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  • Published: 24 Apr 2017
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This is a short romance story unlike no other.




It’s a given fact that majority of horror video games, movies, stories and books are situated in a psychiatric ward or a mental hospital. Through the years, the perceptions people have for mental hospitals have transitioned greatly to it being characterized as a place where you will be haunted every single day of your life. I’ve always had quite the fascination for the special people out in the world, those who are not in the norm, and those who stray away from the usual manner of thinking. People say they’re crazy and should be shunned away from the opportunities the world offers, but I say they are unique and special and may be even worth more than the average human being.


My thoughts were disturbed when the door of my room slammed open and I found my friend, Ava, standing there with heavy breaths and tears streaming down her face. I got up from my bed in shock and looked at her in confusion. I looked straight into my friend’s eyes and without even a second passing I already knew something was wrong. It was common in the Ward to see the staff running about in shock but never in my 3 years of being here have I experienced it.


I took a quick look outside the window and couldn’t help but feel grateful for the great view I had of the courtyard, which usually by this time was filled up with children walking around. To my surprise, it was completely empty. Not a single person, child, staff, janitor was standing there. From this, I can fully conclude that something is not right at all. Even the atmosphere in the room right now felt odd.


I turned to face my friend, whose face was still in shock and tears still poured down her cheeks. I was in shock at how messy her whole get up was for today. You see, Ava is your typical prim and proper girl. The most caring girl I know in the entire world not neglecting the fact that she is absolutely the epitome of beauty. With her long wavy brown hair, chestnut eyes, soft pale skin, slim figure and mesmerizing smile, you can’t help looking twice at Ava.


But today, it was all different, Grace’s beautiful hair was all over the place, as if she’s ran for miles. Her eyes were so heavy with tears. Her coat was falling off her shoulders and her shoelaces untied. She was a complete mess and it pained me to see her look that way.


“Ava,” I managed to blurt out after a few minutes, “W-what’s wrong? The courtyard….it’s empty”


“Lucy, there’s something you need to know,” Ava said between sobs, as she rubbed tears from her eyes. “It’s about Gabe”


Before I could even process my thoughts and come up with a response, I shuddered when that name entered my ears and I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath as I felt myself going back to April 21, 2016…




April 21, 2016


My thoughts were disturbed when the door of my room opened and there stood my good friend, Ava, with the biggest smile on her face. I got up from my bed and took a quick look outside the window and wow was the view beautiful. The courtyard was filled with kids this morning, running about, playing tags, reading books and for a moment, they looked free.


I turned to face my friend, whose smile was beaming between both ends. I couldn’t help but smile in return.


“What’s up, Ava?” I said, raising my eyebrow at her.


“You must come, Lucy!” She squealed in excitement as she ran to the side of my bed, grabbed my arm and literally dragged me off.


I stood up straight on my room and crossed my arms, “What? Why?”


“Just come, jeez Lucy, you’re no fun!” Ava said, laughing out loud as she grabbed my hand.


In a split second I found myself dashing hand in hand with Ava down the hallways of the Ward. We ran all the way down to the end of the hallway where the stairs were and literally skipped steps as we bolted down the stairs. Luckily my room is on the 2nd floor or we would’ve trampled over if my room were any higher. Having reached the ground floor of the Ward, Ava finally slowed down and gave me a pace that I could easily keep up with. I leaned down on my knees, grasping for breath.


“Jeez, Ava, you’ve got me completely out of breath” I said, laughing.


“Oh stop complaining will you?” She replied in return, rolling those big eyes at me. “Come we must meet the Madam at once”


“Alright, alright, I’m coming” I said, straightening myself up and patting my skirt down.


Ava and I walked towards the big doors that lead to Madam’s office. Well her name isn’t legitimately Madam, we are all just instructed to call her that in the premises. Madam, or Claire, has been running this Ward ever since her mother, the founder of this place, has passed. You cant deny that Madam is quite the terror but nonetheless, she has run this place better than I could ever expect.


Ava then pushed open the big wooden doors and in we went into the breathtaking office of Madam. But to my surprise, she wasn’t alone. There appears to be someone seated in one of the chairs in front of the desk of Madam.


“Ah Lucy, thank you so much for joining us,” Madam said in her soothing voice. She then nodded at Ava, “And thank you, Ava dear, you are free to go,”


A second later, Ava turned to me and gave me the biggest grin I have ever seen. I raised my eyebrow at her and before I could even ask what was going on, she fled off in a second.


“Lucy,” said Madam and in that second I felt my heart start to beat faster.


My eyes turned down to the person in the room I had all curiosity in. Without even seeing that person’s face, I already felt so odd. The person, who is obviously a boy because of his short black hair and pale white neck, sat stiffly on his chair as I took a few steps forward.


