Dear Pal, (Dear Uncle) (Dear Mother) (Dear Lover) (Dear Hatred) [END]
Plural. I don't forgive those I hurt. But I don't forgive myself for hurting those that hurt me. Sometimes I find a way to lose the thoughts. Other times I wish that someone would just twist a knife in my back. It's not even a saying' I want someone to do that to me. Because Dear Friend, I'm better off without you.
- Fake Fortune


1. Dear Pal

Dear Pal,

Hope you feel happy about everything you do to me. You make a difference to those around you. It’s not that I’m afraid to admit that I was wrong to befriend you. I may have been wrong to disown you. You don’t understand the pain as every twelve hours you are off somewhere else. If you’re lucky, I keep you up to witness the problems. But since you are hardly ever around when I need you most, I’m sleeping away like it’s nothing. Yet, I talk to you as if I’m talking to ghosts. You respond when I do, but you don’t give me any chances to change. Instead, I’m told that I need you to change me.

From the very person that is part of some body.

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