10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


9. Day 9

“You guys ready? Blaze, John, Brendon and Roulou? Cause Serena, Emily, Riley and I are ready.” said Keashawna.

“Yep.” said Blaze.

“Yeah!” said John. Brendon just nods yes and so did Roulou. As they made their way out of the house… the doors locked.

“The battle is here… idiots… I won’t fall so easily…” said the Demon. The demon made himself present and transformed into his true from.

“Ok… remember the plan guys!” yelled Keashawna. Brendon spawned everyone a weapon. Everyone was ready to take on the demon, this was the battle that could change their fate completely…

“You ready? Cause we ‘bout to get this on!” said Keashawna.

“Hehe… you think.” said The Demon, and then he attacks with fire.

“DUCK!” said Blaze.

“Where!” said Roulou.

“Not that duck! Duck as in squat!” said Blaze.

“Foolish children… I just wanted to fight with her!” said The Demon. Then he attacks everyone…

“Drain his energy! Stall him!” said Keashawna. That’s what they all did. But the demon was ready… he killed everyone off one by starting with Brendon, then John, after that Blaze… He flew behind Roulou and killed him…

“ROULOU!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed ( With Anger And Sadness) Keashawna. Keashawna ran over to Roulou and held him… as he died slowly.

“No you can’t…” whispered Keashawna while crying…

“Y-You… G-Got… T-To k-kill… H-Him...D-Do it… for me…” said Roulou as he stroked her cheek and his hand fell… and he closed his eyes… he died.

“I took away everyone you loved…” The demon said after he punches Keashawna in the stomach… Keashawna flies backwards into the wall. She gets right back up and charges towards the demon.  The demon forces Keashawna into the wall again.

Did you really think you could defeat me?” The demon asks her, stilling forcing her against the wall.

“Why are you so evil? Something must have happened to make you angry or sad. Why do you take your sadness or anger out on innocent people?” Keashawna asks the demon.

“I am not evil.” The demon protests.

“I beg to differ.” Keashawna says.

“Your wondering why I did this… well I don’t say about myself…” said the Demon. As the demon was distracted Emily, Riley and Serena attacked him. They used their full power to drain the demon’s power. Keashawna started to glow and activated her titanium armor and grabbed the demon by its neck.

“You choose the wrong family to mess with…” said Keashawna as she decapitated the demon with her sword.

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