Fighting For You

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  • Published: 25 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Not having someone, that’s the worst curse imaginable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost the one you love, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to love. Some people have never been loved and some don't have anyone to love. Not having someone is the worst curse ever thought. My mother once said that love is weakness but today not having love is weaker.


7. Sleeping Curse, Awakening and Confronted

I locked the door with spells that even Regina couldn’t break. I wouldn’t leave until I was a little better. Then I decided I would do the unthinkable. I would put myself under a sleeping curse and sleep forever. Robin didn’t love me so he couldn’t wake me. I mixed the spell together and vanished into the forest. I wrote Robin a note and left it on his pillow. Then I vanished into the woods. Once getting there I climbed into Snow White’s old coffin and went into a deep sleep.

         My twins needed me but it was too late. I wanted my children but my sister was a perfectly capable mother. She only had to take care of eight kids for all eternity. I would never wake up because Robin didn’t love me. I pricked my finger with the needle as soon as the glass covered me. I closed my eyes and the world swirled around me in total darkness. Isaac, Arianna, Emma, and Robin would live with Regina, Robin, Henry, Roland, Michael and Arrow forever. Maybe without an extra mother the twins and children could grow up without any pain or shame.

Five years later…

         My eyes slowly began to open and sweep out all the dirt that had gathered with years of sleep. I opened my eyes and stared around. I was no longer in the woods and a little girl was staring down at me. She had beautiful green eyes and the reddest curls I ever did see. She just sat and stared at me. I looked around the room and tried not to disturb who might be there. Henry was holding Michael in his lap but Henry had aged in the past few days since I fell asleep.

         The little girl sitting on the bed and watching my every move was Arianna, which I was sure of until I heard Regina call from the other side of the room.

“Emma, let your mother alone? Let her sleep.”

I whispered. ‘Emma how are you baby girl?’

“Fine Mommy but Auntie Gina wants me. I love you.”

         I saw Regina out of the corner of my eye. She wore a tall diamond tiara on her head and I knew she had been crowned queen. Robin sat in his big armchair next to my bed and held Michael on his lap. I didn’t know who the boy on Henry’s lap was or the woman standing next to him. I had been asleep for at least five years. I had been so selfish and so afraid of loosing the ones I loved most and I had lost them.

         I watched Henry read to his son, I watched Henry’s wife converse with my sister. Isaac and Roland read books, books with intellect. Arianna, Emma and Arrow played with dolls on the floor.  Robin Jr. did homework under their father’s strict instruction. If I was awake and if I hadn’t made such a horrible decision years ago, Arianna would be upstairs learning how to be a good queen.

         As I listened to chitchat and intelligent conversation I learned I had been sleeping for five years. Everyday after school and after lunch the entire family would come up into the tower and just watch and enjoy family time. Robin really missed me. Since I left he rarely slept with Regina and spent all his time in the forest looking for me. After I was gone Regina spent all her days caring for the children while Robin rode trying to find his beloved wife. Regina became queen and was just Robin’s queen. Sure she was his wife but he missed me. He slept in her bed but didn’t ‘sleep’ with her like he ‘slept’ with me.

         Robin found me three years ago and brought me home. Regina had tried all the spells imaginable to wake me. Everyday Robin would come in and kiss me. He would wait with the family for me to wake up. All my children tried to kiss their mother and wake her. Never once did I stir. Arianna, Emma and Arrow were my little magicians. Isaac was getting to be a bright writer and wrote stories far to complicated for a normal nine-year-old.

         My eyes were still open as I listened. Finally Robin stood up and gazed down at me. I quickly closed me eyes. He sat back down and said.

“I could’ve sworn Zelena’s eyes were open. Emma says they opened shortly after I kissed her a few moments ago.”

“Robin, she’s still sleeping. Would you like some wine?”

“No Regina I want my wife.”

“I am your wife.”

“I want my wife, the mother of my heir.”

         I opened my eyes and listened. Then Robin got up and came over. He bent down and kissed my lips. That very second I felt the spell leave and I moved my arms. My eyes fluttered open and I wrapped my arms around my dear husband. He kissed me and the family rejoiced. After five years of not knowing if he loved me I had my answer.

“You do love me?”

“Of course I do or I wouldn’t have married you.”

