A Guide to the LGBTQ+ Community

If you are confused about the LGBTQ+ community, I am writing this to help you out. If you are homophobic and reading this, then you shouldn't go to places that don't agree with your opinion and just spew out your opinion on something unnecessary. I am trying to be helpful and homophobes yelling at me is doing just the opposite of that. You can have an opinion, but you should be respectful and polite about it. Thank you!!


3. What different gender identities are there?

No, there are not only two genders. Here are more gender identities than just male/female.

Agender - not identifying as either gender, feeling more neutral

Androgynous - identifying with both genders at once, feeling both masculine and feminine

Bigender - identifying as both male/female, but unlike Androgynous, the individual switches between the two genders

Cisgender/Cis - identifying as either male/female, and having the same gender identity written on the birth certificate

Genderfluid - a dynamic mix of male/female, switches between feeling more masculine/feminine depending on the day

If you know someone who does not prefer to be called by the pronouns that their birth certificate claims, respect their wishes and ask them politely what pronouns they would like to have used. If they do not want masculine/feminine pronouns, there are phrases you can say to be respectful. An example of a gender-normative pronoun is Mx (pronounced mix). 

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