Online Diary.....

Welcome to my online diary. I saw a couple of these, so I will do one. It took me a lot of courage to do this, so I hope you enjoy.


5. 5/10/17

Hey guys! 

I have been super busy with school lately! Probably because it's the end of the year! I only have 18 and a half days left of school! Our last day is a half day! Currently I'm in seventh grade, so next year I am going to be in eighth grade. 

I know a lot of you guys have had boyfriends or currently have them. Well I've never dated anyone in my life. 

Like I said in the last entry I don't make friends easily. I used to be this outgoing girl, but not anymore. I have had a really bad experience in third grade with fake friends. I know it was a long time ago, but it still shaped me into the person I became today!

I'm not going to tell you guys unless you all really want me to. Basically me and my old best friend never talk anymore. It's been years since we had our last conversation actually. I guess we both moved on. 

A fun fact you guys should know about me is that I have a twin! Everyone asks me how it feels to have a twin, and you know they always have your back. I actually believe that we have twin powers thingy. When she get super sad, I get super sad. I don't know if when I get super sad she will get super sad too. I'll have to ask her about that.

I got some news! The boy I like invited me and my other friends to his house! It will be super fun. We usually meet at my house, but there are a lot more restaurants to walk too by his house. He also has a Target by his house. Target is just amazing :P 

Also it was at least 67 degrees today so it's really starting to be Spring. I know this may seem cold to other people, but it's warm where I live. 

Anyways this was a long entry, so I will end it here! Bye guys!

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