I Watch You - Entry for the Pretty Little Liars Competition

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  • Published: 25 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
  • Status: Complete
A short poem about from a stalker and murderer's perspective.
**Entry for the PLL competition**


1. I Watch You

I watch you as you talk,

I watch you as you play,

I watch you from the time you wake,

Until the end of the day.


I watch you as you walk,

I watch you as you ride,

I watch you talking with your friends,

I watch you as you cry.


I watch you as you eat,

I watch you as you sleep,

I watch you when you dream your dreams,

And I watch you as you freak.


I watch you as you see me,

I watch you as you try to flee,

I watch you as your eyes turn fearful,

And your mouth opens with a scream.


I watch your eyes fill with terror,

As my knife touches the skin of your throat,

I watch as your blood runs down your neck,

And your scream ends on a note.


I watch as I dig up the dirt,

And throw your body in,

To an empty, messy, gaping hole,

Your bloody form is my sin.


Now in my dreams I watch you,

And revisit the day you died,

How you were in my arms and thrashing,

And I fall to sleep with a smile.  

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