Elegant Perjurers

For the Pretty Little Liars Competition, I persent to you, Elegant Perjurers!
A compete remake of the original story by Sara Shepherds!

Darcy, long Black hair, likes to paint and fix things (Aria)
Lizzie, Short blonde hair, really smart, and tries to fit everything together.(Spencer)
Ivy , Artsy, likes photography, and writes has hip length black hair with a white streak on the left side of her hair goes missing leader of the group.(Ali, Based of me)
Zoe, blonde hair, mid length, likes shopping, pretty good at school, and looks at the good side of everyone. (Emily)
Layla, Red hair, loves spending time with new people, makes everyone feel welcome, and loves technology. (Hanna)
(All last names are the same as the original characters)


2. 2

Lizzie's P.O.V

I pulled out my phone so I could text Darcy, I wanted to see if she changed her number. I saw Mr. Kale looking at me so I shoved my phone in my purse again. Then it rang. 


Want to see me again? Roof. lunch. today. Come alone.


I looked up to see if anyone was texting. Nobody. The number was blocked. Mr. Kale looked me dead in the eye. 

"Lizzie Hastings! You of all people should know not to text during my class! Phone!" I got up slowly and handed Mr. Kale my phone shut down. I put my head down and walked back to my seat. 

** At lunch**

       I ran to the old janitor closet. Now it's just used at a storage space. Me and the Gal's used this way to go up to the roof before Ivy went missing. I put my hand on a bar of the ladder, and climbed up. Once I was up all the way I opened the door to the roof. The windy breeze hit me as I walked around the top of the school.




There was no reply. It was Just me and the wind. I heard foot steps.

"Ivy?" I called.

A soft voice repeated what I said. "Ivy? Is that you?" The girl asked.

I walked around the rooftop I bumped into a girl.  

She was more than one. Layla and Zoe. 

"Lizzie?" Layla had a confused look while Zoe looked down towards her feet. I turned to Zoe. "Did you send me the text?" She shoke her head. I looked to Layla. Same response. "I saw Darcy this morning. Could she have sent it?" Zoe asked to no one in particular. Layla piped up. "She has a regular phone. I saw it. She can't have a blocked ID phone if she just moved back." Always so technical. I heard some branched moving. A black haired person showed. We all held our breath. Some more leaves moved. Darcy popped up.

I let my breath go. "Darcy. You scared me."


All 4 of us turned around. The door that I came in from was closed. Darcy ran over to the door to open it. "It's locked!" she yelled. "And there's writing on the door!"  We all ran to her. 

"You should be more careful of who you trust. 











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