A New Me Coming Soon

Sage was kidnapped at the age of 18 and escaped 8 months later. She couldn't stop having nightmares almost 2 years later. She knew she needed to change. Will she ever find friends? Or a true love?


1. Chapter 1


"Please! Stop!" I begged blocking my face with my hands from the harsh pain he caused me.

*BANG BANG BANG* There was a continuous, loud, knock on the door. He glared at the door then back at me.

"Don't move! I'll be back for you later!" He yelled threateningly.

I realized as I looked around the room that he had left the door open. I had to get out of here! But if I got caught I would have to face the consequences! I winced thinking about what would happen I sat there arguing with myself trying to figure out a plan. I finally decide to just risk it all and crawl slowly across the cold, dark room. I make it to the door. I peek out and see them standing by a car. I slowly walk to a path. Right when I get to the path I run for my life. All of a sudden I get this rush of adrenaline! I've never ran so fast before! It seemed like forever but i finally got to the end. I see the back of the building and walk to the other side. I see gas pumps and cars. I run inside and yell.


"Ma'am what's wrong?!"

"i've just escaped from being kidnapped!"

He dialed 911 in the phone. Three police pull up and ask me where i came from.

"There is a pathway behind the store!" Another policewoman came up asking questions. Apparently i've been gone for 8 months.

"Is this your house?" the woman looked up from the steering wheel.

"Yes ma'am." she walked me up to the door and rand the bell. A woman (my mom) opened the door and looked puzzled.

"Hi officer how may i help you?"

"Is this your daughter? She's been missing for 8 months"

"No sorry ma'am i haven't seen this child before?"

"Alright sorry to bother you!"

I couldn't believe it. My own mother disowned me!


I got snapped back into reality by my named getting called.

"Sage? Sage?? Hello Sage your order is ready!" the barista at starbucks yelled

"sorry ma'am i wasn't paying attention!"

I grabbed my cotton candy frappe and sat back down. It's been a year and I still can't stop these stupid nightmares and memories! I got in my car and drove to my apartment. I unlocked the door and put my things down. I walked to the mirror on the wall above my table and stared into it.

I need to change.

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