The Forbidden One

The main character is a dark angel, who has been banished for just being born. She has to figure out a way to lift the curse which is keeping her in the barren, empty of all life world that is where she has been banished to.


5. Chapter Four

Laynah was woken from her sleep by a strip of sunlight against her closed eyes. She sat up and stretched, arms up to the sky. She went through her memories of yesterday. Oh yeah, she has a friend now! Where was Envy? As she turned her head, her stomach felt heavier. Then it moved. Oh, there she was! Envy was curled up over her stomach, sleeping peacefully. Laynah leaned a little closer and whispered to her softly, trying to not startle her awake.

    “Envy? Wake up,”

    The snake stirred, then lifted her head towards Laynah. She hissed at her, then started moving forward towards Laynah’s arm. Her long, slender body unfurled from the spiral that it was in the farther away she moved from it. Laynah stuck her arm out for the snake to climb.

    “How’d you get up here, anyway?” she asked the serpent. Envy hissed, telling Laynah that she had crawled up a ramp-shaped rock leading into here in the middle of the night.

    “Oh, okay,” Laynah responded. That made sense. Suddenly she remembered her plan from last night. Right. She was going to try to get out of here, using faith, and maybe some positivity. So, how was she going to do this? Did she just have to have faith in herself in order to get out, or was there more to it? Was there physically a way to get out of this wasteland, but it would only work if she had faith and positivity? Laynah assumed that what she had to do was just keep having faith or whatever, and that would get her out just fine.


    Now, how to do that… hmm… well, she could have faith in herself getting out of here someday… that could work! Although the concept of her eventually getting out was logically harder than just having faith and positivity, she had to anyway. Might as well try it. And, you never know, she COULD get out one day. No idea when that day would come, but hey, it could come. The curse lifted higher. Yes! So having faith could get her out of here. She just had to do it more!


    Then she had a realization. What about Envy? Would Envy be forced to stay behind, alone? Laynah wasn’t sure if Envy would understand her plan to get her out if she told her. Could she take Envy with her when she left? The curse lifted a bit more. Laynah decided to think that she could. After all, there wouldn’t be any chance of her or Envy escaping if she didn’t think positive and have faith. The curse lifted even more! This could work! All she had to do was think positive, and then she could get out! Again, she wondered if anyone missed her. This time, she didn’t doubt herself, although she did leave the idea open. Maybe they didn’t, but then again, maybe some did. The curse lifted a lot higher.


    Angels have wings, correct? Well, hers weren’t functional. Until now. Before she had figured out a way to lift the curse, her wings were stuck to her back, like a feathery backpack. She couldn’t lift them. They were just hanging from her shoulders, acting useless. She never liked flying anyway. It was tiring. She had to strain to keep her wings up, because hers were large. They were also black, which was another downside. With the sun beaming down on her, the wings would take in more heat. While flying, you are closer to the sun, which meant more heat would be taken in from her wings alone. But now, she could lift her wings. They drifted upwards and outwards, eventually coming to a halt at her shoulders.


    Laynah tried her best to get a glance at her wings, but to no prevail. Of course, they were against her shoulders, coming off of her back. Of course she wouldn’t be able to see them. Duh. Instead, she tried flapping her wings. They flapped. The feathers rustled not in the nonexistent wind, but as they were moving. She flapped them faster. And faster. Eventually so fast that her feet were lifting a few inches off the dusty ground. Envy awoke from her neck, alarmed at being in the air. Laynah looked at Envy and let out a small chuckle at her surprise. Envy curled around her shoulders tighter. Not around her neck, because Envy was smart.


    Laynah slowed down her wing flapping and slowly descended back to the ground. She was speechless at the accomplishment of earning the usage of her wings.

    “Woah… that… that was cool,” she gasped with delight.

