WW3-The Apocalypse

On 16th May, 2017, World War Three kicks off. Everyone nuking each other, the whole world falling apart...
America is no different. When her family dies, teenage girl Robyn is on her own. She joins up with a small group of her friends, who make up a survival group. But how long can anyone last in the radioactive wasteland that is now everyone's home?


1. The Breakout

17th May, 2017. 6:30pm. Los Angeles, America.

I'm sat at the dining table when the newsflash happens. The news reporter looks super serious as she delivers the worst news to humankind.

"A few minutes earlier, nuclear war was declared on Russia. It has been confirmed as the start of WW3. Our president says...." I drop my fork in shock. The whole table is silent, Mom, Dad and Cody, my older brother, all sit frozen. Then my mom lets out a strangled kind of gasping noise and runs out of the room. I try to follow her, but she goes into her bedroom. I go to mine and pull out my diary, flicking to when I made my WW3 plans in April, when tensions were rising.

1)DON'T PANIC?FREAK OUT!!!!! Panic freezes your brain.

I take slow, deep breaths to calm down. I lie on my bed and switch on the radio. It's full of news, so I turn it off, take my phone out of my pocket and put on my own music instead. Without realizing, I fall asleep.

18th May 2017. 1:26am. Los Angeles, America.

I wake to someone screaming. I hear planes overhead, and in my sleep-fuzzed state, I scramble down to the cellar, then open a hidden door and descend even deeper down. As I reach the airtight door that leads to our nuclear bunker, I hear the house above come down. I slip through the door and shut it behind me quicker than I've ever moved. I'm wide awake now, and terrified.

WW3 has begun.

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