, painfully, and then remembering to keep my mouth closed.

I don't know who kidnapped me, and why they did. Was it for money, was it because they hated Brighten Up, or were they doing this for a revenge. I never hurt anyone. Suddenly I remember Kimberly, could it be her. For all I know she is dead, but what if she is alive.

"Kimberly" I call out.

"Who's that Kayla" a familiar manly voice asks.

I look to see the stranger walking towards me, my fingers fidget angrily with the ropes. Maybe if I can untie myself, I could escape from this hell hole. I miss Alex so much, I wonder how he is. If he is okay, if he is safe. I know that he is probably worried sick about me, My Alex. I just want to tell him that I am okay, that I love him. Then Jayden, how is my beautiful baby boy, has he eaten, are the boys looking after him really well. What am I kidding, I know they are looking after him really well, they would love him and take care of him. What is going on with Zachary, all I remember is that he got stabbed. I hope he is okay. I get fed, but very little. Water splashed into my wrist, a plate of food shoved down my mouth. What, how does the stranger know my name? I just want to go home.

"Who is it, do I know you?" I ask nervously, sweat trickling down my face.

My heart pounds rapidly, scared. Will I ever get out of here.

"Of course you know me, my precious little sugar" a voice exclaim.

I watch the stranger step out of the darkness, and gasp when I see the familiar stranger standing there. Dressed in a black suit and black slim trousers, and menacingly mesmerizing midnight black eyes

"You, what do you want!" I shout angrily.

"You my little cute cupcake" Richard answers, bending down beside me.

"Why, please leave me alone?" I ask begging.

"Why would I do that sweet sugar, when I saw you for the first time I feel hopelessly in love with you, the way you smile, the way you look after everyone you love, your protecting nature reminded me of someone I used to know" Richard concluded.

"I don't even know you, and even then I would never love a monster like you, why me, why" I ask, tears brimming from my eyes.

"Because I, Richard get whatever I want, and know, I want you, and yes I am a monster, I am a monster that has feel prey to your beauty" Richard answered, wiping my tear, then sucking it.

I cringe at the thought. Richard placed his cold fingers on my cheek. I tried to move but couldn't.

"Such a beauty, you will be my queen" Richard laughed in a scary tone.

"Alex, Zachary, Damien, Greg, Lake any of you please save me" I cried out loud.

"I am so sorry princess, but your knights can't save you this time from me, the handsome king" Richard replied.

"Someone please save me" I scream loudly, tears trickling down my face.

I had to get away from this monster, he scared me. He made cold blood run down my veins, making me freeze in terror.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you my little honey bunny, my beautiful diamond" Richard told me, placing a finger on my lip.

"Please let me  go" I whisper, trembling at his touch.

"My dear Kayla, if only you would co-operate with me, then none of your friends would have to be in danger, first I had to send Alex to the hospital and then Zachary, do you really want all your other friends to lay in hospital too" Richard asked.

"Alex, what did you do to him, I swear if you even hurt a hair on his head I would kill you" I screamed angrily. My Alex, I wonder how he is okay. If he is hurt, I would kill Richard, that evil devil. My Alex.

"You are so cute when you are angry you know, you would make such a evil queen" Richard mumbled in a intoxicating voice.

"Let me go!" I shouted angrily.

"But I can't my little adorable cup cake, I want you, and I will have you" Richard shouted.

"No, you will never have me" I shouted back angry with rage.

"I will have you, yes I will" Richard screamed, placing a hand on my cheek.

"Every touch, I will pretend it is Alex, you know what Richard you are such a sad wacko, you have no friends, no one and all you can do is come and try and break my family. But do you know what, you can't never harm my family Mr Richard Charles, you can never destroy the love I have for my family, for Alex" I shout.

"Don't say that, no, I will have you, I will have my own family with you, you will learn to love me, to love me as dear as you love Alex and your friends, because my love is the most true, Alex doesn't love me as I do" Richard shouts.

