Fighting For You

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  • Published: 25 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Not having someone, that’s the worst curse imaginable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost the one you love, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to love. Some people have never been loved and some don't have anyone to love. Not having someone is the worst curse ever thought. My mother once said that love is weakness but today not having love is weaker.


2. Another Child

Two years later...


I got out of bed and found Robin standing at the mirror wearing his black uniform. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I wore my emerald green dress and my red curls cascaded down my back. Robin chuckled and turned around.

“Hello my darling.”

“Hi Robin, how are you today?”

“Happy, for today my beautiful wife will be by my side.”

         Robin bent down and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck and then moved up to my mouth and held a long kiss. We started dancing in our bedroom and I remembered how we had loved each other so long ago. Then Regina knocked on the door. She wore a sapphire blue dress and her brown curls cascaded down her back. Arianna was fastened to her hip. Roland was holding tightly to his mother’s hand.

“Good morning Regina.”

“Good morning Sister.”

         I took my daughter, my only child out of my sister’s arms and took Roland’s hand. I should give my sister and our husband some time together. It was our daily routine. Every other day Regina would bring Ari and Roland for me to carry away. Then she and he would make love. The next day I would brink Ari and Roland and then I would have some time with Robin.

         I took Arianna and Roland down to the breakfast room. Henry was already doing his schoolwork waiting for his stepfather and mother to come downstairs. I was technically his stepmother but he called me aunt. I was Roland’s stepmother and aunt. I was also Michael’s aunt. Henry was eating breakfast and as soon as Roland saw him he ran up to his big brother. The children needed each other.

“So Henry I was wondering if you would like to go down and visit?”

“No Zelena, I don’t wish to go visit Michael and Isaac.”

“Okay I’ll take Roland and Ari.”

         Henry finished his breakfast with a few quick bites and left the dining hall just as Regina and Robin came down. It was a very happy day for the entire family. For I had an announcement to make and I couldn’t wait. Regina sat down at Robin’s left; I sat down at his right. Ari was put in her highchair next to me. Roland sat next to his mother. We waited a few moments before Regina dismissed herself to fetch her son.

         Henry stalked in and took a seat at the long end of the table. He was given the end of the table because he was the second eldest boy there. If Michael and Isaac hadn’t died within a few days of each other than Michael would sit next to Roland and Isaac would sit next to me. I missed my boy but soon a new person would be at the table. Regina came in a few moments later and took her seat.

         Henry sank down in his chair and Robin cleared his throat. Henry adjusted his blue uniform and Robin cleared his throat again. I smiled my nephew had hit his teen years. Henry sat up and Regina hit the edge of her glass. She stared down the table at her son and chuckled.

“Henry your father has an announcement to make.”

“Mom he isn’t my father. He’s my stepfather.”

“What would your brother Michael say?”

“Michael’s dead. He died two years ago after Isaac got him sick. My baby brother.”

“You have Roland.”

“Yeah I know.”

         I smiled at Henry then turned to fix Ari’s dress. I tied the white pinafore around her neck and handed her a spoon. I placed the bowl of strawberries in front of her and smiled as she waited for her daddy to say it was all right to begin eating. If Isaac was here he would be six and would smile watching his sister act all proper.

“I would like to toast to my stepson. For his sixteenth birthday is soon.”

“Sure whatever Robin.”

“Henry Daniel White!”

“Regina Claire Mills. I can do it too!”

         Regina began eating. Robin watched Ari eat her food and she was so funny. Henry sulked in his chair and Roland was distracted. Sometimes I wished that Isaac were sitting beside me. Michael would be sitting beside his brother and the palace would be full of laughter. Maybe one day my sister and I would find a way to bring them back. About ten minutes into our meal, Robin prepared another toast.

“Henry, Roland, Arianna and Regina. Zelena has an announcement to make.”

“Yes I do dear husband and you will be very surprised and happy.”

“Go on tell us sister.”

“ I’m with child. This child will never replace Isaac but it’s a baby.”

“Robin kids. I’m pregnant too. Siblings born days apart.”

“That’s great. Please excuse me?”
         I got up from the table and lifted Arianna up onto my hip. I carried her down the great hall and into the hallway. We walked up three flights of stairs and into her nursery. I put her in her playpen and kissed her head. Then I called for her nurse. Megan came in and took Ari’s afternoon dress out of the chest.

“Meg, take care of her. If she wants me go get Regina.”

“Yes Queen Zelena.”

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