And for some reason, it seemed as if the world slowed down. I watched him slowly, noticing how his neck fidgeted every few seconds. I noticed how in between those seconds, his head wouldn’t move at all, even an inch or even a shift in his chair if he felt uncomfortable.


A few seconds later, I found myself standing behind the chair of where the mysterious boy sat and looked at Madam, who gave me a wry smile. There was a folder sitting on her table, a rather thick one, which made my eyes pop wide open in shock. Never have I ever seen a file so thick…


“Lucy, come sit on the chair,” said Madam.


Feeling my nerves rise to the highest point and the hairs on my arms stand up, I sat down on the chair and leaned back, taking in a deep breath. I sat down, my eyes fixated on Madam and couldn’t help noticing the chill that ran down my spine as I felt a pair of eyes piercing to the side of my head. I didn’t dare turn my head to the right, I was too terrified.


“Lucy, I brought you here today for a very special reason. The past year you have shown promising results, you have made the atmosphere of our Ward exceptional and uplifted. Everyone looks up to you, even if you spend most of your time either alone or with your assigned patient. I understand why you are here because of the tragedy of your brother,” said Madam. “Nevertheless, I have you assigned to someone new, someone special,”


I turned to finally look at the mysterious boy and God, it was as if I was petrified the second my eyes were fixated on those dark black eyes. I fought back widening my eyes in shock in fear of him getting the assumption that I was judging him but it was as if I was looking at a beautiful disaster. He had jet black hair, a bit long and wavy, covering a portion of his forehead. His face was pale white with some tiny little scars on the sides of his face. As mentioned earlier, every now and then his face would twitch, like a broken record. I looked deep into his eyes and I felt this need to reach into the deep darkness and drag him into the light and-


“Lucy, as I was saying,” Madam said, cutting my train of thought. “This here is Gabe Black, he’s a new patient here. He’s 20 years old and is diagnosed with schizophrenia-“


“SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” Gabe suddenly yelled at Madam, standing up from his chair in one second and in the next, half of his body was on Madam’s table as he pointed a dangerous finger in between her eyes.


My eyes widen in shocked and I found myself leaning back into my chair in fear of getting hurt. I looked at Madam but to my surprise, not a hint of fear appeared, not even a flinch. My breath started to quicken as I stared straight into the back of Gabe’s head.


“What is that, dear?” Madam said.


“You heard me,” Gabe whispered underneath his breath. “You shut your mouth. And don’t you dare say that word EVER AGAIN”


“Gabe, I would appreciate it if you take your seat, we have a-“

“I DON’T CARE. I DON’T CARE. DON’T YOU SAY THAT WORD.” Gabe yelled at Madam again, before taking a step back and taking a deep breath.


“Gabe, dear,” said Madam as her fingers crept towards the side of her table and gripping it tight. She then pressed her fingers tight into the side of her table. “I gravely apologize if that word triggered you into such response. But if you will cooperate with us here at St. Claire’s Ward, I can assure you that you will feel at home and meet new friends-“


As she was talking, I heard the doors behind me open slightly and to my surprise in came about 10 nurses hushing inside as quietly and as swiftly as they can. My eyes followed them as they walked closer and closer to Gabe.


“-You will have fun at the Ward. We will provide you with whatever you want and whatever you need. But in return all we need is for you to just follow our three simple rules-“


One of the nurses then stood behind Gabe and pulled out something from his pocket.

“One – Always turn that frown upside down,”


The nurse, to my surprise, pulled out the biggest syringe I have ever seen in my entire life. My eyes widened at the look of the needle because it was at least around 5 inches long.


“Two – Work with others, for we are like sisters and brothers,”


The nurses then formed somewhat like a protective shield around and behind Gabe and suddenly two of the nurses grabbed his shoulders and to Gabe’s surprise he screamed and writhed around. My eyes widened in fear and I was shocked as to what appeared before me.


“Madam! What are you doing?!” I yelled, feeling my eyes start to well up in tears as I have never seen a patient held down like this in my life.


“GET OFF ME!” Gabe yelled as he thrashed around to the point where the sides of his mouth started to water.


“And three – obey, obey, obey or you wont see the light of day,”


And in that second, the nurse plunged the needle deep into Gabe’s skin. I screamed in fear and literally fell off my chair, scrambling backwards, trying to calm my breaths. Gabe groaned in pain and within 5 seconds, fell dead to the arms of the nurse. I was immobilized as to what I saw, I couldn’t move a single bone or a single muscle. I lay with my butt firm on the floor, staring at the spot where Gabe stood as the nurses dragged his body away.




April 27, 2016


“Oh Lucy, are you okay? You look shocked, it’s been a week already,” Ava said as she put a supporting arm around my shoulders.


“I’m fine, Ava, just cant simply get over it.” I said in between my teeth as I looked at Gabe through a thick mirror.