"Yes he does, he loves me true. I will never learn to love you, you horrid person, you don't know the true importance of the word love do you, for you it is just a game, a game that you can play with, something you toy around with, without even knowing the true importance of the word. You Richard Charles, do not know to love and will never will" I scream loudly.

"I do, you don't know how much the word love means to me, love is a true calm ocean that runs beautifully through the stream, love is a beautiful thing that no one can have, I love you and always will" Richard screamed.

"You make me sick Wacko" I shout.

"Yes I am a wacko, I am a wacko for your love" Richard hisses like a snake, staring at his prey.

" I will never love you, you maniac" I shout.

"Yes you will" Richard screams, kissing my forehead and then walking off.

I cringe at his touch. I won't love him. I just won't. I love Alex, and only him. Not even a stupid Richard Charles can take my love from Alex. No one could. Never.

That flash back brought shivers up my neck, and tears to brim in my eye. Why such a flash back after all those time, and then I remembered another flash back that came to me.


I don't know how many days it has been now. It could of been a hundred million thousand years and I still wouldn't care, and never would. I cry for Alex, how much he must be missing me. My son, my sweet baby boy, he would be toddling around everywhere, missing his mother. I know the boys will love my son and take care of my Alex for me, but still I want to be with them. I just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. I want to close my eyes and never wake up. I cry miserably, tears brimming in my eyes. I have now given hope, given hope for survival. Given hope of ever getting out. Given up of ever being free. My brown hair feels dry behind me, loosely hanging around my face. I am still in the shirt that I wore that day before I got kidnapped. Should I just give up? Should I just give up of ever getting out? Of ever being free, of ever being happy ever again. Should I just get my fate that I will remain here forever until I rot away? No! I can't give up. I can't just let him win, no never. I can't give up hope. I can't give up my faith that the boys will come and save me. But for now, I need to plan away, a plan to get out of here. I can't just rely on the boys to get me out of here, and remain capture. I have to get out of here, one way or the other. I struggle with the ropes, trying to get out. I finally manage to get both my hands out. I let out a gasp of air. Then slowly open my eyes. My brown eyes adjust to the dark room. I slowly stand up, my dull brown eyes darting around everywhere. I brush a lock of my brown hair. Maybe finally I would be able to get out of here. I stand up, my bones paining from the constant time of lying on the floor. I walk curiously towards a door looking object, then freeze with fear when I hear the sound of footsteps. I press my ear towards the door, and nearly scream when I hear the footsteps are approaching me. What to do? What to do? My heart pounds rapidly, sweat trickles down my face. I take a deep breath and look around me, fidgeting with my fingers tightly. Do something Kayla, I tell myself. If i was a normal girl, I would of been crying right now. I would have just begun crying, and curl up in a ball and let them capture me again. But I was not a normal girl, I was not a beautiful dumb blonde rich girl who runs around with her daddy's credit card, and then let their life run ahead of them. I was Kayla, a smart kind of pretty practical brave girl  who was very strong, and had a heart of gold. Who had never acted like a air head, I didn't get money every week from my daddy. I was an orphan, and had to work to get money. I remember those tiresome days, that I had to work  around, I did the paper round, worked as a maid. I had to fight for survival. I remember those days, I had to beg for money. I would cry at night, that no one loved me, that no one did not even give me a single penny. I remember those days I would cry myself to hunger. I close my eyes and see myself. A poor orphan girl in rags, me sitting at home, all alone. Crying day and night, curled up in a ball. A girl no one cared and no one pitied. I was just a random street girl. I open my eyes, and wipe a tear. Think something Kayla, I remind myself. Yes, I would escape. I had survived four sad years of being an abandon little girl, I could survive. I hid in the corner, as I saw a shadow of shoes standing outside the door. I tried to hide, going as far back as the wall was. I held my breath as the door open, and watched as Richard walked in, a grim smile on his face, his darting black eyes looked around, then on the floor, where I had been tied before. My heart raced a marathon, I wanted to run. But knew that if I ran, there would be no way I could outrun Richard, I was slow, and probably looking at Richard he could run ten times my speed. I placed my hand on my mouth and tried to stay quiet.