         I smile up at him as he picked me up and carried me downstairs. As he carried me down to the throne room the children all ran in front. I watched my sister keep her head down as she watched us rejoice in merriment. Robin entered the throne room and sat me down on my beautiful silver throne. Robin sat down on his gold one and Ari sat on her mini golden throne. Regina sat down on her silver throne and our children all sat on ones made of bronze. Life was perfect. I watched Henry’s wife sit on a copper throne and his little son sit on one of copper as well.

         The children all stood up from their thrones and left the ballroom. They would be coming in one at a time to great their mother and queen for the first time in forever. I really wanted to meet my great- nephew slash grandson. Regina stood and left the throne room as well. Soon only Robin and I were in the throne room together. I wanted to start a conversation but he started.

“Why did you do it Zelena?”

“I thought the children would be better off without their mother. I thought you didn’t love me.”

“Zelena be clear on one thing. I was forced to marry your sister. I got you pregnant days before I was to marry her. I was supposed to marry her but I married you.”

“I was supposed to become your brother’s wife. The eldest marries first except for me. You married her for me.”

“Yes Zelena and our children are five. I’m sure you want to hear the patter of little feet on the steps again. Don’t you?”

“I’m not pregnant.”

“I got Regina to make a potion while you were sleeping.”

“A potion? You mean you took a piece of my hair, a piece of yours and a symbol of innocence to make a human form to implant in me by a potion?”

“Yes Zelena I did.”

“You didn’t give it to me did you?”
“No actually Henry’s going to come in with flowers and the bottle will be in the bouquet.”

“Thank you dear. They can come in now.

“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena welcomes His Royal Majesty King Henry of Flower Dom and Her Royal Majesty Queen Violet of Flower Dom into her presence.”

         Henry came in with a tall golden crown on his head and I realized that Henry’s chair was silver, and his wife’s was bronze. Little Roman’s throne was gold. I was shocked as Henry came in with his wife Violet on his arm. She had long brown hair and golden skin. Her eyes were the deepest brown. She held her dear son in her arms. Little Roman was a spitting image of his father and he looked so princely. Roman held a handful of flowers in his fist and he laid them on my lap when Violet let him down.

“Henry so you’re king. That’s wonderful.”

“Thank you Aunt Zelena.”

“My great nephew is so princely. So is my new niece. You, Violet are a true queen. When do you depart?”

“We depart in three weeks time. Our kingdom needs us your majesty.”

         Henry and Violet took their seats. Little Roman jumped off my lap and tried to walk to his little chair. It was so cute to watch. I handed the flowers to a maid but took out the potion bottle. I waited for the next visitor to enter and then realized that Isaac was next.

“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena welcomes her son, His Royal Highness Prince Isaac!”

He was now nine and his mother had left him all those years ago. Isaac came into the throne room and just stared at me. I stood up and he ran into my arms. I picked him up and then sat down. Isaac sat in my lap and we talked.

“Isaac my darling boy, I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too Mommy.”

“I’m sorry Isaac, I love you and I bid you never forget.”

“No Mommy I love you and I know you’re sorry. But what you did was an awful thing to do.”

“I know baby, will you ever forgive me?”
“I already did a long time ago.”

         Isaac walked to his seat and I waited for Roland to come running in wearing his uniform backwards and no shoes but he didn’t. The door opened and I watched Roland stand there like a perfect gentleman. He waited until the announcer issued an announcement. His mother had taught him well over the last five years.

“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena welcomes His Royal Highness Prince Roland.”

         Roland walked in with another bouquet of flowers and he kissed my hand. I took his hand and pulled him onto my lap. My nephew and stepson wouldn’t get away from me that easily. I pulled him onto my lap and kissed his cheek.

“Where did you think you were going?”
“To my throne.”

“I’m your aunt first off and secondly I’m your stepmother.”

“Okay I love you Aunt Zelena.”

“I love you too Roland, now run along.”
“Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena welcomes her Royal Majesty Princess Arianna Crown Heir to the throne.”

         Arianna stood at the door and didn’t wait for the announcer to announce. She stood there with all her seven-year-old air and asked.

“Momma why did you do it?”

         My daughter asking me a question I couldn’t answer broke me. I didn’t know why I did it. I didn’t know why I had left like I did. I was always fighting for them.

“I was always fighting for you Ari.”

“Momma, I was always fighting for you.”







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