Elegant Perjurers

For the Pretty Little Liars Competition, I persent to you, Elegant Perjurers!
A compete remake of the original story by Sara Shepherds!

Darcy, long Black hair, likes to paint and fix things (Aria)
Lizzie, Short blonde hair, really smart, and tries to fit everything together.(Spencer)
Ivy , Artsy, likes photography, and writes has hip length black hair with a white streak on the left side of her hair goes missing leader of the group.(Ali, Based of me)
Zoe, blonde hair, mid length, likes shopping, pretty good at school, and looks at the good side of everyone. (Emily)
Layla, Red hair, loves spending time with new people, makes everyone feel welcome, and loves technology. (Hanna)
(All last names are the same as the original characters)


5. 5

 Darcy's P.O.V


I went to put our trays on the 'finished with the trays' counter. 

I bumped into someone. "Ouch! Watch where your going!" I snapped. I looked up. Guess who is was. Cliche. James bumped into me. "Oh! Hi James." I said confedently. "Where'd you go? I'v um.. been looking for you all year." He sounded a bit nervous. "Well, after Ivy went missing, My parents thought it wasn't safe, and so we moved to Eroupe." 


I looked towards the side where the voice came from. It was Zoe. I glared at her. 

"I was wondering, wanna hang some time?" James asked me. 


I glared at Zoe again. she shrugged and continued playing on her phone. 

"Sure. Where?" I said smoothly. "Movies? Tomorrow, 7 pm?" I smiled. "Movies at the mall?" He nodded. ¨So, your friend ships us...¨ He said akcwardly. ¨It started in the car when she told me you asked about me.¨ I looked her way. ¨Darn. You wern´t suposed to know that. ¨ I smiled, ¨Well I should go back to my hang out with Zoe. She´ll kill me if I talk to long.¨ He nodded and waved. I waved back than walk back to Zoe. 

¨"ZOE KANDY FELIDS! YOU ARE AN EMARESSMENT TO LIFE! WHAT IF I DID THAT IN FRONT OF KILLIAN?!¨ She gasped. ¨You would never!¨ I gave her an evil smile. ¨You might want to re-think that.¨ 

I pulled Zoe out of her seat. ¨SHOPPING!¨ I yelled in her face. I dragged her around the mall.


¨Sierns!¨ Se said. So far I had like 200000 bags in my hand from every girls clothes shop, a Macdonalds bag with french fries, and a Vanilla Dip ice cream. Zoe really meant it when she said she was going to refresh my wordrobe. We rushed to the back of the shop. OMG! Those ballet boots are so cute! You have to get them!¨ They were black ballet slippers, but the lase was fake and it went to your knees.  I looked at the price. It wasn´t really that bad. I picked them up. I turned to look for Zoe. When I found her, she was at the jewelry section. ¨Really Zoe. I have like no more money.¨ She had 3 pairs of hoops, Owl earings, an  butterfly ear cuff, a dragon ear cuff, a thousand neclases,  a bronze black braclet, and a gold bangle. ¨Chill! I´ll pay for it." I rolled my eyes. I handed the boots so she could go pay. I went outside so I could breath and call my mom to tell her Zoe would probably take another hour. 

¨Hey mum! Zoe´s prbably going to take another hour. I promise I´ll be home by 7."

¨Okay. bey! Love you!¨

Zoe came out with a black bag. ¨Time to go to Shoh´s!" oh gawd no. Shop´s was the number one makeup company. This time, she dragged me around.

¨I need some new make up to!¨ 

She picked up multi coloured eye shadow pelates, thousands of lipstick tubes, foundation,  and some other things even I didn´t know the name of. 

She once again, payed for it all. I made her. She gave me like half of the makeup. I glared. I bearly ever wear makeup anyways. Ivy did, she wore it all the time. She took half of my bags so she could help load them in the trunk of her car. I was SO happy she´s done doing this to me. 


My phone bzzed. 

´Are you trying to replace me? Cuz its not working. 

























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