Fighting For You

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  • Published: 25 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Not having someone, that’s the worst curse imaginable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost the one you love, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to love. Some people have never been loved and some don't have anyone to love. Not having someone is the worst curse ever thought. My mother once said that love is weakness but today not having love is weaker.


3. Cure for Death

I left Ari’s nursery and vanished down to the docks to get some fresh air. My sister was having a baby the same time I was. I sat at the docks and thought about my life so far. I married Robin a year before my sister did. I was pregnant with Isaac. I married Robin six years ago. Regina married Robin five years ago and had an eleven-year-old Henry in tow.

         Roland was born four years ago and Michael born three. Isaac was born six and Ari was born two years ago. Now two new royal babies were coming to replace the dead Michael and Isaac. Six years of marriage and three children. My sister had sixteen years of parenting under her belt. My sister had almost four kids but only three with Robin.

         I sat at the docks and watched the ships come in for trade. I sit and watch. Then I decide that maybe my emerald dress was appropriate for a walk of the grounds. In a cloud of green smoke I change into a knee length green riding uniform with black tights and brown boots all the way up to my knee. I pile my red curls into a bun and vanish into the stable in another cloud of smoke. I mount my black horse and ride off.

         After a few minutes of riding I stop by the river and tie Shadow to the tree. I feed her a green apple and change into a bathing suit. I jump into the water and hear a horse neigh. I look up at the side of the river and see Robin. He jumps in after me and swims over to me. I wrap my arms around his neck and he pulls me in for a kiss.

“I’m going to have another child. My wife is giving me another child. I will have three beautiful heirs.”
“What about your three children with Regina.”

“Roland, is wonderful but Michael wasn’t strong. Isaac had bigger dreams than being king and Arianna is a true queen.”

“Isaac was a dreamer. He was four.”

“Bees, he was curious and contracted a disease from bees.”

“Regina was upset when Michael got the illness. Michael was only a baby.”

“Zelena the two thrones will remain in the throne room but two more will be added.”

“Robin you are so lucky. You have a stepson who’s sixteen and a bit off. A son who would be six, another one who’s four, a son who would be three and a daughter who’s two.”

“And I have two more children on the way.”

“Why did you come down here?”

“Your sister thinks she found a way. The bodies are being dug up. I’m glad we preserved them aren’t you?”
“Regina found an antidote to death.”

“An antidote to premature death.”

         I wrapped my arms around Robin and kissed him. I remember the day we married six years ago. A year later Regina married him and gave him a son. I gave him a son but I gave him his first daughter and my sister never forgave me. I stole her husband and her child. I stole her throne but Robin fell in love with me. He could only have me if he also took my sister. Robin carried me out of the water and wrapped my black robe back over me. He sat me on my horse and kissed me before telling Shadow to ride to the castle.

         Shadow began galloping and I changed into my mint green lab coat and emerald green flats. I handed her off to the stable boy and ran up to wear the children usually did their recreation while their daddy was in the throne room and their mommies were doing magic. Henry was reading a book, Roland was playing with Arianna and Arianna was looking around like a silly child. In just a few hours two more children will be joining them.

         I kiss my daughter and whisper before running off.

“Soon Ari you’ll have an older brother and maybe a younger sister.”

         Regina was walking around our two boys perfectly preserved under glass and enchantments. She was wearing her purple lab coat and dark purple heels. Her hair was in a single braid down her back. My hair was pulled up into a ponytail. I looked over to where our supplies were. Regina had the book opened to a reanimation spell and pulled out various bottle from my box and hers.

“The reanimation spell. That doesn’t work though.”

“We missed a few ingredients a year ago. We needed a symbol of innocence and now both of us are pregnant.”

“Only pregnant women can cast the spell?”
“Yes, it tells the mind that we aren’t doing it for us but for the people.”

“Regina dear that is the dumbest thing to ever come out of your mouth.”

“Fine we won’t reanimate Isaac and Michael.”

         I ignored Regina and walked over to the open spell book. She came up behind me and started reading over my shoulder. I turned my head to look at her and we stared into each other’s eyes. Her hand was held ready to begin handing me ingredients for me to toss into the pot and pour over some dead bodies.

“I need one. Four…nine. Seventeen different ingredients.”

“What do you need? I’m sure we have them.”

“Gilly Weed, Dragon Blood, Felix Felixis, Dragon Spit, Eye of Next, Cat Tails, Spider Eggs, Dog Eye, Unicorn Blood, Polyjuice Potion.”

“Okay we do have all of those. Seven more ingredients to go.”

         I mixed all the ingredients together in a big pot and wafted in the smell. I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes had an emerald green fog. Regina wafted in the mixture and her eyes gathered a purple smoke. I finished adding the stuff and handed it all back.

“Basilisk Venom, Mistletoe berries, nightshade, piece of hair from mother, piece of hair from child, a teardrop from mother and finally the memory of their birth.”

         I added the venom, berries and nightshade. I pulled a piece of my hair out and a piece of Regina’s. She gathered the hair from our sons. I thought of the memory and Regina captured it in a stone before capturing her own and dropping it in the mixture. It was almost done. All we needed was two drops of tears. I began crying and thinking of the saddest thing. Regina caught the tears and I caught hers.

“Okay Zelena it says drop tears in slowly and then put three drops of mixture over the heart, brain, feet, hands, and lungs. Then we recite something wonderful about them.”

“Then we use our magic and reanimate right Regina.”

“Their heads will have false memories about everyone. Do you understand Zelena? Two years haven’t passed. They are still four and one.”

“But six and three.”

“We’ll have to raise them from the beginning.”

“They are still older and younger than their siblings though.”

         Regina took the drops and poured them over Michael’s tiny year old body. When he awoke he would still be a little baby. I took drops and poured them over Isaac. Roland and Isaac would be the same age. At least I would have my eldest son back. Arianna would still become queen and the kingdom would be happy. I took the drops and dropped. Regina and I combined the forces of our magic and waited. 

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