Elegant Perjurers

For the Pretty Little Liars Competition, I persent to you, Elegant Perjurers!
A compete remake of the original story by Sara Shepherds!

Darcy, long Black hair, likes to paint and fix things (Aria)
Lizzie, Short blonde hair, really smart, and tries to fit everything together.(Spencer)
Ivy , Artsy, likes photography, and writes has hip length black hair with a white streak on the left side of her hair goes missing leader of the group.(Ali, Based of me)
Zoe, blonde hair, mid length, likes shopping, pretty good at school, and looks at the good side of everyone. (Emily)
Layla, Red hair, loves spending time with new people, makes everyone feel welcome, and loves technology. (Hanna)
(All last names are the same as the original characters)


3. 3

Layla's P.O.V

"We could use the vine I used to climb up..." Darcy trailed off. She looked at me with longing eyes. I was afraid of heights. Lizzie went for the door again, "Anyone have a bobby pin?" Zoe looked in her purse. She pulled out a booby pin. "Thank goodness for you need of fashion." Lizzie said letting go of her breath. Zoe gave Lizzie a look and walked over to the corner of the roof where Darcy was. "Darcy, your the best at picking locks." Darcy rolled her eyes as she accepted the pin. She walked over to the door. "Ivy is. Like come on, Ivy practiced picking locks in her free time when she was younger." I let out a laugh. It was true. After some jiggling and wiggling Darcy was able to open the door. Just to annoy her I told her how much faster Ivy would have been able to do it. I just got a pair of rolling eyes. We all headed down out of the Janitor's closet. I left the old storage space first. I was so not getting caught down here because of a text message. We all headed opposite ways to our next class. I had History. 


I headed for the back of the classroom so I could get some more phone orders in. The perks of having Engineers as parents. I learnt it all. I have a website where I get ordered broken technology sent to me I fix it and sell it of, i'm actually doing pretty well. I can buy a Laptop for about $50, fix it, and sell it for $150 or something, so I make about $50 per Laptop, I do the same with phones but their like $100 more, and a bunch of other electronics. Ivy got me started.  I looked at my phone, I had about 10 more orders. 

3 Phones 

5 Laptops 

1 Ps3

1 3DS

I began my search of which phone each of the 3 users wanted.

1 Iphone 6 SE

1 Samsung note edge

1 Iphone 6 S  

I looked online for the cheapest modal of each phone I could find. Once I found them all I went on to the 5 Laptops.

2 Mac book Airs

1 Mac book pro 

2 Aser Chromebooks

The mac book pro and air were expensive! $150 for a broken one was the cheapest Mac book air I could find and $200 was the cheapest Mac book Pro I could find, Broken. I sent an online message to all 4 of the buyers, I told them they would have to pay now if they wanted me to do it, When I find something that expensive, I always let the buyer know.

"Miss Marin, See me after class" Ms. Ann told me. I immediately looked up and slid my phone in the compartment of my desk.  "Yes Ms. Ann?" I gave her a sweet smile like I hadn't  been on my phone all class.  "How did the Cold War start? If you can not answer this question, You will be sent to the office and will not be able to proceed to be in my class." I smiled at thought of no being in Ms. Ann's class anymore. "UM... USA and UK were allies in world war 2 and became enemy later on...?" 

"Office Now!" I got up with all my things and headed for my locker. She didn't really expect me to go to the office did she? I packed my bag and Locked my locker. I looked at it as I swung my bag around my back. There was a note attached. It had my name on it. 

"Layla Marin." I snatched the paper from my locker and walked out of the school. Once I was out and far away, I opened the folded paper. 


Techno's don't ditch school













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