Your master has arrived~

Just read if you dare~


2. A new start

Everyone calls him Master for two reasons. One, they are instructed to do so. Two, he is nameless. So Master had just moved into hs brand new mansion recently. He decided to give all his previous slaves back to the trade so he can have a new start. He wondered around the house which was, for now, empty. He sighs and checks his phone as he was waiting for a text. He gets hungry. He didn't want to cook, though he could, any food. He sighs and makes his way to the kitchen. After making food he gets the text he was waiting for. Master growls hearing his phone go off. He finishes his food, then he goes for a quick wash. After that, he gets dressed in his usual and gets into his car. He drives off to where the text told him to

-He arrived at the location and walked inside the abandoned building-

"Where are they at?" Master sounded pretty ticked. There was a rather short and pale being on the other side of the building. "R-right this way sir" The person knew he should make Master any madder than he already was. The rather small male led him into a room. There were seven girls lined up in all. There was a Dragoness, demon, a she-wolf, there was a vampire, a slime girl, a snake girl, and a rather cute kitsune girl. "I shall take them all". The little man didn't want to speak up, but there were rules. "S-sir you're only allowed three." Master growled lowly and the human known to not anger Master. He backed away "O-okay, b-but you have to pay the full c-cost" Master grumbled and handed over the money. He took all seven girls in a van. It had to be a van because there were too many to fit in a car. Master get into the driver seat and heads off to his mansion

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