Online Diary.....

Welcome to my online diary. I saw a couple of these, so I will do one. It took me a lot of courage to do this, so I hope you enjoy.


6. 5/11/17

Hey guys! 

It turns out I can't go to my crush's house on Sunday. I have to go to my cousin's house where I am going to be left out (like always). One of my cousin's always judges me. She always leaves me out. I don't get it, I try so hard to meet her expectations, and I always fail. Honestly, I'm done trying to impress her. She's not worth my time. 

On the other hand I gave my phone to my brother for a week because he broke his, and when he returns it's broken! Like wth? It's not even usable! 

Anyways I to go! Sorry it's short. Got some hw to do!

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