"Kayla" Richard roared loudly like a lion, scaring me.

I closed my mouth, not even breathing. Richard walked towards the rope, and held the remaining pieces of the rope in his hand; he gripped it tightly, clenching it tightly, and snorted angrily, taking deep breaths, then threw it on the floor angrily, and then he stood up quickly, his eyes gazed around everywhere, his piercing black eyes scattered around everywhere, and it felt like he could pierce into me. I shiver as cold shivers down my neck, and makes me gasp quietly.

"Kayla, where are you?" Richard screamed, walking around, his voice full of urgency.

I looked at Richard, looking around the room, his mischievous black eyes that held red in them, searching for me.

"Kayla!" Richard shouted angrily, his voice echoed around the room.

I prayed to god that Richard could not see me. I was so scared, terror filled my body. What is Richard hurt me? Be brave Kayla, I told myself. I was going to be okay, okay. Who was I kidding, I would never be okay. Even if I ran, Richard would find me like a hunter and kill me, enjoying the pleasure of my last breath.

"Kayla where are you, I give you five seconds to come to me or you will be sorry" Richard screamed.

"1" Richard began, clenching his wrist.

My heart pounded faster with each number, until I felt it screaming at me, wanting to stop breathing.

"5" Richard laughed.

I remained where I was, still hiding in the shadows.

"Too late Kayla I gave you time to come to me, but now you are too late, I don't even know if god can save you from me now, I don't even know what I might do to you, I gave you five seconds to come. If you had, I would of not even have touched a single strand of your hair, but now I'm angry!" Richard screamed angrily.

I nearly gasped, terror stricken. Should of I just gone before he had said five. Too late now Kayla. Now that he was too angry, I don't know what he might do. He might just kill me.

"I know you are in this room Kayla, I can feel your pretty presence, I can smell your intoxicating smell, I am coming" Richard screamed.

At the moment, I knew he had seen me. His eyes were like he was a predator and his eyes locked at me, like I was his prey. I screamed as Richard pounced on me like a tiger, knocking me on the floor. I breathed deeply, scared. My heart pounds rapidly. I nearly hit the floor with my head, but for some reason, a pair of hands holds my head before dropping me lightly on the floor.

"I told you Kayla, now I am so angry" Richard concluded angrily, his voice echoing around the room.

"How did you see me" I whispered scared.

How could he see me, I thought I was safe. I thought I was hidden, I thought he would not have seen me. I thought for that one moment I could survive and win this battle, guess I was wrong.

"What did you think that you could run away from me, well you can't" Richard shouted, gripping my neck.

I tried to fight his hold on my neck, as I was losing air. I tried to breath but couldn't.

"I will kill you" Richard laughed like an evil villain winning his match at the end, like he was going to kill the hero once and for all.

Suddenly I felt his grip loosen, before I could feel myself breathing again. I coughed, and then breathed deeply, his grip still in my mind.

"I can't kill you my love, does that hurt well good. If you ever try to run again, I will kill you but not have my fun first" Richard warned, his eyes looked me up and down my body, then right again at my eyes.

"I love you, and if you ever thing you can escape, your wrong, because you will be mine and only mine" Richard ordered, kissing me hard on the lips, and then leaving me shocked and speechless on the floor. I lay on the floor, holding my neck tightly. For that one moment I thought he would have killed me that was what dying must feel like, painful. I almost wished he had, for that if he had. I would have been dead, much better then the prison hole I was in now.


Tears trickled down my cheek. How could I have loved that cold dangerous man like him, he made me feel scared. But he was gone now. Suddenly another flashback came to me, causing me to run down stairs, and sit on the sofa, laying Jayden down. My head ached, like a ton of bricks had collapsed over my head. I held my head in pain, as I felt like  vomiting. Why were I having all these flash back now? I tried to remain awake, as the next flash back came to me.


