A Guide to the LGBTQ+ Community

If you are confused about the LGBTQ+ community, I am writing this to help you out. If you are homophobic and reading this, then you shouldn't go to places that don't agree with your opinion and just spew out your opinion on something unnecessary. I am trying to be helpful and homophobes yelling at me is doing just the opposite of that. You can have an opinion, but you should be respectful and polite about it. Thank you!!


2. What are the different sexualities the community members can identify with?

Each letter in LGBTQA stands for a sexuality.

L - Lesbian (a female who is sexually attracted to other females)

G - Gay (a male who is sexually attracted to other males)

B - Bisexual/Bi (an individual who is sexually attracted to both males and females)

T - Transgender/Trans (an individual who feels as if they should have been born the opposite gender)

Q - Queer/Questioning (an individual who is unsure of their sexual orientation)

A - Asexual/Ace (someone who is not sexually attracted to any gender whatsoever, but are still capable of feeling love and romantic desire, just not sexual desire)

While these are the sexualities that are listed in the community's title, there are other terms which are not well known.

Pansexual/Pan - feeling attracted to anyone, regardless of their gender identification

Polysexual/Poly - feeling sexually attracted to some, but not all, genders

Aromantic/Aro - not feeling any romantic desire whatsoever

Androsexual - feeling attracted to masculinity, not just males but including individuals who are masculine

Demisexual/Demi - only feeling sexual attraction to someone after developing a strong emotional bond with that person

Demiromantic - only feeling romantic attraction to someone after developing a strong emotional bond with that person



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