Your master has arrived~

Just read if you dare~


3. The Tour

It took about an hour and thirty minutes to get to his mansion. The and the girls all get out of the van. They were awestruck. The mansion was huge. It was out in the forest though. Master had his friends help him get all the civil necessities a house needed. So it had running water, plumbing, electricity, and central heating/air conditioning. He led them inside and showed them around. As he showed them around he gave them their household duties. Gardener, cook, one to clean the mansion, all the things he didn't want to do himself. He even had a few clean him. 

After assigning them chores and showing them around he took them to his room. "You all will be sleeping here, understand?" They all nod. "Now i think it's time you all got washed and changed" He smirks as he motions them to the bathroom. They all follow one by one. The bathroom was completely empty. There was one wall dividing it in half. Along each wall, there were showerheads above. It was a gigantic open shower "Now all of you strip~" He grins watching them all strip down like the good little slaves they were

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