Fighting For You

Not having someone, that’s the worst curse imaginable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost the one you love, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to love. Some people have never been loved and some don't have anyone to love. Not having someone is the worst curse ever thought. My mother once said that love is weakness but today not having love is weaker.


5. The Sun and the Moon

A few months later I wake up to the birds chirping out side my window. I wasn’t allowed to see my children nor was I allowed out of my confinement. You see it’s the duty of a queen to stay in confinement and not see her children until its time for the baby to be delivered. Once the baby arrives her children are allowed in and her husband rides in from across the land. This times my sister and I shared our misery. Servants cared for our children and we were to sit and wait for our children to come. Every morning I could hear Isaac and Arianna come running the hallway, they would knock on the door, slip flowers under and run off before Esme could catch them. Every afternoon Henry would come and slip a couple new books under the door. At night Roland and Michael would come and bring beautiful drawings for Mommy and Aunt Zelena.

         Time seemed to pass slowly until one day near the end of my time I woke up with a bad pain in my back and lower abdomen. It wasn’t my first rodeo and it wouldn’t be my last. I knew I was in labor and this baby wanted out. Regina was on the other side of the room in a similar state. I was in labor and my sister was as well. We only had one midwife in the castle and this baby wanted out.

“Zelena I’m in labor.”

“I’m in labor!”

“What will we do?”


         Both girls came running in with blankets and towels. I laughed but the laugh turned into a moan of pain. Esmerelda attended to me and Megan attended to Regina. Finally Claire came in flanked by two chambermaids. A messenger quickly followed the chambermaids. When the messenger arrived she waited for me to give her the orders.  Regina cut in a few moments later.

“Tell Robin I’m in labor.” The messenger turned to me.

“Should I tell the king that his queen is in labor?”

“Yes tell him his queen is in labor and his other wife is also.”

“Yes Queen Zelena.”

         The messenger turned to Regina and bowed.

“Princess Regina, my apologies for being rude. But you aren’t my queen.”

         The messenger left and in the midst of all my pain I remembered what Sultan Hussein’s first wife said to me once long ago. ‘Kings get a second wife because they aren’t happy with the first.’ Regina was my sister. She was forced to marry Robin or he couldn’t have me. My elder sister was given to him so that he could marry the younger one. Good thing Regina was getting old. She had a son who was eleven.

         The pains of labor filled the room. My screams combined with Regina’s cries scared the maids so bad that they carried the children to the other side of the palace and Robin went off hunting. I was on the bed in a pile of sweat trying to deliver a baby. Regina was across the room in a similar position. I managed to catch a glimpse of her and she was in pain. I mean the first time she gave birth she was sixteen and now he was sixteen. Four years ago she had another baby and another one a year ago. Now she was delivering yet another child.

         My eldest child was six or technically four. My other child was two and good thing I was two years younger than my sister. This was my first and would be my only marriage. As I pushed a St. Bernard out of me I thought about why Robin married me and why he married Regina. I would ask him later when I wasn’t preoccupied and he wasn’t off hunting.

         I felt a cold hand begin to assist the child I was delivering and as I was pushing I heard a baby cry over in the corner. I looked and saw Regina holding her newborn child. I wasn’t going to fight with her anymore. I had given Robin his firstborn son and firstborn daughter. I no longer had to worry. The newborn cries filled the room and joined my moans of pain. I heard Megan speaking to Regina and I smiled when I heard the news.

“Your highness, you have a daughter. You have given the king a daughter.”

“I prayed for a daughter.”

“Your prayers have been answered.”

         Another surge of pain shot through my body as I delivered one last but strong push. The room was instantly filled with cries and much excitement. The baby was put in my arms and I let out a sigh before falling back against the covers. I examined the baby and smiled. I looked at my sister and laughed. She had three boys and now a daughter. I had a son and two daughters. Robin now had three little girls and three little boys.

         I called out to my sister as she held her daughter. The maids helped her across the room and into a chair at my side. I held my daughter and examined my niece. She was so beautiful. My little niece was so beautiful and finally I had a niece to call my own.

“Sister dear, what’s her name?”

“Well I have Henry, Roland, Michael and now it’s Robin’s turn to name his baby.”

“Oh it is isn’t it?”
“Zelena what’s your child?”
“The Queen has given birth to a daughter?”

“Her name is well; Robin named Isaac, I named Arianna and it’s his turn.”

         Another surge of pain shot through my body and I let out a scream of pain. Megan took my daughter while Esme examined me to make sure everything was in place. She made a lot of weird noises and finally stated.

“The queen is to deliver twins today.”

“What two children? No, I’m only supposed to have three kids.”

“The queen is to have twins. Prince Isaac, Princess Arianna and the new baby princess are to have another sibling today.”

         I let out a scream as my child tried to be born without me even pushing. The maids caught the little runner as it ran into the world and I thought that if he or she ran in they would run out. The maid cleaned off the baby as Megan handed me my daughter once again. It was official I had four children like my sister but all my children were Robin’s unlike my sister. The nurse handed me the baby and said with pride.

“The queen has delivered a daughter and a son today. Blessed be our kingdom.”

“Lady Regina has given birth to a daughter blessed been the land.”

         I held my son in one arm and held my daughter in the other. Regina walked back over to her bed and held her daughter. Then the children started coming in to great their new siblings. Even if Henry wasn’t really Robin’s my children were still his siblings. The announcer actually announced each arrival. Lilly had lined the children up in age and each son was wearing a blue tux. Arianna was probably wearing a pink dress. I always loved to see Arianna in pink; she looked so pretty when she wore it.

“Prince Henry, Prince Isaac, Prince Roland, The Crown Princess Arianna and Prince Michael.”

         Arianna tottered over to my bed and reached for me to pick her up but I was holding two babies in my arms. Isaac came over and tried to pick his sister up. His sister was half the size of him. Henry chuckled at the sight of his little brother trying to pick up his sister. Henry lifted Arianna onto the bed then lifted Isaac up. Roland and Michael where trying to climb up Regina’s bed. Michael was just sitting on the floor crying. Roland was trying to calm him down. Henry put Roland on the bed and picked Michael up.

         Arianna crawled over and peered at her baby brother. She poked his face and I scolded her. Isaac was occupied holding his sister’s hand and kissing her face. He was so good with children. It was sad that he never got a chance to hold Arianna.

“Isaac this is your sister. Arianna you’re a big sister now.”

“No, me baby.”

“No these are the babies. This is your baby brother and your baby sister.”

         Meanwhile Regina was explaining to Michael that he had a little sister. He seemed quite confused. He kept trying to squirm out of his brother’s arms. I heard a knock on the door and everybody quieted down when the maid whispered ‘it’s the king.’ Henry put his mother’s baby in the cradle and her children all gathered around.  Henry placed the twins in their cradles and then he picked Arianna up to sit on my lap. Isaac stood on tiptoe and peered over at his new siblings

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