A week passed and to my surprise, I’m still assigned to Gabe Black. What happened in the office spread around the Ward in just a day’s time and the atmosphere of the Ward has completely changed. Fear walked in every corner and no one dared looked at Madam in the eye.


A week passed and Gabe was still in the extensive confinement room that was equipped with top of the line CCTV cameras and a thick double sided mirror where Ava and I are currently standing in right now. I looked at Gabe seeing as he is just sitting down on his bed staring at the wall. After the incident, it took me some time to shake it off but whenever I could, I would sit down with my laptop and read all about the sickness.


“I think I should give it to him, Ava,” I said as my fingers ran through the badly wrapped gift I had for Gabe.


“I think you should too,” Ava said, giving me a small smile. “Go for it”


I took a deep breath and walked towards the door of his room. Forgetting to knock once again, I opened the door and walked inside. Gabe’s head turned to face me and I couldn’t help but be immobilized on the spot. Was I still afraid? Yes. And Gabe knew that too.

“What is it?” Gabe whispered as he started to fidget around with his fingers.


“I brought something for you,” I said slowly, leaning back towards the door in case I needed to bolt.


Gabe turned to face me and raised his eyebrow. I looked at him dead straight in the eye and I still cant help but get lost in those dark dark eyes. I took a deep breath and looked through the double sided mirror hoping that Ava was still watching in case I needed some back up. I slowly walked towards Gabe and handed him the wrapped present and I nearly screamed in shock when he suddenly grabbed it from my hand without me noticing. I took deep breaths once again and took a safe five steps back.


Gabe quickly opened the gift and once he saw what was inside, I swear I saw the corners of his lips tip up a little bit.


“A sketchbook,” he said as he examined the present.


“Y-yes,” I said, stuttering between my teeth. “I mean, I read about, um, you know-“

“Yes I get it, I’m not fucking stupid,” he said, his voice getting stronger.


“Um, I read about it and I was hoping that this would help you, you know, express your visions through art” I said and nearly slapped myself for noticing how my words started going all over the place. “The things you see, the things you hear, well for me that is, aren’t something that shouldn’t be shrouded away.”


Gabe then turned to me with such curiosity in his face and for some reason, I felt the need to keep talking.


“You’re special, Gabe. The things you see, no one else can and this is the best way to be able to share with them to the world. Create something from what you have, you know what I mean? I’m not saying that you’re completely useless or anything, I’m just saying that you have a gift and that gift should be expressed. And no, I didn’t get this for you for therapeutic reasons but rather, I got this for you because I just think that it will help you more to be yourself instead of trying to be someone that you’re not” I said, “I’ve always been a firm believer that I’d rather stand against a crowd full of people than be in that crowd”


Gabe’s eyes widened in shock as I made my speech, and to my surprise and for the first time…he smiled. I started to feel my heart warm up and I wanted nothing more than to just keep on going.


“Promise me something,” Gabe said as his body started to twitch.




“Come back tomorrow, 4pm” he said as his hands started to play with the pen that came along with his gift.


“W-what?” I asked in shock.


“I said come back tomorrow, 4pm” he repeated and I started to notice how his voice started getting cold.


“But I’m not scheduled to you 4pm tomorrow,”


“Make it happen,”

“Gabe, I have other patients-“


“I SAID MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Gabe yelled, standing up from his chair and running towards me, pointing the pen straight at my face.


My heart started beating faster and I wanted nothing more than to run away. I have never felt this much fear in my entire life. I cowered away into door, leaning towards it as much as I could. A few seconds passed and Gabe’s face started twitching again.


“I see them,” he murmured under his breath. He then whipped around to his left and started walking around in a big circle. “I see them. I see them” he repeated like a chant. “I see them, Lucy, I SEE THEM. THE BUTTERFLIES! I SEE THEM! THE BUTTERFLIES!” He yelled into the ceiling as he started laughing.


“Gabe, I-“

“THE BUTTERFLIES! In your body! Haha! In your body, oh so pretty” Gabe said as he kept walking around in that circle, pretending that the pen was a butterfly, flying around the room. “Pretty baby butterfly. You’re an outcast, just like me. No one loves you. No one fucking loves you. But don’t worry, hahaha I’m here. Pretty butterfly, oh pretty butterfly”


And in that second, I took a deep breath and bolted out the room and not even a moments passed and I regretted it.




May 15, 2016


“Where is he? WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?” I yelled as I ran down the hallways of the Ward, asking every person I passed. “WHERE IS HE?”


I kept running and running down the hallways, down the stairs and towards the infirmary. Everyone stared at me in shock as I ran past them as quickly as I could. A few minutes passed and I pushed myself in past the doors of the infirmary, I ran towards the reception lady and slammed my hand on the desk.


“WHERE IS HE?” I yelled at the lady.


