Anything for Love

A Jeff The Killer Fan Fiction❤️

God, I hate these people. People could care less of others. They deserve pain. They deserve to know what it's like to suffer. I will make sure it happens.

"Hello, princess." His cut smile throws off his real one perfectly.
"Jeff..?" I say his name softly. "I wanna join you.." I state in tears.
He gives me a questioning look before reaching his hand out to me. I shall let others suffer. Nothing will stop my hunger for revenge...


1. Prologue

Everyone wants to cause pain for the weakest. Or the ones they believe are the the weakest and dumbest I suppose. They don't know how powerful the pain really is. It can last a day, a week, a month, maybe even their entire lives, but people don't really care.

It was their fault to see me as one of the weakest.

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