Online Diary.....

Welcome to my online diary. I saw a couple of these, so I will do one. It took me a lot of courage to do this, so I hope you enjoy.


4. 5/7/17

Hey guys <3. 

I have my history presentation tomorrow! I'm so nervous!

In Spanish class for Cinco De Mayo we do cascarones, and my class got to be in charge of that. We also got extra time outside because of it. It was sooooo fun! I got to hang out with my friends the whole time :P. We even got extra cascarones too!

After that me an my mom went to Taco Bell. I love when it's just me and my mom in the car. I get to show her my music, and she actually likes it! 

I'm going to end it here guys! Have a good day or night guys!

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