The Forbidden One

The main character is a dark angel, who has been banished for just being born. She has to figure out a way to lift the curse which is keeping her in the barren, empty of all life world that is where she has been banished to.


4. Chapter Three

When she finally reached her rock, the two suns were about to set. She realized that she felt different than how she did when she left the rock. She felt… lighter, was a way to describe it. She felt lifted. She didn’t understand. Why did she feel this way? What made her feel this way? Then she realized something else.


    The curse was weaker.


    What did this mean? How did this happen? She sat on her rock to think about it. Envy woke from her nap and looked at Laynah, concerned. The curse lifted even more. It was making more sense the more she thought about it. She started talking with herself to help understand even more.

    “Okay, so when I left here, the curse was just as strong as it has always been,” she started. “I walked for a little while, until I met you, Envy, right?” Envy bent her head slightly, then went back to normal. She agreed. “Then I walked for a while thinking about things and I gave you your name,” Laynah continued. “Then I turned around and continued thinking about things while you took a nap, and I got back here and here I am now.”

    “But why does the curse feel weaker? Something happened that went over my head during the day today,” Laynah pondered over her day, thinking about every detail. She no longer spoke out loud, just tossed idea from idea around in her mind. Then she paused all ideas where they were and chose a certain one to focus on. Her eyes moved rapidly as she recalled everything that happened at that time. She chose when she met Envy for the first time. She saw it all in her head: Envy appearing out of the ground, hissing at her. Laynah had looked into Envy’s thoughts, and decided that she trusted her. She let Envy climb her arm and around her shoulders. She felt a prickly, tingly feeling inside, but she had ignored it to send Envy her thoughts. Was that it? Was becoming friends with Envy how the curse lifted? This was so confusing. She decided to think about it tomorrow. Laynah lifted Envy from off her shoulders and onto the ground. Envy started slithering towards a hole in the bottom of the rock chair she had. Envy’s tail disappeared from the fading sunlight. She looked for the suns and found them descending in the sky. Dark shadows loomed across the land as the two suns set in unison with the three moons began to rise. The first hazy stars popped into the sky. Laynah climbed up into her rock chair and sat on the skins she had as mats. She folded her legs below her in a criss-cross fashion and just sat. She started meditating to clear her thoughts. She became one with the universe in a matter of seconds. It was easy to meditate here. It was most often quiet and peaceful. Because there was no one else here, she wouldn’t be disturbed from being alone with herself and her thoughts. No wonder she was so mentally stable. Any one of the others would have gone insane by now if they were here. She felt a little tug at her heart when she thought about the others. She knew that the little tug was because she “missed” them. Her mind told her no, you don’t miss them, but her heart told her that she didn’t like being all alone (besides Envy, of course) and that she did miss them at least a little bit.


    What was up with her? This all changed when Envy came along, did this all have something to do with her? Were the others trying to undo the curse and bring her back? Was this all a test? Laynah had so many questions that she broke free from her meditation circle briefly. They wouldn’t want her back. They banished her for a reason. A pretty messed up reason, too. Just because she had the magic of influence she was banished. She couldn’t control it. It wasn’t her fault, but when she was banished she felt like it was. She told herself over and over, “I can’t help this, it’s not my fault,” and eventually she forgot about being banished. Being here was just normal. She even started to like it here, that’s how long she was used to being in this place.


    Did they miss her? They couldn’t be missing her. But could they be? Laynah, no, don’t be overly critical again. You’re better than this! So what if they miss you? There’s nothing they can do about it. Except, of course, release the curse, but they wouldn’t do that.


    While she thought these thoughts, she felt the weight get heavier again. The curse. It was becoming stronger once again. She decided to test it. She started thinking things like, “Well, I hope one day I can go back” and “Will I ever be qualified enough to return?”


    But nothing happened.


    HA! What a bunch of crap! It worked before, so why wasn’t it working now! Then she realized that it worked before because she had actually believed in those things. She had faith in them. She thought those same things again, but with more thoughtfulness and faith in them. The weight started getting lighter again! That’s it! That’s how to stop the curse! She needed to have faith in herself if she was ever going to get out of here. Laynah wondered if they had faith in her getting out, too. Would the curse even work if she had a lot of faith, or did her faith only go halfway? Would the others need to have faith in her, too?


    Well, one thing was for certain. She had found a way out. Now she just needed to use it. By now, the suns were completely gone, but the three moons were rising in the sky. Tiny little lights twinkled in the sky above the barren, dusty landscape. Laynah stretched out on the rock and looked at the stars. Were the stars the others? Was that where they were? If it was, then they must be looking down on her.


    Nah. They’d never do that. And doesn’t everyone think that? “Their departed loved ones are watching down from the heavens” right? She doesn’t have any loved ones. If that was true, then nobody would be watching her. It’s just fact. Unless she gets out of this place, nobody will really care about her. Thinking this made her even more determined to get out. The curse lifted even farther.


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