    She was suddenly bathed in shadows. She looked towards the suns in the sky and found that a white, large, fluffy cloud was blocking them. A few seconds later, the cloud completely covered the sunlight. Laynah stared at the cloud. She knew that this cloud was not a normal cloud. This was the Council’s cloud. Laynah stared at it, unsure of what to think. Part of her wanted to go back to the others, and be free of this barren, desolate place. Another part wanted to stay and be herself here, where she couldn’t harm anyone or anything. Her eyes darted around, scrambling for a thought of what to do. She sat down on the ground, a small cloud of dust lifting from around her. You might think, just follow your instincts, but you wouldn’t have any instincts to follow in this situation either. Instincts are what your body and mind automatically make you do in a certain situation, but you have never experienced this before. Unless you have, and in that case, write a story about it and publish it ASAP! Anyway, back to Laynah freaking out…


    The cloud was now above her head. Envy had woken up and was looking up at the cloud, alarmed. A cloud of mist faded into view in front of her. The mist swirled and twisted, shaped and formed into the shape of another angel. The mist figure was taller than her, had larger wings, and was of an older woman. A voice came from somewhere inside the mist figure.

    “Hello, Forbidden One,” the mist figure said. Laynah stood, prepared for the worst.

    “I understand you are alarmed at our sudden appearance, but we mean you no harm,” the figure assured her. Laynah was trying to determine the figure and the cloud’s means of being here without her asking, and whether she should trust the figure’s words or not.

    “I come for the Council, to give word to you that you have passed the test of faith. The council has had long discussions about whether to let you back with the others, or to leave you here for longer. You have showed incredible changes. The Council is baffled at how quickly you figured out how to lift the curse.

    “Of course, they have not forgotten the purpose of your banishment,” the figure continued. Laynah formed a deeper frown and furrowed her brows slightly at the mention of her banishment.

    “They understood that you couldn’t control it. It wasn’t your fault. They put you here to see if you were capable enough of gaining control of the powers. And you have. With your snake friend. You gained friendship from the snake without influencing it to feel a certain way about you. That shows remarkable control. Of course, the others influenced themselves with the fear of being influenced by you. That did not help your case in the least bit.

    “The Council wishes to have you return, if you would like,” the mist told her. Laynah was taken aback at its statement. They wanted her back? But, wouldn’t she mess things up again?

    “You shouldn’t mess things up again if the Council informs the others not to influence themselves because of your presence,” the mist figure said. Oh, right. Angels could read thoughts. Although, technically, this wasn’t an angel, but more of the silhouette of one. Still. Anyway, did she want to go back?

    “Can I bring Envy with me?” she asked the figure. It paused, as if it was thinking it over, then looked back to her.

    “The Council agrees, as long as it doesn’t cause any disruptions or destruction to anything or anyone,” the figure said. Yes! She could bring Envy! If nobody else back with the others would be her friend, at least Envy would be!

    “Is that a definite yes, you are returning with us?” the mist figure asked.

    “Um… yes, I would like to go back,” Laynah confirmed.

    “Very well.”

    The mist figure suddenly burst back into a cloud of mist, and drifted back up towards the cloud. Laynah decided that while she was waiting, she might as well tell Envy what to expect.

    “Envy, you’re going to come back with me, okay? It won’t be like this place, with the hard, dusty ground or the two suns or anything like that. If what I remember hasn’t changed, there will be one sun and one moon, short green plants growing out of the soft, rich soil- I think it’s called grass- and there will be fresh water and saltwater, and more animals, a lot more animals, more than you can imagine, and colors, both bright and vibrant and faded colors, and you can live with me. It will be a lot to take in at first, but eventually you’ll get used to it-”

    She was interrupted by a thread of bright light coming down from the cloud and landing in front of her. The thread expanded, until it was as wide as a door. Strange, foreign sounds could be heard from the other side of the door made of light. Laynah reached for the knob and the door burst open. She was engulfed in light.


    She glanced behind her, back at the empty world behind her, saying goodbye to the dusty ground, to the two suns, and to her rock chair.


    Turning back to the light, Laynah stepped inside. The curse lifted completely as she entered the world of light before her. She felt a soft breeze in her hair, soft grass tickling her feet, the wet texture of the overwatered soil.


    She was finally, finally, free.

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