A Guide to the LGBTQ+ Community

If you are confused about the LGBTQ+ community, I am writing this to help you out. If you are homophobic and reading this, then you shouldn't go to places that don't agree with your opinion and just spew out your opinion on something unnecessary. I am trying to be helpful and homophobes yelling at me is doing just the opposite of that. You can have an opinion, but you should be respectful and polite about it. Thank you!!


4. What are some things that I should know about the LGBTQ+ Community?

1. The "A" in LGBTQA does not stand for Ally, it stands for Asexual. Ally is not a sexuality.

2. Going off of #1, an Ally is someone who can be part of the community or not, but supports the community nonetheless.

3. Saying that "asexuals only make up 1% of the population" is actually a terrible excuse for setting aside asexuals, because 1% of 7 over 7 billion people on the planet is around 70 million people. That's twice the population of Canada.

4. The most common age to start identifying as a different sexuality that society's standard of being heterosexual is around 12 years old. 

5. Although an individual might know what sexuality and/or gender they identify as around age 12, when they chose to tell others that they know is around age 17. That's 5 years of being in the closet, and 5 years of fear that if people know, it could change their entire perspective of that person, and that change could be good or bad, depending on who you tell.

6. On average there is 1 or 2 LGBTQA community members in every class, so be careful when saying offensive jokes about the community, because you could possibly be offending/hurting one of your friends.

7. MORE THAN HALF of all LGBTQA members have been called abusive names by their peers, and around 40% have been verbally assaulted, so if you hear someone make an offensive joke, please tell them that it's not right to do that and inform them that they could and are likely to be insulting one of their classmates without knowing it, but tell them so in a respectful matter. They are more likely to listen if you are polite about it.

8. ONE FOURTH of LGBTQA community members have been physically threatened by other classmates, and this is not okay, in any circumstances.

9. 1 IN EVERY 5 LGBTQA community members miss school out of the fear of being threatened or hurt by their classmates.

10. 5% of LGBTQA community members leave school early because of the punishments they receive from their peers, regarding their sexuality/gender identity.

11. Out of 1,100 LGBTQA community members, 18% HAVE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. I'll repeat that, HAVE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. THIS IS NOT OKAY. 18% of 1,100 is 198 people.

Please don't let your classmates hurt others because of their sexuality/gender identity. They are being honest with themselves and they are trying to not lie to themselves, but being verbally and physically abused for this reason is not okay in any circumstances. If you are homophobic, please be respectful of your classmates!! You are entitled to your opinion, and nobody can make you think otherwise, but you can AT LEAST be respectful, no matter who you are. Just because they identify as a different sexuality or gender than you doesn't make them any less of a person, just like skin color doesn't make anyone any less of a person either. I can't emphasise enough how much you should be respectful. If you are trying to be funny by making an LGBTQA joke, don't, they are hurtful.

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