I lay on the cold rock hard  floor, my wrists tied tightly like it would break with a old tattered rope, bound to a annoying wooden rocking chair, that rocked whenever I moved my wrist, sending me back and forth. My wrists hurt in pain, and redden with struggle. Pain. So much pain. I sometimes thought they were bleeding in pain, and still think they are, maybe there is blood right his moment. Maybe red crimson blood trickling down my wrist and splashing gently on the floor. As I tried moving my wrist, trying to get out of here, pain every time I moved, Tears trickle down my face, splashing gently on to the floor. Sweat trickles down my face. Why me? Why did that Richard Charles kidnap me? I was not any special. I was just an ordinary girl, who had people who loved her, who took care of her, who would miss her. Kayla heart urged with urgency she wanted to see Alex. She wonder how he was. Did he eat anything? What had happened to him? What hospital had he been admitted in? Was Alex okay? Was Zachary fine? Did Alex miss her? I knew the answer to the last one, she knew Alex missed her a lot. I could feel his urgency, the feeling that two soul mates, people who should be together, should be destined together but separated by a evil ray of darkness, clouding my life, like I was imprisoned bound to a rock, watching my life continue going without me. I remembered the blood from Zachary wound, and then cringed. I hoped to god Zachary and Alex were both okay. Alex, I wanted to see his beautiful perfect divine face, his russet of faded blonde hair, his beautiful baby bright blue eyes that twinkle with happiness every time he saw me. I wanted to hear his beautiful musical voice, wanted him to call me his, to call me his amazing perfect beautiful soul mate Kayla, his one and only true love.  We were like one, two broken jigsaw pieces together we completed as one. I wanted to hold him in my arms, and cry in his shoulder, feel his warmth shining into me, feel him, love him, be with him. I wanted to kiss him, and feel safe in his arms. I knew he was the only one who made her feel safe. The only one who understood me. Then I thought of my beautiful baby Jayden. How was he? Did he eat his food? Did he cry for me? I wanted to hold her beautiful baby boy, and snuggle up in my beloved arm, the ones that she loved the most. My beautiful gorgeous soul mate Kayla.  I heard his beautiful intoxicating voice floating through the room. I felt his presence around her, and surrendered to safety. Suddenly, I re opened her eyes and Alex was gone. A tear fumbled down my face. I was so angry, burning with rage. How dare that arrogant horrible Richard Charles kidnap me? Leaving me in this cold cellar, left to die. I shivered in the cold, wind whistles, and blows in to the room. I wanted to get out. I would get. One way or another. No one had the right to keep me here, least of all some cold blooded like Richard Charles. Suddenly the door swung opened. My eyes glance at Richard, he is wearing a blue shirt, his black eyes look at me like he is seeing a diamond for the first time, his eyes run up and down my body sending me goose bumps. My heart races when I look at him. Control yourself Kayla, I remind myself. This was not a hot guy. This was a cold blooded vicious beast called Richard Charles, who had kidnapped me from my true love and soul mate Alex. I call up all the rage, and anger burning in my body through my veins.

"Why me? Why ruin my life?" I shouted, glaring at him with hate and pain.

I watched him look hurt. I wanted to say sorry, then shook my head. He deserved it, and a lot more, for kidnapping me from my love. I hated this Richard Charles, and would hate him forever.

"You look so much like her" Richard spoke to me.

"Who? I don't care" I ask, then shrug my shoulders confused.

"You remind me so much of her, the same glossy long brown hair, the same warm brown eyes, the same smile, spirit, confidence, attitude" Richard exclaimed, staring right at me.

"Who?" I asked curiously, looking at Richard with interest.

