The Equestrian

A young man has opened up his brand new equestrian center. New riders are coming to test out the grounds. Drama, romance, action, and adventure all tied into one story. Will the kids be able to get along or will they be forever rivaled along with their horses?


1. New Arrivals

It was early morning about five o'clock. A few of the horses were already turned out into the pasture. Rylan Frost was the owner of the equestrian center. He had put a lot of effort to return it to it's former glory. The previous owner had stopped caring for the grounds. They had to reason to care for the grounds since they sold all their horses. So Rylan bought the place and spent almost three years reviving it from the dump it used to be. As soon as he put up the open sign and finished up with his website for the place he got offers for students and breeding. Rylan was a breeder and a trainer. He didn't ride much as he hoped but hopefully that would change with the new arrivals. He was nervous. He was quite young to have his own equestrian center but he had power and the money to do it. He had five horses. Two stallions and three mare. He used the studs for eventing so that the mares were free to breed and care for their young. Currently the mare's weren't bred. None of them had ever bred. Not yet at least. Rylan wanted to wait until the center was more secure in finances and expanded some more. So he had to keep the studs and mare's separated when they were in heat. The lead stallion of the facility was a dark chestnut bay colored jumper horse named Shilo. He was aggressive toward the other stud when they were around the mares but since being around each other for a while Shiloh has learned to leave the bay stud alone. The other stud was a bay racing horse named Buddy. The mares grazed quietly. Buddy was out with them for the moment. Shiloh stayed inside since he tried to fight Buddy again. Rylan was rushing around setting out name plates on the empty stalls for the incoming horses and riders. He made sure the guest house was clean ad stocked with food. Some of the riders would be remaining on the grounds until the end of summer which was when everyone went home. At about five forty the first truck and trailer pulled up. Out stepped a young man. He looked almost identical to Rylan. The young man had brown hair and brown eyes. His face dotted with freckles. Behind him in the trailer was a white and black splash mare named Gemini. Rylan had black hair and blue eyes with no freckles. Well maybe they didn't look alike after all. Rylan walked over to the young man. "Hello, you must be Joel Ryan." Rylan smiled reaching out his hand. The young man looked at him with disdain. "And who are you? A stable hand?" Joel said rudely. "I'm here to see the owner of this place of if you don't mind." Joel tried to move around Rylan but Rylan stopped him. His voice growing firm and a little less friendly. "My name is Rylan Frost and I'm the owner of this equestrian center." He said. "You best go let out your horse while we wait for the others to arrive." Joel looked him up and down arms crossed. He then turned on his heel and left to get his mare. Gemini nickered happily seeing her rider. She was a friendly and sweet horse loving nothing more to do then jump and ran. She was a steeple chase horse. Joel opened the trailer door and attached a lead to Gemini before leading her out and to the barn. Rylan watched Joel with disgust on his face. This was going to be a long summer. Rylan sighed and waited for the others.

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