I was adopted by my heros!

U are mostly adopted by miw but only Chris and Ricky. There might be some smut in the chapters for Chris and Ricky so it's kinda like cricky too!! Hope u like!


1. dark room. chapter 1

Y/n's p.o.v.

I lay on my lit up twin size bed where i sleep. My room is also my parents room. We always are so nice to each other that we share a room together....

(By the way if u want to set the mood,play city lights from miw while reading this. thx!)

In the room it is colored purple with white and purple curtains too, but I changed the white to black. On the left wall we have a big white dresser with a huge mirror on it too. Then next to the door we have a desk. Then a small closet that has a mirror. Then next to the dresser has a queen size bed with the comforter that has all shades of purple. With the white nightstand between our beds the other side of the room has a twin size bed. Which is mine. It has a light shade of purple on it and has designs. And there is a window behind the nightstand and the curtain is open on my side. It used to be lit up on both sides for the beds but on the queen size bed,it's dark. I like to lay on that bed when I'm sad. Because my parents are gone. Forever.

The reason my aren't here is because my parents we brutally murdered in front of me. There was a guy dressed in all black. I remember what my mom and dad said." RUN Y/N RUN!!!" My dad said. "Y/N WE LOVE U SO MUCH!DONT FORGET ABOUT US!!!!" My mom said before she had her throat slit. And my dad got stabbed by a knife. The man,He came over to me and grabbed my hand. I yanked my hand back from him and ran. I ran for my life until I got home. That was 3year ago. When I was 13. Now I'm 16 and living my life alone. I can't pay for this tiny house. So I hide from this world. I've been taught how to live by myself when I was 11. So I can cook and clean and do chores. I buy clothes and food but just a little. I have money because we kept a safe with 500 dollars. I got up from my bed. It's 1 in the afternoon so I should get up and get ready for life. I shower with cold water because they don't know that I'm here so they just keep it cold. But I got used to it. Then I got my miw shirt with black skinny jeans and black converse too. I did my hair a little. My hair is curly so when it dries It looks good so I just fix it a little. I decided to stay home and listen to music. I dropped out of school too. I was too sad to go to school so much that I didn't want to go to school. Those words that my parents said still haunt me every night. I can't believe they are gone. Forever.

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