Who was this Richard Charles talking about? Did I look like his sister or Mom, or what. I was not like anybody else, I was unique, and special, and that was why Alex loved me, truly. I remember being different even as a child. I would mix with the other children, but still stood out. Even when I was in high school, and some of my friends were blonde, beautiful, dumb, and just had their daddy's credit card. I still stood out. When I was younger, my parents told me that I was special, that I was a god's gift given to them, a beautiful angel. That everyone could not resist loving me. That they could not hurt me. Guess that was wrong as Richard had tried to hurt me. I really missed my parents, a lot. 

"You make me remember" Richard confesses, tears brimming in his eyes, he holds his hands together like he is lost and scared. Like finally he can tell everyone how he feels, and had been through for lots of years.

"Tell me" I ask slowly, looking at him with my warm brown eyes.

That was when Richard opened his mouth. He began his story of being a young child, getting beaten for food, being abandoned. Being all alone, and with no one to go. No one to love him, to take care of him. When he had wished that he could die. It made me cry with pity. Then he continued with the loss of his girlfriend who had cheated on him. I could see a young Richard being beaten and then a older Richard crying over a break up over his girlfriend. I did not even notice more then a hour had most. I looked at Richard. After what he had said. I could not hate him, no matter what. He was just a sad, abandoned guy being broken as a child in family love and girlfriend love. He had not gotten anything that he should have. He was just like me. A orphan. I knew how that felt, remember crying for my Mom and dad, remember the little kids teasing me, luckily I had my cousins to go to. But Richard he had no one. I look at Richard, tears trickle down his face. When he sees me looking at his face, he wipes the tears but his eyes show. His eyes show the sadness he had been through, the horrid hate his life had shown him. If there was a god, then why give Richard such a horrid life. He looked so broken, that was why he must have kidnapped me, because he needed someone. Not that it was right. But still. Richard needed someone to help his life, to shine a bright ray of sunshine in his boring dull life. To get rid of his sadness, and make him smile. I had never seen Richard smile, and now I understood why. After what he had been through. How could he smile? A cold feeling run through me, wanting me to make Richard smile.

"That was the end of my story, I am so sorry, I truly am for kidnapping you, for taking you away from your soul mate Alex. From your family. I am so sorry, so sorry Kayla. I knew I should not have done it, it was wrong and horrid. Just because I had no one. I felt jealous of Alex he had family, friends, but most of all you. I just wanted someone else to fill the space in my heart, fill the hole my heart, to love me, but now I know you never can." Richard began, tears trickling down his face.

I gestured for Richard to come closer. He walked towards me slowly, then crouched beside me, he looks at my eyes, and tucks a stand of my brown hair lovingly. Then he unties the rope. I get my wrists out of the ropes, and look at it. It was just red, a little sore. Richard looked at my wrists, and frowned with sorrow then kissed them. Suddenly all the pain evaporated leaving a loving tingly feeling inside of me.

"I know sorry is not enough for kidnapping you for a month, but still I am so sorry. I know you hate me but, I really am, and I know that you could never love me, or never care. I mean who would love a sad ugly horrid orphan like me” Richard continued.

I pulled Richard close to me, so close I could feel his heart beating. I wrapped my arms around his waist and then looked into his dark black eyes. He looked like a child, he must have been scarred forever, pain that would never go.

"Sorry" Richard whispered, tears trickling down his face, he looks at me with his black eyes, and I see child. A young child being broken and hurt, being abandoned as a child. Being all alone, and without any love. A child no one had cared for. A child who had wished to die, and release from all this pain and misery, just be free and happy.

I wiped his tears, and brushed a strand of his coal black hair, and then kissed him. I felt something. Not like fireworks, when I kissed Alex. But like a ray of sunshine had engulfed me, ridding the world of darkness from Richard arms. I felt Richard arms around my waist, one finger near my thighs, I felt like I was flying, happiness forever. Like I was going through a beautiful colourful rainbow. Richard holding me tight in a embrace, and I deepened the kiss, losing myself to him, slowly, then altogether.

I gasped painfully, as I awoke from the flash backs. Why were I having these flash backs now.

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