Elegant Perjurers

For the Pretty Little Liars Competition, I persent to you, Elegant Perjurers!
A compete remake of the original story by Sara Shepherds!

Darcy, long Black hair, likes to paint and fix things (Aria)
Lizzie, Short blonde hair, really smart, and tries to fit everything together.(Spencer)
Ivy , Artsy, likes photography, and writes has hip length black hair with a white streak on the left side of her hair goes missing leader of the group.(Ali, Based of me)
Zoe, blonde hair, mid length, likes shopping, pretty good at school, and looks at the good side of everyone. (Emily)
Layla, Red hair, loves spending time with new people, makes everyone feel welcome, and loves technology. (Hanna)
(All last names are the same as the original characters)


4. 4

Zoe's P.O.V 


        I walked out of art smiling. I just got back my graded homework.A+.  I headed for my locker. 

I texted Darcy.  

Did u drive? 

I got a pretty quick response.


I unlocked my phone and sent a reply.

Pick u up at the entrance in 5.

I got a smiley face emoji in return. I took out my bag and locked my locker. I walked out to the parking lot. I hopped into my Honda and drove to the front of the school. I craned my neck to see if I could see Darcy. Nope. I stopped the car and waited. 

I was making a face for a selfie on Snap chat when I heard a knock on my car door. I looked up. 

Typical Darcy. 

She was knocking on the door waiting for me to unlock it huffing and puffing.

"Hey girl! Where are we going first? Urban Planet? Sirens? Or do you want food?" 

I asked her the moment she entered the car. 

"I think I'll go for some food. I haven't ate all day." I started the car and we drove off to the mall.  "So, how was your first day back? How was Eroupe? Meet any new cute guys?" Darcy gave me a dry laugh. "Eroupe was awesome. No cute guys though."

"You never find any guys cute." Darcy looked up. "Really? What about that crush I had on James in 9th grade?" "Didn't work, so you stopped thinking any boys were cute." I concluded.  She rolled her eyes. "Is James still here?" I raised my eye brows at her. "What? I just wanted to know!" She thought I still thought she still had that crush on him. 

"He's still here. Wanna know what he asked me on the first day of school?"

Darcy tilted her head. "What?" "He asked me where you were. I mean how crazy is that. "You have a massive crush on him, and then the first day back to school without you, he asked about you. " Darcy gave me a laugh. "Yha sure. It is pretty funny. Maybe I should go looking for him tomorrow." "I had a ship name and everything! You two would be SO cute!" Darcy glared at me. "Dames! Or does Jarcy sound better?" I was getting way to exitied. We reached the mall. Perfect escape for Darcy. She hurried out of the car to the food court. 


"Indian, or Chinese?" She asked me. "Indian. Duhhh." I so wanted some real spicy food. I got Biryani, and Darcy got herself a chicken sandwich. Darcy put out plates on the 'finished with the trays' counter. 








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