The Forbidden One

The main character is a dark angel, who has been banished for just being born. She has to figure out a way to lift the curse which is keeping her in the barren, empty of all life world that is where she has been banished to.


2. Chapter One

The first gray sun rose in the horizon, above the bleak wasteland that it was. Except for the occasional snake, she was alone. Had been, too, for six centuries. It’s not sad, so don’t feel bad for her. She had gotten so used to being alone. Because she didn’t know what it was like to have others around, she didn’t miss them. Why would she, anyway? They didn’t miss her. They got rid of her for a reason, you know. She brought only destruction and despair, wherever she went. It was the only thing she knew. Or was it? There was no way for her to be certain anymore. The only things she knew besides destruction and despair was her name, how long she had been in this desolate place, and why she was there. She was here because she had been banished from any place containing even the slightest amount of happiness. The Council called upon her and sent her away. She had been here for far too long for her liking, but more specifically, she had been here for six hundred years. Six hundred years, four months, twelve days, to be exact, but who’s counting? Besides her. And her name? It was a beautiful name, but the only problem, according to the Council, was that the name belonged to her. Because the name belonged to her, when the Council banished her, they also banished her name to ever be spoken again. No one else will ever have her name. It is simply referred to as The Forbidden Name.


    Her name is Laynah. The name contains the powerful magic of influence, and it can go either way. Others can be influenced by her with or without her using magic to make them do so. The magic in her was so powerful that she couldn’t control it. She was an outcast for her childhood. No one wanted to be around her. Wherever she went, the others dispersed away from her to avoid getting caught in her magic, but while trying to get away from her, they were under her power anyway. They were influenced to get away from her. That’s why she was banished, because no matter what the others did, they were under her power. She knew that the influence wasn’t always bad, but everyone was so afraid of her that it didn’t matter what she said. They were scared of her, so they believed what they wanted to believe. They would never know what the truth was. And why should they care? They would never want her back. They would never think of her again. They would just be thinking about them in their happy la-la land with their songs of joy and happiness and all that stuff.


    Yuck. She was glad that she wasn’t there anymore. It disgusted her, just like she disgusted them.


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