“Ma’am if you please-“

“WHERE IS HE? GABE?” I yelled, slamming my hand once again on the desk. “GABE FUCKING BLACK”


“R-room 203,” she said, stuttering and holding her hands up in fear.


I then ran down the infirmary looking through each of the room, finally reaching room 203. Before I bolted in the doors, I looked through the tiny window and found people rounding the bed and in that tiny space in between the people, I saw those same black eyes, the eyes that I lost myself in.


I opened the doors slowly and then everyone’s eyes turned to me. Madam looked at the rest of the people and nodded her head towards the door which served as a signal for all of them to leave. Once all of the people left, I ran towards the side of his bed and knelt down.


“Gabe? Are you there?” I whispered.


“I’m here, Luce” Gabe said as his body started to shake quickly.


“What’s wrong? Why are you here?”


“I’m sorry, Lucy, I made a promise to you that day in the courtyard when we were walking together,”


“What the fuck did you do Gabe?”


Gabe then turned to look at me and I noticed as tears started to form around his beautiful eyes. He then pulled out his arms from inside the blanket and I nearly screamed when at the sight of it. There lay about 20 scars, big long scars surrounding his arms. They were tragic, and I nearly fainted. My heart started to beat faster and I didn’t even notice that I was already crying.


“Gabe, WHAT THE FUCK?” I yelled, not caring that my yelling would trigger him.


“Lucy, I, BUTTERFLIES!, FUCK. I didn’t mean to – BUTTERFLIES” he muttered between his breath before groaning in frustration.


“Shhh, Gabe, I’m sorry,” I said, holding his cheek with my palm.


“I couldn’t stop, Lucy,” he said, taking deep breaths. “I couldn’t stop but I did when the memory of that perfect day came in my head. When we were laying down in the courtyard, secretly hiding from everyone and just looking at the stars. And how we talked about our dark desires and things that no one should dare know. I remembered that and-“


“Shhh, Gabe, you don’t have to tell me,” I said looking at him with soft eyes. “Just stay with me, just stay here and don’t go anywhere”


“Lucy, I’m here,” he said, smiling weakly at me. “Always.”


And in that moment I knew that Gabe was much more than just a patient. All those night sneakouts, all those yelling, fighting, laughing, all those lead up to this very moment when I looked down at those dark eyes and saw past the monster, saw past the sickness. I managed to dig deep into the essence of Gabe and pulled out this vibrant thing that I knew was there all along.






Here I am running down the hallways again with my best friend, Ava, but this time was different. We weren’t laughing like before, we weren’t joking around like before. The entire atmosphere was nothing but pure darkness and it was as if it was engulfing my soul before I could even know what was really going on. Ava held my hand tight as she lead me down the path I found familiar. A path I ran down myself, a path that got my heart beating as fast as it was now.


Ava pushed past the doors and lead me down the stretch of rooms. Ava then stopped in her tracks and before I could even process what was going on, she looked at me with sad eyes and held my hands tight.


“Everything is going to be okay,” she said.


I raised my eyebrow in confusion and looked inside that tiny little window, seeing a lot people surrounding the bed. God, it was like déjà vu. But in between the spaces of the people, no, I didn’t see the eyes that I got lost in the first time I saw them.


Without any second passing, I pushed open the doors, already feeling tears stream down my face. No this cant happen. No, God please. Please.


I pushed through the people, the irrelevant people, and nearly screamed when I saw the lifeless body, of Gabe, my Gabe, on the bed.


I felt my heart stop beating and my mind darken. Tears kept streaming down my face as the room progressed to complete silence. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move an inch.


As I looked at Gabe, every memory of him, from actual events to fantasies and promised dreams, flooded my mind and it was as if I were living them again. As I looked at Gabe, I imagined the small smile that would form around his lips even though I knew that that small smile meant a million things. As I looked at Gabe, I saw the one person who showed me who I truly was.


Time passed and God knows how long I stayed by his side but all I remember is staring deep at his face, waiting for that moment that he opens his eyes and laughs and tells me that this was all his master joke. But nothing came and I started to lose hope. Started to lose all that fire within me and started to go back to that old lifeless me where I was nothing.


My head turned to the side and I noticed something different. I noticed that his right arm was outside of the blanket, compared to the left arm which was inside. I raised my eyebrow in curiosity and looked down at his hands, which were clenched. Curiosity invaded my system as my hand slowly crept towards his and after a few seconds, I managed to open up his right hand.


“Oh, Gabe,” I said in between sobs.


A butterfly – the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. I held it in my hands and took a deep breath. I knew what Gabe wanted me to do with it. I walked towards the window, holding it safely in my hands. I opened the window and allowed the cold breeze to brush through my face. I then extended my hands into the air and just like Gabe, I set the butterfly free.

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