The Forbidden One

The main character is a dark angel, who has been banished for just being born. She has to figure out a way to lift the curse which is keeping her in the barren, empty of all life world that is where she has been banished to.


3. Chapter Two


The second sun had just started to rise, lighting up the empty land. She was sitting on her favorite rock. It was like a nest, with sharp points around the outside but a carved out circle in the inside, big enough to sit in. She slipped out of the rock chair, and began to wander the land. She kicked up some dust and watched the cloud of dirt drift away into the sky. The dust cloud dispersed into the air, visible one moment and gone the next. She wished that she could be a free as that cloud of dirt, so she could escape this empty, boring, lifeless wasteland.


    A green Mamba snake emerged out of a hole in the ground, hissing and opening its mouth, revealing its fangs. The small sabers gleamed in the light of the two rising suns. It slithered across the dusty ground, toward Laynah. She stopped, watching the snake. Now, the others would have been afraid and would have run away, possibly have tried to be brave and scare away the snake, but not her. She was not afraid of it. She stuck out her arm and let it crawl up, onto her shoulder, and drape around her neck like a scarf, as the others call that long piece of decorative fabric. What use does it have? She has seen some use it when it’s cold, but that doesn’t do much. If they really didn’t like the cold, then they should just stay inside, and away from it. That’s what she could remember from cold, anyway. There was no climate here, no temperature. Just boredom. She could feel the snake breathing, a calming feeling. She stroked it while she scanned its thoughts.


    She saw and felt a few notable things while she was with the mind of the snake. It mostly felt angry and sad that usually, nobody ever was kind to it like she was. She wanted attention and love, not a fight or to scare anyone. It also felt confused, about why nobody liked it, what it had done to deserve this, and why were they scared of her if they didn’t know her intentions with presenting itself onto them? Laynah was a bit surprised when coming out of the snakes thoughts. Her and the snake were very alike. She hadn’t done anything to make the others hate her, had she? Why did the others hate her so, when all she wanted from them was acceptance? Nobody was ever kind to her when she had been with the others, and there wasn’t anybody to be kind to her now, besides this snake. She decided to send some of her thoughts to this snake.


    She submersed herself back into the snake’s mind, preparing to transmit her thoughts. She thought about how alike her and the snake were, how they didn’t understand why they were feared, how they felt about being feared. She came back from the snake’s mind, letting those feelings soak in. She felt a connection with the snake, a bond of some sort. She felt it was a two way bond, where she trusted and understood the snake, and the snake trusted and understood her.


    It had been a while since she felt something like that. She knew what it was, but she just wasn’t used to it. It felt… nice, having someone (or something) there to grow a connection with her. The corner of her mouth turned up. A smile. How long ago was her last smile? Never. No, she had never smiled before.


    Laynah stood, stroking the smooth scales of the snake.

“I’ll give you a name,” She said to it. Her steps didn’t pause but her thoughts did, trying to search for the perfect name. The snake lifted its head and turned into her ear. Now, to you, you would have heard a lot of hissing, but to her, she heard a language. The snake was sharing what it would like to be named. Its voice was gravely and soft, but not mean-sounding.

    “Emerald,” the snake suggested.

    “Mmm, no. Anything else?” Laynah asked.



    “I don’t have any more- wait. How about Envy?” the snake finally decided.

    “That’s a good one. Sure, why not, Envy?” Laynah agreed. The snake was named. Laynah had a snake friend named Envy. Green as Envy.


    She had been walking for a while now. Envy was asleep. It doesn’t look like it, but Envy was asleep. Snakes don’t have eyelids.


    Anyway, she had walked a while. The two suns were high in the sky now, the first sun in the noon position. Laynah had decided to turn back to her rock, to make it before the suns would make the horizon look like lava, before they would make the line between the sky and the ground seem nonexistent. Before they set, is what this means.


    She pivoted on her heel and started walking back towards her rock. She decided that she would have to make a suitable home for Envy. She hoped that she was walking in the right direction, because here, she doesn’t leave footprints when she walks in the dust. It acts like solid ground when she walks on it, but it turns into a powdery dust when she would kick it. It’s weird, but also cool.


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